Asana Lodge has undergone extensive renovation and refurbishment – with 25 bedrooms each with en-suite bathrooms as well as disabled access to all floors.

Set in extensive grounds of 1 acre in the village of Yardley Gobion with easy access to the local village shops.

Asana lodge new gym

The secluded location means that our clients can remove themselves from the pressures that come with everyday life and experience treatment in both a naturally invigorating and uplifting environment.

It is easy for clients and their families to access the Clinic discreetly and to arrange arrival and departure without attracting unwanted attention.

Set in the rolling hills of Yardley Gobion, Asana Lodge offers a comfortable and relaxing space to rest and recover.

Such a secluded location gives clients the opportunity to remove themselves from the pressures of daily life, and experience treatment in a safe and uplifting environment.

It’s easy for clients and their families to access the clinic discreetly, and to arrange arrival and departure without attracting any unwanted attention.


A Homely Environment

With a smaller number of rooms than a standard treatment centre, Asana Lodge gives everyone the chance to connect, creating a setting that is inclusive and welcoming.

Decorated to the highest standard and with natural light pouring into each room, staff and clients can eat and relax together in the large lounges, breaking down boundaries and building relationships.


Space to Breathe

The privacy within the grounds gives clients the opportunity to find peace in the sensory garden and participate in outdoor activities. Yoga, meditation, art workshops and other group sessions are practised outdoors to create space for recovery and healing.


A Focus on Nutrition

At Asana Lodge your meals are prepared by the on-site chef, who creates a wonderfully varied daily menu, created from locally sourced ingredients. Combining nutrition and comfort, all tastes and preferences are catered for to help refuel the body and aid the healing process.


Gym Facilities

Asana Lodge benefit from having experienced Personal trainers come in to the rehab centre once a week to conduct a bootcamp style workout which fully utilizes our fitness kit. These bootcamps are carried out in the morning and cater for all abilities.

The sessions consist of functional and bodyweight training which include the use of powerbags, kettlebells, resistance bands, battle ropes and plyometric training. Throughout the day our personal trainers are available to perform inductions and 1-1 sessions with clients who want further training in the gym.

The gym has a wide range of equipment which include, Treadmill, Ski erg, Assault bike, Smith machine, Cable machine and all the functional kit.

In the afternoon our Personal Trainers conduct a 2 hour lecture on the mind and body where they discuss how exercise can really have a positive influence on recovery. As part of this, there are interactive sessions which help clients understand the importance of exercise, and how to incorporate it into your lifestyles in a healthy and manageable way.

Clients also have the opportunity to talk 1-1 with the Personal trainers about their fitness journey and write them more specialised programmes to suit their lifestyle.


Modern and Comfortable Bedrooms

With views of the Northamptonshire countryside, each room at Asana Lodge has been designed to be luxurious and comfortable to give clients space to truly rest. All bedrooms have an ensuite bathroom to provide comfort and privacy, with modern furniture giving the rooms a homely feel.


Industry-Leading Technologies

As well as a range of different therapies and mindful practices, clients have access to a number of other progressive treatments to aid their recovery. These include virtual reality, a wellness lounger and intravenous brain restoration.

Below is a summary of the facilities:

  • Welcome Lounge/Visitors Room
  • Medication/examination room
  • The Library
  • Gym Facilities
  • 2 large facilitation rooms
  • Large lounge space for clients
  • Commercial kitchen/ dining
  • Bespoke nutrition plans
  • On-site Chef
  • Healthy Meals (Organic and fresh products only)
  • Laundry
  • 1-2-1 therapy rooms
  • Lift access to all floors
  • Adapted bathroom

Adoptions include one designated disabled bedroom with accessible adapted ensuite bathroom. There is easy access to the facility with a lift to all floors.