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Cocaine and Stress

Cocaine abuse can increase your stress levels and harm your mental health.

A normal reaction to unanticipated situations, stress is manageable and is often overcome naturally.  However, chronic stress leaves approximately 74% of the British population overwhelmed and unable to cope.

When chronic stress arises, substances such as cocaine can be abused.  Although using cocaine has adverse consequences, many overlook these and instead chase the high that cocaine offers.

In some instances, stress can sadly cause cocaine addictions to arise.  Should a cocaine addiction surface, treatment must be secured via a drug and alcohol rehab.

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Cocaine use in the United Kingdom has risen considerably in the last few years.  Sadly, data highlights that the United Kingdom currently has the most significant number of cocaine problems in the whole of Europe.

Each year, it is believed that 2.6% of adults aged 16 – 59 consume cocaine.  Although consumed for various reasons, many use cocaine recreationally.  Cocaine is also frequently used to relieve symptoms associated with stress.

Understanding Cocaine Addictions

Sadly, frequent cocaine use gives way to various short and long term side effects. It can also lead to the development of a cocaine addiction.  While not everyone who consumes cocaine will develop an addiction, at least 4,300 people are currently receiving treatment for cocaine addictions.

When treatment is secured, cocaine addictions can be overcome.  However, many individuals continue to succumb to their addiction and defer the treatment that is widely available to them.

Cocaine Provides An Immediate, Yet Short Term Relief

When cocaine is consumed, users report feeling more alert, more alive and more energetic.  However, these feelings are short-lived. In fact, these particular sensations are thought to diminish within 30-minutes.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the way in which cocaine is administered will ultimately dictate how long the high of the drug lasts.  For example, when cocaine is snorted, side effects last up to 30 minutes.  Meanwhile, when cocaine is smoked, the high of the drug subsides within 10 minutes.

As many cocaine users will use cocaine to relieve stress, as the high of the drug wears off, they will find that their stress intensifies.  As a result, cocaine is used once again.  Unfortunately, this induces the cycle of addiction.

Symptoms Associated With Cocaine Addictions

If you frequently consume cocaine to reduce stress, you must understand the symptoms associated with cocaine addictions.  If you can identify that a cocaine addiction is impairing your life, you will have the ability to reach out for appropriate help.

Below, you will find a number of the physical and psychological symptoms associated with cocaine addictions.

  • Increased heart rate
  • High temperature
  • High blood pressure
  • Dilated pupils
  • Persistent headaches
  • Lack of appetite
  • Enhanced energy levels
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Paranoia
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Irritability
  • Restlessness

Understanding Stress

From work-related stress to stress related to family problems, individuals from all walks of life encounter stress every day.  Although stress is temporary and relieves naturally, for some people, stress can be so intense that it dramatically impairs the quality of their life.

Chronic stress, for example, affects an individual’s ability to sleep, work, focus and live a normal, happy life.

Regrettably, when left untreated, chronic stress contributes to a wide range of illnesses and health conditions.  Chronic stress has also seen the number of people self-harming and experiencing suicidal thoughts soar.

To alleviate stress, many individuals turn to drugs such as cocaine.  As noted above, when consumed, cocaine offers an immediate yet short-lived relief.  However, as this relief wears off, greater volumes of the drug are consumed, leading many to become addicted to the substance.

Cocaine and Stress

Treatment For Cocaine and Stress Disorders

When cocaine and stress disorders coexist, professional treatment must be secured.

Although addiction treatment is beneficial for cocaine and stress disorders, coexisting cocaine and stress disorders require dual diagnosis treatment.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment At Asana Lodge

At Asana Lodge, our dual diagnosis treatment combines various treatments that focus on healing the body and the mind.  Proving to be highly beneficial, all of our clients who have completed dual diagnosis treatment at our residential rehab have gone on to make a long-term recovery.

If your life has become impaired by cocaine and stress, we welcome you to take advantage of our dual diagnosis treatment.  Should you do so, you can expect to encounter the following treatments;

  • A medically supervised withdrawal
  • Nutrition management programme
  • One-to-one counselling
  • Psychotherapy
  • Aftercare support

While the treatment you undergo will depend on the impact cocaine and stress has had on your physical and psychological health, the above treatments will likely be incorporated into your personalised dual diagnosis treatment programme.

Irrespective of the treatment you encounter, you will find that you gradually become less reliant on cocaine and can manage your stress through various psychological and well-being coping strategies.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Is Administered On A Residential Basis

Although cocaine and stress treatment is often provided on an outpatient basis, at Asana Lodge, we only administer dual diagnosis treatment on a residential basis.

Residential treatment for cocaine and stress offers greater recovery results and rates.  Not only is this because residential treatment will offer you the space and time you need to recover, but it is because residential treatment will see you able to take advantage of industry-leading treatments and specialist care at all times.

If you are open to considering attending our residential rehab for cocaine and stress treatment, you may hope to complete your treatment within a set time frame.

Should this resonate with you, we would ask you to consider that your cocaine and stress recovery cannot be rushed.  Attempting to recover within a certain number of days or weeks could hinder your recovery.

It should also be noted that your cocaine and stress recovery will be life-long.

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