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About Us

Slow everything down and begin to heal at Asana Lodge.

Our holistic clinic treats conditions such as drug and alcohol addiction, depression, anxiety disorders and stress burnout.

Through industry-leading, scientifically proven techniques, we treat both body and mind. Our approach is progressive and tailored to the needs of the individual.

Understanding what’s happening inside the brain is key to recovery. We give clients the knowledge they need to make changes in their lives and experience long-term results.

We’ve hand-picked a team of highly qualified and experienced medical and therapy professionals. Each nurse and therapist are accessible to a client throughout their stay, with a real focus on one on one relationships to deliver truly personalised care.

We also have a on call doctor that visitors the centre throughout the week.

Facilities within Asana Lodge exceed a standard treatment centre.

Clients benefit from a wellness lounger and intravenous nutrient therapy, as well as a number of other progressive treatments to aid recovery. Supported by one on one counselling, clients receive complete mind and body care.

Set against the beautiful backdrop of Yardley Gobion, clients can enjoy stunning views. An on-site chef prepares a delicious selection of meals, created from locally sourced ingredients.

With a focus on wellbeing and comfort, menu choices are wonderfully varied and prepared for each client’s unique needs.


Exceptional Aftercare is part of the Asana Lodge promise.

We work to understand the challenges faced by our clients when they leave the facility. Regular face to face contact offers guidance and support for the weeks and months that follow.


Asana Lodge is setting a New Standard

Asana Lodge is part of the UK’s leading collection of private drug rehab and alcohol rehab centres.

We’re proud to have supported thousands of clients by offering secure accommodation and unrivalled support and guidance through both drug or alcohol detox programs.


Our Vision

“To help individuals, communities and families across the UK achieve freedom from addiction”

Asana Lodge is the result of a long-held vision to develop an acclaimed centre of excellence for the treatment of addiction and the nurturing of recovery for individuals.

Our centre’s founder set out to ensure that the commitment to excellence was reflected in all aspects of the service.


Our Values

Our Values remain at the core of what we do. We strive to ensure these are “lived” in all aspects of our company and help us truly transform lives.

  • Keeping our focus on what really matters: the needs of our clients.
  • Taking the greatest care in all things at all times
  • Authenticity, sincerity, honesty, realism
  • Professional confidence backed by a readiness to learn
  • The creative integration of scientific evidence-based Holistic treatment
  • Ethical to the core