Working on the fact that you have found your way to this page about rehab in East Midlands, it is likely that you, or a loved one who you care about, needs the help of a professional drug and/or alcohol treatment centre in order to overcome an addiction. And, if so, then Asana Lodge’s uniquely effective drug and alcohol services are just the thing for you or your loved one.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab East Midlands

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When you choose to conquer drug addiction or alcohol addiction with the help of Asana Lodge, our staff are able to help you to receive an effective form of holistic addiction treatment that will make sure that you are able to experience long-term recovery, the sort of which that all addicts dream of.

If your drug addiction or alcoholism remains untreated, then it will likely tear your life apart in all manner of ways. Your friends and loved ones are likely to disappear over time, you are also likely to lose your job, your physical and mental health will deteriorate, and it is common that people can see no possible way out of this situation.

More often than not, other mental health issues will develop out of a drug or alcohol addiction. These issues include the likes of anxiety and clinical depression, and the development of these issues is also why it is best to ascertain professional medical assistance offering holistic treatment options.

At Asana Lodge, we are the only private residential rehabilitation centre that can provide you with treatments which are based on scientific and evidence-based methods and research.

Thanks to our host of friendly and supportive staff who are on hand to aid you along your journey while at rehab in the East Midlands, we will assist you in achieving and maintaining a clean and sober life.


How Will I Know When I’m Ready for Rehab?

Readiness is one of the hardest stages to gauge when considering drug and alcohol rehabilitation. This is down to a number of factors, from denial to low confidence in personal capabilities. However, you will reach a point, a feeling, a desire to change your life around, without drugs and alcohol.

Although it may only be a small glimmer of hope, an indication of readiness carries great value. Once you can acknowledge that you have a problem with drugs and alcohol, and can accept professional support, this is an indication that you are slowly moving towards rehab.

However, to truly be ready for visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in East Midlands, you must lock in those desires, and you’ll do whatever it takes to overcome your behavioural addiction.

To help you reach this point of readiness, research is key, which you are currently doing. Familiarising yourself with upcoming drug and alcohol rehabilitation processes will soon inspire the start of your recovery journey.


What Are The Most Effective Ways To Approach Addiction Treatment

When it comes to looking at rehabilitation centres, residential and outpatient addiction treatment centres are the two primary options that will be available to you.

And, when it comes to considering which of these options will be best suited for your needs, it is good to consider the environment that you currently live in and think about if that environment is going to impact your chances of recovering.

Most commonly, outpatient treatment programs can involve getting therapy from a rehab clinic that is nearby to your home and then returning back to your home in the evenings and weekends.

However, while this form of addiction treatment can appear appealing upon first consideration, this form of treatment can present a whole host of challenges and difficulties to an addict, due to the fact that you will be surrounded by all of the detrimental influences that exist in your day-to-day life, influences that contribute to the propagation of your substance abuse or alcoholism.

When it comes to most addicts, the ability to completely escape from their daily life garners the most positive and successful environment when it comes to benefiting from a drug and alcohol treatment program. Typically, Asana Lodge’s treatment programs will run for twenty-eight days.

On the surface, twenty-eight days can appear to be a long period of time to spend separated from your home. However, these intense private, residential programmes provide an atmosphere that is completely dedicated and tailored to the recovery process, one where your focus is completely on cultivating and attaining a sober and healthy life.

Furthermore, addiction, be it drug or alcohol addiction, may cause an addict to present with both physical and psychological issues, which explains why we always treat both your body and your mind at Asana Lodge.

If you do not understand and work out the mental implications and side-effects that addiction can result in a person developing, then the odds of achieving a long-term recovery can be slim to none.


What Is It That You Can Expect From A Stay At Asana Lodge’s Drug And Alcohol Services

Across all of Asana Lodge’s drug and alcohol rehabs, we ensure that each person we help has the benefit of a personalised recovery plan, whereby treatments are tailored to you and your specific obstacles when it comes to conquering your addiction.

As you arrive at our residential rehab centre you will go through a brief assessment; during which, our dedicated team of medical staff will ascertain the intricacies and severity of your drug addiction or your alcoholism and therefore decide, alongside you, a holistic treatment program personally tailored for the duration of your stay.

As touched upon previously, mental health issues can often be part of the cause of a person’s development of an addiction as well as being an outcome of addiction. When a person presents with other mental health issues as well as addictive tendencies, we employ dual-diagnosis treatment options to help you through any and all of your mental health issues.

Detox is almost always the very first step on a person’s road to recovery, and it is completed while a person is under careful medical supervision. This medical supervision is due to the fact that dependent upon the duration and severity of your addiction, a person may well present with withdrawal symptoms during detoxification.

However, rest assured that Asana Lodges’ expertly trained team of doctors and nurses will help you through this period of your recovery safely and healthily, in a location where you can cease to worry about drug withdrawal or alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

After all of the negative substances have been expelled from your body under the medical supervision of Asana Lodge’s staff, you will then be able to start the rest of your recovery treatments.

These therapies include the likes of (CBT) cognitive behavioural therapy, art therapy, and stress management workshops.

These are simply a handful of the treatments, classes, and therapies we will employ for you to help understand your addiction and build towards developing healthy alternatives to your addiction’s cravings when presented with detrimental triggers throughout your day-to-day life.

Asana Lodge’s committed and helpful staff are ready today to give you a free consultation via our helpline. So, call today for free on 01908 489 421.


What is the Admission Process?

Our admission process is thorough yet efficient, helping you access our professional support as soon as possible. On your enquiry, we will first secure your readiness to experience rehab.

Our admissions team is compassionate and experienced to help you acknowledge your problems with drugs and alcohol, along with finding that glimmer of recovery hope.

From here, before the commencement of rehab, we will complete clinical assessments. Differentiating us from other drug and alcohol treatment centres, we complete assessments to secure evidence.

This evidence will identify the exact makeup of your addiction, providing our team with accuracy when recommending addiction treatments. Although our assessments are detailed, you’ll soon have a personal rehab programme to complete.

An admission date can soon be made, all arrangements to transport you to Towcester can be made, and your initial steps towards drug and alcohol rehabilitation can be made. Here, your rehab programme will begin at our residential rehab, moving you towards long-term recovery with efficiency.


Will my Life Change After Rehab?

Naturally, your life will change after visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in East Midlands. You will reach the foundations of recovery, your associations with drugs and alcohol will change, and your quality of life will increase.

By following a healthy lifestyle, removing yourself from familiar situations linked to drugs and alcohol, changing your relationships, finding a new hobby, and implementing coping strategies, you will have a strong chance of avoiding relapse.

Throughout residential rehab, you will be provided with tools to assist you with sober living. Aftercare will be available to you and help you to embrace a drug and alcohol-free life back in East Midlands. All of this support will contribute to helping you enjoy this adaptation, by removing yourself from drugs and alcohol.

At Asana Lodge, we hope that this breakdown has helped you see the benefits of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Midlands East. If you do however have further questions, we are here to support you through this difficult yet life-changing time.