Are you concerned for the welfare of one of your employees, due to drug and alcohol problems? Are you worried that their negative relationship with drugs and alcohol may be impacting your workplace? Do you feel a duty of care to support them, as their employer, through addiction treatment?

If so, here at Asana Lodge, we are here to help through our employer referral rehab service. Through our rehab centre and professional referrals service, we can offer advice on how to support your employee through this difficult time, while also protecting your workplace.

For many employers, experiencing substance abuse in the workplace is uncommon. Although drug and alcohol consumption are increasing, with an impact on the workplace, many employers do not have a process in place to support affected employees. We can help you form a feasible plan through our employer referral services – whether your employee needs alcohol rehab or drug rehab. We can ensure mutual best interests are protected.

Protecting both your existing workplace and your employee is the best starting point. Gaining a greater understanding on how to deal with addiction and mental health issues will strengthen your workplace culture.


Reach out for support through our employer referral rehab service

If you’re keen to support an employee through the process of addiction treatment, feel free to contact our admissions team today. We will firstly gain a greater understanding of the situation to hand, including the degree of drug and alcohol abuse.

From here, we will offer guidance on best fit treatment programmes, from our rehab centre, offering sustainable recovery. We will also run through budgets, timescales and the admission process through our employer referral rehab service.

One of the greatest benefits of our professional referrals is the knowledge we can share with your HR team surrounding addiction. As mentioned above, many workplaces do lack a comprehensive process in place to protect mutual interests. We can increase your knowledge on how to deal with a drug and alcohol addiction and associated mental health issues in the workplace.

Our guidance will include how to approach an employee regarding their drug and alcohol consumption, in a compassionate and supportive tactic, while also motivating the idea of addiction treatment.

With your backing as an employer, especially if a strong and trustworthy relationship is present, it is likely that visiting a rehab centre will be seen as desirable if recommended by yourself.


How can a drug and alcohol addiction impact the workplace?

A drug and alcohol addiction present in the workplace can cause many negative impacts for an employer. From reduced workplace performance, poor attendance and the risk of breaching health and safety policies, to workplace injuries, negative company associations and professional relationship deterioration, there are many risks linked to workplace substance abuse.

However, by acting now and helping your employee, you’ll have the opportunity to avoid long-term risks. Through our employer referral rehab service, we can help your future-proof your workplace, while protecting the physical and mental health of your employee.

Benefit from our specialist guidance, offering a good place to start, followed by recommendations for a personalised treatment programme. Through our rehab centre, we can make sustaining recovery a potential by providing addiction treatment and relapse prevention techniques.

Get in touch today for more information on our employer referral rehab service.