Are you based in Leicester or the East Midlands region, trying your hardest to reduce your drug and alcohol consumption? Have you already attempted a form of independent detoxification?

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Leicester

Unfortunately, independent attempts of addiction recovery are discouraged. With high risks of uncontrollable physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms, and the likelihood of ongoing substance abuse, this form of addiction recovery will not serve you well

If you’re truly keen to reduce or stop abusing addictive substances, consider visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Leicester, or the surrounding area. Our treatment centre is conveniently located, here to serve all individuals suffering with substance abuse, addiction and mental health issues.  

It is also important to remember that a drug and alcohol addiction is a personal experience. Following the recovery advice of an associate, or online self-help tips will not work for everyone.

They will of course inspire addiction recovery. Yet, a personalised treatment programme must be sourced and completed to achieve full, sustainable addiction recovery.  

Through our rehab facility here at Asana Lodge, we offer a personalised, highly targeted route to addiction treatment. We appreciate the broad range of addictions out there, along with varying influential factors.

All details surrounding an individual’s relationship with drugs and alcohol must be gauged, before forming a recovery programme; something we actively advocate and follow.  


The value of personalised Rehab Programmes   

As touched on above, there are many different factors which can influence the severity and length of a drug and alcohol addiction. Likewise, emotional, social, biological, psychological and spiritual factors can influence the initial causation of addiction, emphasising the possibility of both nature and nurture influences.  

It is also important to remember that a drug and alcohol addiction is categorised as a brain illness. This form of disorder can be complex to treat, requiring great cognitive realignment when aiming for long-term recovery.

Effective and suitable steps must be followed to overcome the multifaceted existence of addiction.  

As there are a broad spectrum of factors to consider when treating a drug and alcohol addiction, personalised rehab programmes will offer greater value for clients.

A one-fits all approach will not be recommended, known to only suppress common side effects through short-term recovery.

Yet, through a tailor-made rehab programme, varying factors can be evaluated, worked through and treated, with the aim to reduce future drug and alcohol relapse.  

Here at Asana Lodge, we fully believe in personalised programmes. Not only do they progress rehab results, they also ease the experience clients will encounter.

Available through residential rehab, great value can be experienced by opting for a treatment programme and rehab stay, catered around your personal needs.  


Finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Leicester  

Finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Leicester may feel like an overwhelming process to complete, especially when ranking personalised rehab programmes as a necessity.

However, this is exactly what we offer here at Asana Lodge.

With years of experience in addiction and mental health recovery, and industry accreditations of mental repair strategies, we are leading specialists in the field of rehabilitation.

Standing as the only rehab facility in Europe, offering this approach to addiction recovery, we can help individuals living with the most complex drug and alcohol addictions.  

The key factor which elevates our rehab offering is our approach to personalised treatment programmes. We follow the science behind addiction treatment, by implementing concentrated evaluation processes.

This involves a full biological, spiritual, psychological and social assessments which will be done in order to determine whether additional factors are contributing to drug and alcohol consumption.  

Prioritising mental health and brain restoration, our initial processes to rehab acknowledges our treatment centre as an optimal recovery location.

Providing an effective start to addiction recovery, suitable addiction treatments will soon follow; advancing rehabilitation rates.  

If you’re looking for a drug and alcohol rehab in Leicester, look no further than Asana Lodge.  

Free Transport To & From Rehab

Best reasons to travel for alcohol and drug rehab:

  • Travelling provides an escape from a potentially toxic environment or people
  • Helps you get away from triggering situations
  • Sobriety can give you a fresh reset in life
  • You may find a new supportive community
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Our approach to residential rehab programmes 

Alongside our sought-after rehab processes, we fully advocate residential programmes. Although flexibility may be favoured by some individuals, it is important that a concentrated period of addiction treatment is completed.  

As a drug and alcohol addiction is a complex condition to recover from, full effort must be invested into rehab. A half-hearted, relaxed approach will not motivate sustainable recovery.

A disjointed, inconsistent rehab programme will in fact cause greater frustrations, known to motivate further drug and alcohol consumption.  

By residing from our professional, yet homely rehab centre, conveniently located near Leicester, you’ll be placed in the optimal environment to recover.

From around the clock care from addiction counsellors, and luxury settings, to recovery driven resources, schedules and treatments, you’ll be exposed to a holistic and results motivated facility.   

Experience the value behind residential rehab through our treatment centre. Post-rehab, you’ll then have the chance to normalise your recovery through flexible aftercare services, via a drug and alcohol rehab in Leicester.  


Addiction Support and Treatment through our Rehab Facility 

By investing into a residential rehab programme, you’ll have access to our addiction support and treatments. Following a personalised approach, we will complete initial evaluations, helping to identify the most appropriate yet safe addiction treatment options.  

Brain repair and restoration will drive addiction treatment options, with a focus on cognitive behavioural therapy, exposure therapy and talking therapies. However, a holistic programme must be available, promoting a drug and alcohol detox programme and nutrition management.  

As personalisation is offered to all clients, the contents and length of a recovery programme will vary. However, realigning the mind and changing outlooks on substance abuse will be the main aim, directly motivating physical recovery.   

To benefit from our highly encouraging and recovery driven approach to rehab, reach out today. We ensure that all rehab experiences are worthwhile and positive, helping to treat the direct root of addiction.

Opting for our drug and alcohol rehab in Leicester will advance your chances of overcoming addiction and mental health issues, for the long-term.