Drug Rehab

The UK’s first residential scientific evidenced-based rehab clinic, Asana Lodge provides leading drug rehab treatment to individuals seeking help for addiction.

Drug addiction can be very damaging to an individuals health, depending on what type of drug consumed influences the severity of side-effects can vary, however, the damage can be caused from a wide spectrum of substances, from prescribed to class A.

If consumed long-term, the danger of many negative effects is possible, including deterioration of health, homelessness, the inability to live a quality life, and even death in some unfortunate cases.

Fortunately, addiction can be treated, and the above negative effects can be overcome if completed with expert support. Here at Asana Lodge, we understand how difficult this time of your life can be. However, we understand even greater how vital seeking medical support can be for future quality of life.

If you are suffering from continuous withdrawal symptoms and negative side effects, find a rehab centre who specialises in treating addiction today.

Consider residential treatment at our luxury rehab centre based in Northamptonshire, reputable for helping those with habitual dependencies.

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Addictions We Treat

Drug rehab involves the treatment of addiction problems such as cocaine addiction, cannabis addiction, alcohol addiction and prescription drug addiction.

If you would like to find out about the addiction treatment we offer for certain substances then feel free to visit any of the below pages:


Recover At A Reputable Luxury Drug Rehab

Have you already attempted to overcome your drug addiction? No matter whether you have a short or long-term addiction, it is vital that you seek support from a reputable specialised residential treatment centre.

Here at Asana Lodge, we offer addiction treatment and guidance for individuals living with drug dependencies, while providing a luxury setting for comfort.

We believe that the surrounding you are placed within while aiming to recover is highly important when considering probability rate. Investing in yourself by visiting a residential rehab centre is recommended, providing enough space between yourself and the home environment.

If you are worried about leaving your home comforts for this time of transformation, be assured that we have this in mind. We have designed a residential treatment centre with luxury as a priority. We will treat you as an individual, ensuring you have everything you need to diminish your addiction.

Alongside our setting, our reputable, highly experienced team provide effective rehabilitation services. Our team consists of addiction specialists, medical experts, experienced psychologists and wellbeing coaches to ensure that exceptional standards of care are provided.

We ensure that each connection and step of your journey is of a deluxe standard by maintaining the highest levels of professionalism while providing high-quality experiences.

If you are suffering, seek expert support today. Addiction can be overcome with the correct support.

Provide yourself with the best possible opportunity by selecting a reputable private rehabilitation clinic, taking your needs into consideration every step of the way.


Industry Leading Drug Addiction Treatment

In order to increase recovery probability, here at Asana Lodge, we believe in personalisation. We understand how addiction affects every individual differently.

We further understand how addiction recovery journeys differ depending on a variety of factors. With that said, we take these factors into consideration by designing a tailored treatment programme.

Throughout your addiction treatment process, you will have full input, ensuring you are comfortable with the recommended route. We will take your long-term goals into consideration, along with your previous addiction history to ensure suitability is maintained.

Within your personalised treatment plan, you should expect to see a wide variety of recommended methods, helping to heal you holistically. Residential addiction treatment will work on your psychological and physical fixation to drugs, ensuring you are fully treated for a drug-free future.

Our inpatient evidence-based addiction treatment options include cognitive behavioural therapy, individual and group therapy sessions, medical detoxes, physical activity and relapse prevention classes.

Each is designed to work together to strengthen your long-term recovery likelihood. You will be armed with tools and techniques to combat your tie to harmful substances and lead a future overcoming any relapses.

It is important to remember that without expert addiction treatment, long-term recovery is highly improbable. Attempting to complete a period of cold turkey alone has the potential to lead to greater consumption. Ensure you seek support through a structured, high-quality addiction programme today.

Once you’ve completed treatment and leave our residential centre, free 12-months aftercare will be offered to all of our clients. Here at Asana Lodge, we are passionate about promoting long-term health and recovery. With this in mind, we ensure our clients receive ongoing support, compassion and guidance, along with future required treatment.

Consistent support group sessions, counselling and aftercare services will be recommended to create a positive transition back into reality. To discuss how we can support you or a loved one post-rehab, get in touch with our experienced admissions team today.


Choosing Asana Lodge

If you’ve been living with long-term drug addiction, we are sure you have come across residential addiction treatment clinics. However, Asana Lodge is different.

Everything about your care within our facility is personalised to you. From the therapists, you work with the meals prepared by the in-house chef.

That’s because we don’t just treat the addiction. We treat the whole person, mind and body. Only through reviewing every aspect of your health and wellbeing can you ensure a long-term recovery.

Asana Lodge is nestled in the countryside so there is space to reflect and reset, away from the troubles of outside life. Each client has their own luxury private room with ensuite bathroom, to provide the opportunity to truly relax.

Communal areas and group activities allow clients to connect through a shared understanding. Formal and informal time with our team of professionals makes everyone accessible and breaks down boundaries.


Our treatments are industry-leading.

Our treatments here at Asana lodge focus on science. Addiction is caused by changes in the brain and through understanding those changes, clients are able to move forward and start to heal.

If you’re searching for a UK based addiction treatment facility where you can focus on yourself and future recovery, get in touch with our compassionate team today.

We can assure you that our offering will support you through this difficult time, by providing you with all the tools to overcome your drug addiction. We will continue to support you post-treatment to ensure that your recovery is maintained, helping you lead a drug-free future.

Take the first step on your recovery journey and speak to our admissions team today. They’ll talk you through the whole process, as you move towards living a happier life.



See below list of answers to frequently asked questions asked by individuals looking for drug rehab clinics such as ourselves.

How long are drug rehabilitation programmes?

The length of a typical programme offered at our residential facility can last from 14 days up to the maximum stay of 28-days.

What length of stay would you recommend for drug rehab?

We would recommend a stay of 28-days as this means that the full programme we offer can be experienced. This length of stay also increases the chances of individuals achieving long term recovery.

How long does the drug detox part of rehab last?

The detoxification part of our programmes usually lasts for a maximum of 10 days with the length of time it takes being dependant on what type of addiction you are suffering from.

I suffer from depression and anxiety as well as drug addiction, can you still help?

Yes, we also treat mental health problems ranging from depression, anxiety, stress and PTSD. If you are suffering from both mental health and addiction, we offer dual diagnosis treatment, this aims to identify whether your addicton is causing you to have mental health issues or vice versa so effective treatment can be determined.

What happens when leaving the clinic?

Upon leaving the clinic you will have access to 12 months free aftercare which involves regular check-ups with our support staff to monitor your progress.