If you’re currently suffering with substance abuse, mental health issues and/or behavioural changes, it is important that you appreciate the benefits of visiting a private drug and alcohol rehab clinic.

At our private drug and alcohol rehab facility, Asana Lodge, we can help you recover by utilising highly effective, harmless treatment options.

We can personalise a treatment plan by understanding your behavioural addiction and internal functioning greater.

A private drug and alcohol treatment programme is most effective when carried out in an inpatient setting.

The duration of your private rehab treatment is tailored to suit your best interests, but typically a standard stay at a private rehab centre is around 28 days.

For the best addiction recovery outcome, start by healing the mind, in turn healing the body.


Why choose Asana Lodge?

Using the latest treatments and therapies, Asana Lodge sets itself apart from other private rehabilitation centres. Our focus is on helping clients understand what is happening inside their brain to aid long term recovery.

Industry-leading facilities combined with a team of experienced and dedicated therapists, gives every individual the best possible chance to regain a life they love.


Addictions We Treat

We offer treatment for a number of drug and alcohol addictions as part of our private drug and alcohol rehab treatment.

Click on the below links to read more about the rehab treatment we offer for particular substances:


How can a drug and alcohol addiction affect people?

Long-term drug and alcohol consumption can cause life-changing effects. Firstly, it is important to note the physical deterioration users can experience.

Although depending on the type of drug abused, side effects of drug abuse can include respiratory and cardiovascular issues, such as a heart attack or lung disease. While this is the long-term effects of drug abuse, those damages will begin to fester, once drug consumption becomes more consistent.

Secondly, drug and alcohol abuse can cause significant damage to the nervous system, including the influence of mental health issues. A drug and alcohol dependence are classified as a behavioural addiction.

Here is where drug and alcohol abuse causes damage to the brain, influencing a habit. This habit ultimately transforms a user’s actions, mood, behaviour, decisions and outlooks.

The danger of a progressive addiction is the potential for a dual diagnosis. A dual diagnosis is where the development of a mental health issue occurs, down to a shift in brain functioning. Drugs and alcohol can cause this shift, an imbalance in chemical reactions, causing the likes of depression, anxiety and panic disorders.

Finally, a drug and alcohol addiction can damage quality of life. From the inability to complete general everyday responsibilities and the deterioration of relationships, to health worries and financial strains.

Although damage will advance the longer an addiction is present for, the development can happen quickly, impacting a user’s life before they know it.

To avoid or overcome those damages, visiting a private drug and alcohol rehab clinic should be prioritised.


The benefits of visiting a private drug and alcohol rehab clinic

When looking at the wide range of treatment options and drug and alcohol rehab programmes in the market, there’s a mix of ineffective and low-cost programmes, straight through to effective, valuable treatment plans.

If your goal is to recover entirely from a drug and alcohol addiction, where long-term sustainable recovery can be experienced, the consideration of a private rehab centre should be made.

Although the word private commonly springs the question of its cost, visiting private drug and alcohol rehab clinics will increase the likelihood of a one-time recovery requirement. Without completing this level of rehabilitation, future relapses, in turn future addiction treatment is likely, along with the cost.

As drug and alcohol dependencies are behavioural addictions, treatment options must look beyond a mere detox. Many users will attempt to detox from home, with the aim to maintain sobriety.

However, without psychological intervention and a personalised treatment plan, commonly only available through rehab, this is very unlikely.

To increase your chances of healing your mind and body, consider the value behind a private drug rehab & alcohol rehab programme.


Our approach to treating behavioural addictions here at Asana Lodge

By visiting our private alcohol rehab & drug rehab clinic, you will have access to an effective, harmless approach to addiction treatment. We firstly observe your internal functioning.

Considering biological, psychological, social and spiritual factors, we will understand your profile as an individual, commonly impacting both mental and physical health. This observation can help to gauge potential weaknesses, fuelling drug and alcohol consumption greater.

It is also important that we pinpoint the type of addiction you are experiencing, as there are varying forms, including impulsive, compulsive and temporal lobe addicts.


Drug and Alcohol Rehab


The cost of visiting a Private Rehab Clinic

A one fits all approach isn’t available when measuring addiction recovery. With this in mind, the cost of private rehab will vary, depending on whether standalone residential treatment is required, or whether ongoing support is mandatory.

Likewise, the type of treatment options completed will vary the cost. Some treatments will work for some clients, while others may advance withdrawal symptoms, and ultimately influence greater behavioural connections to drugs and alcohol.

To find out more about the cost of rehab, and the types of treatments utilised here at Asana Lodge, please feel free to contact our team.

Visiting a private rehab facility will offer many benefits for you and your family members. Experience the opportunity to heal entirely, starting with your brain health and functionality.

Reduce your chances of future drug and alcohol abuse by embracing our personalised treatment plans, only available through a private rehab clinic.

Are Your Staff Fully Trained?

Yes, all our staff hold relevant all relevant qualifications for their discipline. We also provide regular training so we are constantly improving the level of care provided to our clients.

What Do I Bring To The Clinic?

We would recommend you bring casual clothing as well as money in case you need to buy anything during your stay. Toiletries such as shampoo, shower gels as well as towels, bed linens and bathrobes are all provided and changed daily throughout your stay, you can bring your own toiletries but mouthwash has to be strictly alcohol-free. Electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets are allowed during your stay with free Wifi available. If you are on any prescribed medications then please make our admissions team aware of this and make sure you have enough supply that will last for the duration of your stay.

What If I Become Unwell During My Stay?

If you are deemed too unwell to continue treatment, you will be taken to a local GP who will evaluate your symptoms and determine whether medical attention is needed. Feeling unwell during treatment may be due to withdrawal symptoms experienced during detoxification stage of treatment, prescription medication can be provided to help alleviate these symptoms but if problems persist then a callout to local emergency services will be made.

What Does A Typical Day In The Clinic Involve?

A typical day will typically involve undertaking holistic and group therapies in the morning with the afternoon including more intensive therapy sessions such as one to one counselling and CTB therapy. Evenings will typically include downtime giving your mind time to rest with evening dinner and more group therapy taking place before bedtime which is not a set time although we would strongly recommend going to bed at a decent time so you don't feel tired in the morning. Breakfast and lunch is also provided in the morning and afternoon before undergoing therapies and treatments.

How do I book into a private drug and alcohol rehab clinic?

Deciding to embark on a journey to becoming addiction free could be one of the best decisions you make. If you are truly ready to make this change and enter a private drug and alcohol rehab then call us here at Asana Lodge and speak to an addiction specialist today.

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