About Us

Asana Lodge is the UK’s first and only private residential centre which is based purely on scientific, evidence based treatments. Boasting a highly experienced, qualified and supportive team inclusive of our Psychiatrist, Doctor & Nurses, our holistic clinic treats conditions such as drug and alcohol addictions, depression & anxiety disorders and stress burnout.

Through our private treatment centres, we have been proud to support thousands of clients through offering luxury, secure accommodation for those who want to heal both the mind and body. This is why we have become the UK’s leading collection of private drug and alcohol rehab centres and Asana Lodge has recently become part of this.

Outside shot Asana Lodge

Asana Lodge sees all stress related conditions including addictions to drugs and alcohol addiction and other conditions as a means to self-regulate brain function to feel normal. We view these conditions as being a brain disorder and it has taken us 20 years to design a unique programme for brain restoration – we treat the brain first.

We examine behavioural changes, how the brain adjusts, and all the additional therapies work in conjunction for a the whole well-being and recovery of the individual.

Our Vision

“To help individuals, communities and families across the UK achieve freedom from addiction”

Asana Lodge is the result of a long-held vision to develop an acclaimed centre of excellence for the treatment of addiction and the nurturing of recovery for individuals.

Our centre’s founder set out to ensure that the commitment to excellence was reflected in all aspects of the service.

Our Values

Our Values remain at the core of what we do. We strive to ensure these are “lived” in all aspects of our company and help us truly transform lives.

  • Keeping our focus on what really matters: the needs of our clients.
  • Taking the greatest care in all things at all times
  • Authenticity, sincerity, honesty, realism
  • Professional confidence backed by a readiness to learn
  • The creative integration of scientific evidence based Holistic treatment
  • Ethical to the core