Drug Addiction

The Facts About Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is rising. With the vicious circle of consumption and withdrawal symptoms, leading to higher doses, individuals are becoming susceptible to addiction.

Drug addiction is a chronic illness, causing both psychological and physical effects if used long-term. Whether that be a prescribed drug or an illegal substance, dangers are continuing to effect more and more people.

Although a drug addiction develops from a differing immediate factor, long-term, the damage is probable for most if used consistently. From peer pressure and environmental influences, to stress and social use, there are many stimuli’s causing addiction.

Are you currently experiencing influencing factors, moving you towards a drug addiction? Symptoms of drug addiction include the inability to reduce consumption, physical and psychological cravings and the need to increase consumption for effect. If you are experiencing any signs or side effects from consumption, it is advised that medical detox is sourced.

Here at Asana Lodge, we offer a wide range of therapies, including addiction treatment, helping those seeking expert support diminish their habits and connected mental health issues.

See how our luxury, private rehab treatment centre can aid you or a loved one through recovery.


Addiction Treatment Suitable For Drug Dependencies

Is your aim to lead a drug-free future? Our addiction treatments promoted are industry-leading, designed for full, long-term recovery. We understand that living with a chronic drug addiction can be difficult on your entirety, causing both physical and mental exhaustion.

The aim of our holistic treatment programme is to listen to your requirements and tackle each angle of your drug addiction.

By following a holistic approach, the greater probability of addiction recovery is likely. Therefore, while visiting our luxury setting, you will receive a tailored treatment plan to cater to your needs, whilst working on each area.

Treatments you can expect to complete include a full medical detox, cognitive behavioural therapy, support groups, counselling and mindfulness classes. Additionally, you will receive relapse prevention guidance, all preparing you for a drug-free future.

In order to ensure support is a priority, sessions for family members will also be offered to help build a strong, stable support network, ready for your return home.

Each step taken will move you towards a future without drugs. Here at Asana Lodge, we believe in providing you with effective life-changing tools, helping you fully heal. Our continuous support will ensure that your addiction is of the past and will remain there.

Provide yourself with the best possible future by completing addiction treatment from our home from home, luxury setting. Helping you focus on battling through your drug addiction.

Once you are prepared to return home, our team are on hand to aid you with aftercare support. We understand how difficult returning to an old environment can be once working through drug addiction.

We will do our utmost to ensure you are prepared for your new reality, while offering supportive stepping stones post-rehab.


Drug addiction


Offering A Luxury Approach To Rehab

At Asana Lodge, our team have many years of experience helping people through addiction.

Alongside our evidence-based addiction treatments and expert support, we believe it’s the environment that we’ve created, that sets us apart from other rehab centres.

Our mission is to create a comfortable and welcoming environment that gives each individual the space they need to focus on their recovery.

Luxury bedrooms with en-suite facilities give clients a place to rest, with lounges for group gatherings and stunning outdoor space for walks and clearing the mind.

We focus on the whole person. Body and mind.

We believe there’s no such thing as a standard treatment plan. Each client is unique, so our care is, too. We offer a broad mix of wellness treatments, social activities and industry-leading therapies tailored to the individual.

Choosing to spend time at Asana Lodge is an investment in yourself and your future. Every member of our team will work hard to help you start living a life you love.


Our Support Here At Asana Lodge

Alongside supporting those with drug addiction, here at Asana Lodge, we specialise in helping individuals through various mental health issues.

The team at Asana Lodge are highly-experienced and equipped to guide those struggling with both psychological and physical battles to recovery.

Our team is made up of an on-site Medical Director and GP, experienced nursing staff and a number of therapists, each with their own specialism.

Interacting with clients both formally and informally during group and one-on-one sessions, staff are accessible to every client during their stay.

Our aim is to transform the whole person through industry-leading therapies and treatments. Intravenous nutrient therapy, for example, is a way to restore brain function and begin the process of healing.

If you believe that residential addiction treatment will help you or a loved one overcome a drug dependency, let Asana Lodge help you take that first step.

Get in touch with our admissions team who will talk you through the whole process and get you started on your own unique journey to recovery.