You need to ensure that the facility has the right kind of treatments and staff on offer to meet your needs. At Asana Lodge, we try to make the whole process of admission into rehabilitation as simple and as stress-free as possible.

We want you to rest assured that you have made the right decision for either yours or a relative’s care.


Assessment Services

We have a team of assessment specialists who are at the end of the phone just waiting to take your call. They are here to guide you through the stage of the admissions process so you know what to expect.

Our admissions specialists only work for us at Asana Lodge – they are not working to commission targets, which ensures that all the money we receive goes into our amazing facility and our hard-working and experienced staff. This is reflected in our high success rate as a centre.

Selecting the right rehabilitation facility can be tricky. Some things you might like to think about are:

  •  Is the location right for me?
  •  Does the facility cater to my needs?
  •  Do I have arrangements such as childcare and job cover in place while I am away?
  •  Does the facility meet my budget?

Rehab is a significant investment, but undoubtedly a positive one. We offer the option for you to visit our centre and take a look around our facilities and grounds before you decide to stay with us.

Our staff are here to answer any questions you may have about your treatment and activities you can take part in during your stay. If you like, we can also arrange for a home visit to talk you through what we can offer. We always keep budgets in mind, too, and can make bespoke affordable care programmes to suit the needs of all our potential clients.


What Happens During The Admissions Process?

When you first call us, we will book a full assessment with one of our therapists. This will be your chance to have a frank and open discussion about your addictions and mental health issues. Let us know how it has impacted on you and your health, as well as your loved ones.

The more you tell us, the more information we will have that we can use to cater to your needs. We will then suggest a treatment programme with specific targets that are tailored to you. We will also discuss timescales and whether you’d require treatment as an in or out-client.

You will be given the following therapies during your stay with us:

  •  12-step work
  •  Holistic therapies such as mindfulness, to treat mind and body
  •  Spiritual activities
  •  1:1 counselling
  •  Guidance on health and well-being


Should I Have An Assessment At Home or at Asana Lodge?

Our staff will talk through your options for treatment either at our facility or at home if you prefer. There will be a charge for a home assessment, but sometimes a home assessment can be much easier and make the process less stressful for you and loved ones.

If you decide on a home assessment, this can involve as many family members as you like, and we can inform them of the rehab process you intend to undertake and the therapies you will undergo. A home assessment can take up to two hours. From there, you and your loved ones can make the decision on rehab admission.

If you’d prefer, you can also have your assessment at a neutral location (this will need to be approx 1 hour from Asana Lodge), or you can travel to our centre. An additional fee will be charged for any location that we need to travel to that is outside this 1-hour parameter.

If you decide to visit us in person at Asana Lodge, this will give you an opportunity to see first-hand what we do, how we work and the kinds of programmes you can undertake. You can also see our accommodation and deluxe living services during your stay, whilst meeting our outstanding members of staff. This is completely free.


Why Asana Lodge?

Asana Lodge is a rehabilitation facility for people suffering from addictions and mental health issues. Our tranquil, calming retreat is based in rural Northamptonshire countryside, allowing you to focus entirely on getting back to full health without unnecessary distractions.

We are proud of our dedicated and highly experienced staff, who give clients round-the-clock support if required. You will not be placed on a waiting list to join us – and can begin your treatment as soon as you are ready.

Our facilities enable clients to feel truly pampered while they recover. Watch a movie, take a tranquil walk or just take in the views across the beautiful countryside. You’ll have your own five-star suite, complete with private bathroom, laundry services and room service that’s cooked to order by a private chef.

Get in touch with us today for more information on our rehabilitation services and to book your initial assessment.