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Cannabis and Stress

Cannabis can cause stress and also impact your mental health. Whilst some people may feel having a joint relieves stress, it can make you more likely to suffer from stress disorders.

Each year, 74% of adults in the United Kingdom experience stress.  Although stress is somewhat common and does not often have a negative impact on an individual’s life, some find it challenging to overcome stressful situations when they are faced.

Although treatment, such as therapy, is widely available for those who experience unbearable stress to take advantage of, the number of people accessing treatment is somewhat minimal.

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Instead of accessing professional help, many choose to self-medicate with drugs such as cannabis. Research shows that 72% of cannabis users report using cannabis to relieve stress and tension encountered every day.

While medical cannabis, or CBD as it is otherwise known, is promoted as an effective treatment for mental health disorders such as stress in the United States and Canada, cannabis use leads to severe addictions.  In fact, at least 30% of individuals that use cannabis require addiction treatment.

If you consume cannabis to relieve stress, you must seek professional help.  Failure to do so will put you at risk of developing a coexisting cannabis and stress disorder.

The Different Types Of Stress

Unbeknown to many, stress arises in different forms.  The stress encountered as a result of an unanticipated situation is classified as acute stress.  Acute stress is known to alleviate within a short period and does not necessarily require any treatment.

Another type of stress is episodic acute stress.  Episodic acute stress is a form of acute stress that arises on a frequent basis.  Leaving many individuals constantly feeling under pressure, episodic acute stress often requires treatment such as cognitive behavioural therapy.

In addition to acute stress and episodic acute stress, chronic stress impairs the lives of approximately 33% of adults each year.  Unlike acute stress, chronic stress does not alleviate naturally and requires treatment.

Symptoms Associated With Stress

Like many other mental health disorders, stress has a significant impact on an individual’s physical health, psychological health, and behaviour.

Although the symptoms of acute stress are short-lived, the symptoms associated with chronic stress can be somewhat unbearable.

Below, we have outlined just a few symptoms associated with stress.

  • Physical aches and pains
  • Lower energy levels
  • Insomnia
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Fatigue
  • Suffering from recurring illnesses
  • Feeling lethargic
  • Experiencing nausea
  • Digestive system problems
  • Inability to concentrate

Cannabis Use And Stress

Sadly, as stress comes to take its toll on an individual, as noted above, many turn to substances such as cannabis to self-medicate.

Known to make users feel extremely relaxed, confident, talkative and happy, cannabis has become the most widely used drug in the United Kingdom.

Although cannabis users often overlook the side effects of cannabis use and instead favour the short term relief that the drug provides, consuming large quantities of cannabis on a frequent basis comes hand-in-hand with many short and long-term side effects.

For example, cannabis can induce anxiety and depression.  Cannabis can also cause many to experience hallucinations and memory problems.

Sadly, after the short term relief provided by the drug wears off, many also reportedly experience increased levels of stress that once again leave them feeling extremely overwhelmed and unable to cope.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment For Cannabis and Stress

If you use cannabis to alleviate stress and have recently found yourself reliant on the drug, you must secure professional treatment.  However, when both cannabis and stress impact your day-to-day life, you will need to obtain dual diagnosis treatment.

Dual diagnosis treatment is a form of treatment that helps those struggling with addictions and mental health disorders overcome the ramifications of both simultaneously.

Upon completing dual diagnosis treatment, those who struggle with cannabis and stress disorders find that they are able to regain control of their life, manage the stress they face and overcome their cannabis dependency.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment For Cannabis and Stress At Asana Lodge

Here at Asana Lodge, we provide dual diagnosis treatment for cannabis and stress to clients at our residential rehab.

Offering a safe and relaxing space for many to take advantage of as they recuperate from their cannabis and stress disorders, we have successfully helped thousands of people secure a long-term recovery.

If you find that cannabis and stress rule your life, our dual diagnosis treatment can assist you.  Combining withdrawal, one-to-one therapy, psychotherapy, group therapy and well-being therapy, our industry-leading treatments will enable you to address how cannabis and stress impair the quality of your life.

You will additionally have the ability to determine how you can manage your stress without relying on cannabis, and you will uncover various techniques and coping strategies that will enable you to overcome your cannabis addiction.

It should be noted that as our treatment for cannabis and stress focuses on healing both the body and mind, should you attend our residential rehab, the treatment you are offered will be bespoke to your personal needs.

To determine which of our treatments will benefit you, we will require you to complete a clinical assessment upon entering our rehab.

Aftercare Support For Cannabis and Stress

To ensure that you are able to maintain a long-term recovery upon completing treatment in our rehab, we will equip you with 12-months of aftercare support and a personalised relapse prevention plan. 

Aftercare Support For Cannabis and Stress

Combined, aftercare support and relapse prevention will ensure that you are able to secure help should you feel you are at risk of relapsing.

Aftercare support and relapse prevention will also guarantee that you understand the help and support that is available to you well beyond your time in our rehab.

Contact Us To Discuss How Cannabis and Stress Impairs Your Life

If you find your life impaired by cannabis and stress, we are here to support you as you look to the future.

From providing guidance and advice over the telephone to administering dual diagnosis treatment in our residential rehab at Asana Lodge, your health and well-being are of utmost importance to us.

Should you find yourself ready to conquer your cannabis and stress disorder, please contact us today by calling 01908 489 421.


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