Anyone can become an addict, addiction doesn’t discriminate.

Whether you consume alcohol and drugs to cope with stress, your addiction has been triggered by a trauma, or you use in social situations, it doesn’t take much to set off high levels of consumption.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Leicestershire

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At Asana Lodge, we help thousands of people each year recover from their addictions.

With leading, scientific, evidence-based treatment we can help you to identify the root causes of your addiction in a therapeutic environment that’ll help heal your mind and body.

With dual diagnosis treatment in Leicestershire you can finally achieve long term recovery.

Contact our friendly and supportive team today and let us help you rebuild your life.


How Do I Know I Need Rehab?

Do you find it difficult to say no to drugs or alcohol? Do you have to have your fix everyday to be able to function? Do you find that if you stop consuming the substance, you cannot last longer than a few days before you return to your old habits?

Addiction is something that you cannot stop doing, despite it causing you harm. Anyone can become an addict, but it’s particularly difficult to break the habit. If left untreated your addiction will only get worse, no matter how in control you feel.

If you’re having difficulty with drugs or alcohol you may find that you are displaying a few of the following symptoms:

  • Fatigue
  • Change in personality – more irritable
  • Change in appearance – loss or gaining of weight, bloodshot eyes, skin discolouration
  • Lack of focus and concentration
  • Mental health issues arising or worsening – anxiety and depression
  • Secretive
  • Isolating yourself
  • New social circle
  • Lack of interest in once enjoyed activities

No matter how severe your addiction, if you’re ready to commit to drug and alcohol rehab in Leicestershire, we can help you.


Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Leicestershire

If you’re searching for “drug and alcohol rehab facilities near me” chances are you’ve admitted to your addiction and have overcome one of the biggest hurdles; denial. However, the search results may seem rather daunting with the amount of rehab options you have in Leicestershire.

Outpatient treatment may seem like the most ideal option, as you can stay at home whilst attending detox clinics and therapy treatments during the day at local centres. Your life doesn’t have to change that much and the cost is often cheaper.

However, the main disadvantage is for those that don’t have a strong support network at home, as you’ll remain surrounded by the negative influences that drive your addiction, whilst trying to recover.

Residential addiction treatment, on the other hand, provides distance between you and your toxic daily life. This give you the opportunity to recover your mind and body fully and develop more positive and healthy lifestyles habits, before returning to your daily life.

You’ll also receive round the clock care, and will have a support network to help guide you every step of the way.


Our Approach

Upon arrival at Asana Lodge, you’ll undergo a full medical assessment, whereby our team of medical professionals will asses your physical and psychological health. They’ll work with you to design a treatment programme for your 28 day stay at the centre.

The first step is always drug and alcohol detoxification. Since some people arrive still under the influence, it’s important to detox to ensure you have a clear mind for your therapy treatment.

Detox usually lasts for a couple of days and involves the slow reduction of your consumption levels until your body is free from the substance.

Withdrawal symptoms are common at this stage, as your body learns how to function without the substance. The severity of the withdrawal symptoms depends on the length and severity of your addiction, but prescription drugs are available if it gets too uncomfortable.

At Asana Lodge, our expert team provide round the clock care to ensure that you feel supported and receive the treatment you deserve.

Detox is followed by therapy treatments that are determined by you and our health professionals.

The most common type of therapy used to treat Addiction is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) that helps you identify the root causes of your addiction, it’s triggers and helps you to maintain strategies in daily life to overcome cravings and prevent relapse.

Our centres provide holistic treatments, which means that alongside your therapy and detox you’ll have the opportunity to undertake various activities and group workshops.

Once you’ve successfully completed your residential addiction treatment you’ll receive a drug and alcohol relapse prevention plan to help you settle back into daily life. Since the first 12 months are the likeliest time for relapse to occur, we offer all of our patients 12 months of free aftercare.


Dual Diagnosis Treatments

Addiction can be caused by a number of different reasons and circumstances, which means that each addiction is unique to the individual. The physical and psychological impacts of addiction are intertwined, which means that dual diagnosis is required to enable long term recovery.

Childhood developmental environments, past traumas, mental health issues, and stress can all be causes of addiction. Therefore, when treating addiction these root causes must be addressed, otherwise later down the line these issues will resurface causing relapse.

A dual diagnosis ensures that both physical and psychological causes and impacts of addiction are treated and at Asana Lodge, we only provide treatment programmes based on dual diagnosis.

Our treatment options cover the various areas listed below:

  • Detox
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Individual Therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Motivational Sessions
  • Group Sessions
  • Art Therapy
  • Mindfulness Therapy
  • Nutrition support
  • Fitness workshops
  • Family Therapy


Where To Start

If you’ve admitted to your addiction that means you’ve already taken the most challenging step and overcome your denial. Once you’re full committed to recovery, we’re ready to help you.

Time is of the essence when it comes to addiction. Even if you feel in control of your addiction, it can worsen rapidly. Once you’re ready for help its vital to seek help quickly and we can admit you to one of our centres within 48 hours.

Contact our dedicated team today for a free and confidential initial consultation. Let us help you turn your life around.