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Avoiding Relapse

When it comes to addiction rehab, the most common time to relapse is the first twelve months, and this can also be a difficult time for those who’ve undertaken our other programmes such as anxiety, depression or eating disorder treatment. That’s why our aftercare is designed for that first difficult year of sobriety and healing, and if you complete aftercare, you’ve got a much higher chance of success in the long term.

The Aftercare Support Team

Asana Lodge has its own aftercare support team which includes medical professionals such as addiction counsellors and other specialists. Our team help put together aftercare plans tailored to your needs, and will take into account many different factors such as:

  • Your age and sex
  • Any diagnoses and addictions
  • Your behaviour patterns
  • Medical history
  • Your home and social environment
  • Work, studies and any potential sources of stress
  • Your rehab history and whether you’ve relapsed before

This gives us a full picture of the things that trigger your negative behaviours and helps us advise the best ways to support you. It may be that you’ve undergone treatment before and relapsed afterwards, so we’ll need to work out how to prevent that from happening again.

Aftercare Groups

Once you’ve completed one of our programmes, you can use our aftercare groups for 12 months. Taking place at Asana Lodge or other properties owned by Rehab Clinics Group across the UK, these groups take place on Saturday afternoons. You’re sure of a warm welcome, and can catch up with others who went through your programme, as well as making new friends. You will have time to talk about your week, discuss coping strategies and work together in a supportive environment.

Additional Aftercare

For some people, the regular aftercare sessions aren’t enough, especially if you’re close to relapsing or going through a particularly difficult time. This may include ongoing therapy such as CBT sessions, local support groups or other bespoke services. You may also want to look at options such as family therapy, which can help rebuild damaged relationships post-addiction or illness, and helps you and your loved ones communicate better.

Find out more about the treatment programmes and aftercare available at Asana Lodge by getting in touch with us today. Simply call us on 01908 489 421 or e-mail and we’ll get right back to you.