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John Gillen

Posted on Friday, February 4th, 2022 at 2:14 pm.

By John Gillen - Last Updated: 21 July 2023

Alcohol Rehab For Women

Alcohol Rehab For Women

Experiencing an addiction diagnosis can be concerning, no matter your gender or background.

Whilst alcohol is used and abused by all types of people, its effects are however different on women in comparison to men.

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Alcohol is a fast-acting addictive substance, which in small amounts can jeopardise a woman’s health. Gender-specific risks, symptoms and conditions are displayed through alcoholism, making it a very unpredictable condition to experience.

Whilst unpredictable, there are however some commonalities for women, increasing the demand for gender-specific treatment programmes. At Asana Lodge, we offer alcohol rehab for women, by delivering a safe and comfortable space to recover from. Our treatment programmes are designed with specific needs in mind, whilst working to uncover and treat underlying problems with alcohol.

As the effects of alcohol abuse vary between genders, tailored treatment programmes are essential for recovery success. From the type of treatments that are offered to the mental health support that’s provided, our approach will accommodate individual needs.

Alcoholism is a reoccurring disorder, carrying many dangers and concerns for all users. Yet due to biological differences, its immediate effects are most concerning for women. See how beneficial alcohol rehab for women may be for you if you’re struggling.

Alcohol Addiction In Women

Alcohol is an addictive drug, which through its abuse can begin to control both the body and mind. It is consumed by all types of people, for all types of reasons. Whilst the risks of addiction are uncontrollable, as any individual can become susceptible to its addictive nature, the initial effects of addiction are stronger in women.

Alcohol addiction in women is most prevalent as it averagely takes a less amount of alcohol to intoxicate a woman. The positive effects of alcohol are felt, associated, and craved at a quicker pace. Women are generally smaller in stature than men, meaning that their bodies cannot store and digest as much alcohol. Blood alcohol levels are also higher in women, carrying concentrated alcohol around the body, bloodstream, and vital systems.

For women, early-onset addiction is, therefore, a concern, alongside many physical and mental health issues. Women who are addicted to alcohol are at greater risk of developing breast cancer, mental health issues, liver disease, fertility problems and cognitive impairments.

Social vulnerabilities and stigmatisation are also concerning for women, as risks of injury, violence, judgement, and abuse are all high.

Alcohol Rehabilitation For Women

It’s clear that alcohol is a dangerous and disruptive substance for any user. Yet due to expected differences, tailored treatment plans are best whilst tackling addiction. With that comes the offering of alcohol rehab for women.

Alcohol rehab specifically designed for women will offer a safe environment to recover from. Comfort, community, and compassion are all important to women whilst recovering, which can be found through gender-specific services and facilities.

Gender-specific struggles are also experienced whilst battling an addiction, whether that’s the social pressures, motherhood, or the stigma of addiction. All can be worked through, through all-female therapy groups and communities.

Core steps of the rehabilitation process will be recommended for each client here at Asana Lodge, such as detoxification and a range of therapeutic and holistic addiction treatments. Yet with personalisation in mind, assessments are essential throughout the admissions process. Through our assessments, we can offer the most suitable treatments for our women clients, by considering their responses, feelings, wellbeing, triggers, and end goals.

Alcohol rehab for women will be tailored for each client who enters our rehab clinic here at Asana Lodge. Residential rehab will be encouraged, to benefit from our intimate and considerate environment. The structure and contents of rehab will however differ to meet gender-specific and personal needs.

Treatment And Therapy Options

A wide range of evidence-based treatment and therapy options are offered through alcohol rehab. Core treatments are arranged for all clients, along with some bespoke recommendations to improve health, wellbeing, and progress.

Our treatments heal the mind, body, and soul by encompassing a holistic theme. Traditional and innovative therapies are included to effectively treat alcohol addiction. The type of treatments and therapies which we use include:

Our treatment programmes are designed to help individuals through alcoholism, improve their wellbeing and strengthen long-term recovery. We respect the differences between our clients, such as the differences between men and women, by developing suitable, safe, and effective rehabilitation programmes.

Aftercare And Relapse Prevention

Our alcohol rehab programmes are inclusive of aftercare and relapse prevention planning. As post-rehab pressures and risks tend to be higher in women, great emphasis is placed on the next steps of recovery.

Free aftercare services are offered to all clients here at Asana Lodge, focusing on ongoing therapy, self-help, and support groups. Women-specific support groups will be recommended, along with support through the general challenges of addiction recovery.

Relapse prevention planning is a personal process, taking into account individual triggers and circumstances.  We will work alongside our clients to develop a preventive plan of action, again considering gender-specific challenges.

How Do I Pay For Alcohol Rehab?

At Asana Lodge we can help you through your admission into rehab, your entire rehab programme, and your long-term recovery journey. Our offering is designed around alcohol rehab for women, by taking your individual needs and circumstances into account.

Our treatment programmes are holistically delivered, our rehab clinic is comfortable and private, and our aftercare plans are accommodating and instrumental whilst adjusting to sobriety.

For more information on how we can help you through alcohol rehab for women, or if you have further personal needs, reach out to our admissions team.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can you stay in a rehab facility?

Rehab is a flexible service that accommodates personal needs. For example, if you require urgent treatment, a progressive 28-day programme can be worked through. If you instead hope for a longer escape, to work on yourself, your programme can be prolonged.

Inpatient rehab is equipped to adapt to the needs of our clients, possible to stay for a number of months if necessary. The most efficient yet comfortable rehab programme will be arranged for you.

What are the benefits of Inpatient Drug Rehab?

There are many benefits to inpatient drug rehab, starting with its intimate, private, and comfortable setting. Removing yourself from drug influences will be possible, whilst experiencing 24/7 care and peer support.

Inpatient programmes are progressive and can be completed within a time-sensitive period. Admissions are also quick, programmes are personalised, and free aftercare is delivered for all clients.

How much does Alcohol rehab cost?

If you’re looking to check into alcohol rehab for women, the cost of your stay will vary depending on your chosen rehab clinic, the length and structure of your programme, and your needs.

Private rehab is affordable and adaptable, which can work to your budget. Most short stay programmes fall between £4,000 and £10,000. Yet again, depending on your circumstances, we can follow your budget here at Asana Lodge.

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John Gillen - Author - Last Updated: 4 February 2022

John has travelled extensively around the world, culminating in 19 years’ experience looking at different models. He is the European pioneer of Nad+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) treatment to Europe in 2010; and recently back from the USA bringing state of the art Virtual Reality Relapse Prevention and stress reduction therapy. his passion extends to other metabolic disturbances and neurodegenerative diseases.

The journey continues, in recent times john has travelled to Russia to study and research into a new therapy photobiomudulation or systemic laser therapy working with Nad+ scientists and the very best of the medical profession in the UK and the USA, together with Nadcell, Bionad Clinics own select Doctors, nurses, dieticians and therapists, Johns’ passion continues to endeavour to bring to the UK and Europe new developments with Nad+ therapy in preventive and restorative medicine and Wellness. In 2017 John Gillen was made a visiting Professor at the John Naisbitt university in Belgrade Serbia.

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