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Residential Addiction Treatment

Why Choose Residential Addiction Treatment?

Residential treatment such as that offered by Asana Lodge provides clients with deluxe facilities and private bedrooms with en-suite facilities and little luxuries that you’d expect from an exceptional rehab clinic. We have a number of therapies and treatments that can help you bounce back from the cycle of addiction, so you can live the life you want to.

A main positive of residential treatment is that it takes a person struggling with addiction out of their normal living situation (in which they may become tempted by drugs), and puts them in a calm, relaxing environment with 24/7 access to care and support at each stage of the rehab process.

Being in residential treatment can also be good for your friends or family, as they can rest assured that you are being looked after and supported by world-class therapists and addiction specialists.

Asana Lodge is a luxury rehabilitation facility set in tranquil grounds in Northamptonshire. We always do our best to ensure clients feel relaxed, calm and comfortable, and offer a range of detox and rehab programmes to help clients get back on track with their lives.

Residential addiction treatment generally tends to be more successful than home detoxing because it moves the client away from any distractions that could hinder their recovery. For instance, you can have a closely monitored detox with round-the-clock support and care in a controlled rehab environment.

Out-clients can succumb to triggers and cravings, and react to them more easily while at home. By seeking residential addiction treatment, a client is physically removing themselves from their current cycle of addiction.

At Asana Lodge, accommodation, food and treatment are all included in our pricing, and we offer financial packages to ensure affordability.

When detox and residential rehab programmes are completed, clients enter into an aftercare scheme which provides them with ongoing support through weekly Zoom meetings with our therapist. It is difficult to make this possible through an out-client approach, so in-client care is always advised.

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Detox Programmes and Residential Addiction Treatment

Our clinical physicians can administer medications that help ease uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that typically come with the process of detoxification. This means our clients stay relaxed and at ease because they know their detox is being closely and safely monitored.

Detox programmes are only necessary if your addiction is severe – not everyone requires a detox programme. Combining a detox programme with various rehab therapies we offer at Asana Lodge gives our clients the best chance at succeeding in their recovery, with sobriety lasting long into the future.


Rehabilitation Treatment for Addiction

If you undergo a rehab programme with us, we will focus strongly on the psychological effects of your drug or alcohol addiction, and work to tackle your cravings and desire for illicit substances. Addiction has many psychological and emotional effects on a user. We offer world-class rehab therapy working with a highly experienced team of nurses and counsellors.

Together, we help our clients tackle the cause of their addiction and any underlying mental health issues that have led them down the route of drug and alcohol abuse. We work with our clients to give them various coping techniques that can help them live a sober life.

We do not believe that addictions can be resolved by detox and medication alone – we believe in focusing on the psychological aspects of addiction, too.


What Happens after Residential Addiction Treatment?

When you leave our care at Asana Lodge you will be put in touch with support groups in your area who can help sustain your motivation to succeed in your sobriety. These groups include Alcoholic Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

You will also have a bespoke aftercare plan tailored to your needs by our expert team, which will help you manage your cravings and prevent relapse. We always plan discharges in advance through careful consideration – your care doesn’t just stop after detox.

We always recommend that you stay in our residential addiction treatment facility for as long as you need. The longer you remain with us, the longer you will abstain from addictive substances and embrace coping strategies to conquer cravings.

We can offer rehab programmes lasting anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months. We will always suggest a time frame for you based on the severity of your addiction to drugs or alcohol.


Why Asana Lodge for Residential Addiction Treatment

At Asana Lodge, our staff have years of experience in helping people to fight and conquer addictions. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you begin your journey to recovery. We have no waiting lists, and are waiting to receive your call. Care with us is completely bespoke and you will be assigned a personal therapist who can help you at every step of the way.

Our approach to addiction treatment focuses on both the physical and psychological aspects of addiction. We encourage clients to make the most of our amazing facilities, including tranquil landscaped gardens for walking, mindfulness classes, art workshop classes, fitness classes and more.

Over the years, we have found that mindfulness is a very useful tool in overcoming addiction.

Our highly experienced team of staff are very knowledgeable in addiction therapy, as well as various mental health issues. If you are additionally struggling with a mental health issue, we can give you help and support to overcome these conditions, too. Relax in five-star accommodation that enjoys tranquil views over the Northamptonshire countryside.

Asana Lodge is the perfect place to unwind in luxury while you recover from addiction. With a private chef, laundry service, manicured gardens and a range of deluxe services on offer, we have everything you need to get your body and mind back to a normal life.

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