Cocaine and Anxiety

Anxiety is a common mental health disorder that impacts approximately 1 in 6 people every week in England alone. On a global scale, the number of people who experience anxiety is much more considerable, with 284 million recorded cases.

Although treatment for anxiety disorders is widely available via public and private health care providers, it is thought that only 36.9% of those suffering go on to complete treatment.

Sadly, when anxiety is left untreated, a number of other psychological disorders, such as cocaine addictions, can gradually come to impair an individual’s life.

If you find your life crippled by anxiety and have, as a result, turned to substances such as cocaine to alleviate the symptoms you experience, you must take advantage of the professional support and treatment that is available to you.

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The Different Types Of Anxiety

Generalised anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, panic disorders, phobias, and social anxiety disorders are just a few of the types of anxiety disorders known to impair millions of individuals’ lives every day.

Each of the different anxiety disorders come hand-in-hand with various physical and psychological symptoms. Yet, fear, constant worry, racing thoughts, over-thinking and irritability are among the common symptoms encountered when anxiety arises.

As touched on above, treatment is available for anxiety disorders. Up to 24% of individuals are thought to self-medicate with drugs, including cocaine.

The Different Types Of Anxiety

The Impact Cocaine Use Has On Anxiety

As the number of individuals self-medicating with cocaine continues to increase, the impact cocaine use has on anxiety has become widely explored.

If you use cocaine to help relieve an anxiety disorder, you may have come to appreciate that cocaine temporarily makes you feel much more alert, enhances your mood and enables you to feel productive.

As a result, you may find yourself consuming larger quantities of cocaine frequently to help you manage your anxiety.

However, it is vital to remember that cocaine is an illegal drug that will harm both your physical and psychological health.  Although you may have overlooked the consequences of cocaine use, cocaine will eventually cause your anxiety disorder to escalate.
Sadly, consuming cocaine to alleviate your anxiety will also put you at risk of developing a cocaine addiction.

Treatment For Cocaine and Anxiety Disorders

If you develop a cocaine addiction and have a pre-existing anxiety disorder, you must secure appropriate treatment.  Although you may believe that simply attending a rehab for cocaine addiction treatment will enable you to overcome your addiction and anxiety disorder, this is sadly not true.


To overcome your cocaine and anxiety disorder, you will, in fact, need to undergo dual diagnosis treatment.

Essentially, dual diagnosis treatment combines addiction and mental health treatment to ensure that both disorders can be treated alongside each other.  Failure to complete dual diagnosis treatment will sadly put you at greater risk of relapsing.

This is because when treatment is solely administered for anxiety, for example, you will not have the tools and support needed to overcome your cocaine addiction.

Likewise, if treatment is only administered for a cocaine addiction, it is unlikely that you will come to appreciate how you can manage your anxiety.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment At Asana Lodge

Dual diagnosis treatment at Asana Lodge combines a number of treatments such as detoxification, psychotherapy, well-being therapy and counselling.

When administered, these treatments simultaneously reduce the overall impact cocaine and anxiety has.  These particular treatments also ensure that cocaine and anxiety disorders can be effectively managed.  This is exceptionally vital if a long-term recovery is to be made.

Although we have a wide range of treatments available at Asana Lodge, our dual diagnosis treatments are personalised to the needs of each of our clients.

As a result, it is difficult to ascertain which treatments you are likely to require without discussing your cocaine and anxiety disorder with you.

However, to provide greater insight into our dual diagnosis treatment, we have outlined our treatments for you to review below.



When dual diagnosis treatment is administered at our residential rehab, detoxification is often encountered first.  Medically induced, detoxification encourages the body and brain to withdraw from cocaine.

As detoxification is administered, it is entirely normal to experience some withdrawal symptoms.  However, around the clock care is provided to ensure that our clients remain comfortable at all times.

Therapy For Cocaine and Anxiety Disorders

Following detoxification, therapy is encountered.  Therapy at Asana Lodge includes psychotherapy and well-being therapy.

Typically, psychotherapy includes cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, motivational interviewing, NAD+ therapy and Satori Chair Therapy.

These therapies are highly beneficial when considering cocaine and anxiety disorders as they encourage individuals to determine the root cause of their co-occurring disorder.

These particular therapies also stimulate conversations that can help alter thought patterns, reduce anxiety and uncover coping strategies for co-occurring disorders.

Unlike psychotherapy, well-being therapy focuses on helping those with co-occurring cocaine and anxiety disorders cope better through activities such as art therapy, music therapy, yoga and meditation.

In addition to being administered through dual diagnosis treatment, these particular therapies have been known to help our clients well beyond their time in our rehab.

Aftercare Support For Cocaine and Anxiety Disorders

Upon completing dual diagnosis treatment for cocaine and anxiety disorders, we offer each of our clients 12-months of free aftercare support.

Aftercare support at Asana Lodge sees clients invited to our rehab once a week to participate in group therapy.

Not only does this provide those recovering from co-occurring cocaine and anxiety disorders to share their recovery, but it enables them to seek support and guidance from our team of professionals.

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