Cocaine Detox

At Asana Lodge, we help many clients stop taking cocaine, whether they’ve used it in the short or long term, and whether they just need help coming off cocaine or also need other types of addiction treatment.

Our luxury treatment facility is set in the countryside of Towcester, Northamptonshire, giving you a pleasant place to relax while going through a detox program, and once you’ve detoxed we offer amazing rehab programs to keep you on track.


Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

There are two main types of cocaine, coke, which is the powdered form that’s usually snorted, and crack which is usually smoked. Generally, the withdrawal symptoms are quite similar, although they are sometimes more intense in those who use crack. Those with a cocaine addiction who stop using will often experience a crash quite quickly, even in a matter of hours, and this can involve:

  • Tiredness
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Feeling irritable
  • Craving sleep
  • An increase in appetite

These are often the symptoms suffered after a night of using cocaine, and are sometimes called a comedown or crash. It’s sometimes described as feeling like you have a cold or flu. Because the effects of cocaine such as increased energy and euphoria are short-lived, it doesn’t take long after your last dosage to feel depressed and tired.

This initial period can last up to two days, and during this time the team at Asana Lodge will ensure you’re well looked after and monitored. You may be offered prescription drugs under medical supervision that can help your body with the initial shock.


Longer-term Withdrawal

Once your body has recovered from the crash, you may feel quite normal for a few days. Many people going through a cocaine detox find that they get their normal sleep patterns back, start to eat properly and don’t have too many cravings. However, it’s quite common after a few days for cravings and negative thoughts to set in.

Many people will find ways to get hold of cocaine, even if it means having to do something risky or dangerous to get it, so it’s best to be in the safety of addiction centres during this period.

The psychological withdrawal symptoms can often be quite difficult to deal with, leading to depression and anxiety or mood swings, so it’s best to be in a supportive environment at this time.

Studies by the Institute on Drug Abuse have shown that if you can get through the initial few weeks of cocaine detox, you have a good chance of success long term.

However, cocaine users can still get cravings for several months, and there can still be emotional triggers that make you want to use again. That’s why Asana Lodge will arrange for a year of free aftercare such as support groups to help you stay on track.


Easing Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

One of the advantages of treatment centres rather than outpatient programs is that it gives you more options for addiction treatment. Going cold turkey can be extremely tough, and depending on the client it can come with a host of side effects.

While staying in residential rehab, you can take prescription medication that’s designed to help with cocaine addiction, which can make the process much more pleasant. For example, those having suicidal thoughts may be offered anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medication, or you may be able to take sleeping pills to overcome insomnia in the early days.

It’s important that you don’t then become addicted to prescription medication, so you’ll be closely monitored by experts using guidelines from the National Institute on Drug Abuse and other bodies.

There are also lots of ways to help with the physical symptoms of withdrawal. From fitness sessions to yoga and massage, those staying at Asana Lodge will have lots of holistic therapies available to heal their body while they go through a detox.


After The Cocaine Detox

There are options available for fast detoxes, and many people feel great afterwards, often wanting to go home and return to their lives. However, we highly recommend that after your cocaine detox, you stay with us for addiction treatment.

As mentioned above, many people who suffer from cocaine abuse find that their withdrawal symptoms slowly return after the initial detox, which means they’re at a high risk of relapsing.

During this difficult time, it’s better to be away from temptation, and if you stay in our countryside retreat then you’re away from friends who take cocaine and it’s much harder to buy.

You’re also much more likely to be successful in the long term if you think about why you became addicted in the first place, and we have many experts in behavioural health who can help you develop tools to stay away from drugs for life.

If you undertake a rehab program at Asana Lodge, we’ll include a year of free aftercare. This means that if you suffer further cravings or have potential triggers such as emotional events, you’ll always have someone to talk to about your experience.

We’ll find you local groups that can offer excellent support, and some people will have also gone through our rehab program, allowing you to speak to people who have a shared experience.

If you’d like to find out more about cocaine detox or any of the services offered at Asana Lodge, call us today on 01908 489 421 or e-mail