Drug Detox

The Impact of Drug Addiction

In order to combat any potential negative influences, it is advised to seek expert support through a clinical rehab centre as soon as possible. Many individuals believe that addiction can’t be treated. This opinion is usually provided by individuals who have attempted recovery alone. However, with the right professional support, addiction treatment and drug detox plan, long-term recovery is highly probable.

If you are living with an addiction and are experiencing negative effects, seek specialised drug addiction support. Here at Asana Lodge, we have a wealth of experience helping individuals in your situation, aiding them through rehabilitation. See how our residential drug detox programme and addiction treatments can help you through this distressing time.

Take the first step today for a positive, drug-free tomorrow.


Complete A Medical Drug Detox Today

Although a medical drug detox is one of the most difficult stages when considering rehabilitation, it is the most effective step when looking to tackle drug addiction. It is an effective way of disconnecting both your body and mind from old habits, realigning your wellbeing to the optimal level. It helps to flush out your current consumption, while slowly introducing your body to a life without drugs.

Depending on the severity of your drug addiction, a variety of detox plans may be offered. For some, residential, slow detoxification is suitable. For others, a detox at home may be preferred. However, for greater recovery probability, we aim to promote an inpatient, medically assisted detox plan.

Plans can be 7- 14 days long depending on the strength of your drug consumption and length of addiction. The detox process will vary from person to person. However, will achieve a mutual aim of detoxing your body from substance abuse. Please keep in mind that the above figures are an average. Detox plans will be catered to individuals, taking their personal requirements into consideration.

By experiencing a medically supervised inpatient detox plan, you will benefit from expert care whilst reducing your drug consumption. Additionally, you will receive a personalised treatment programme aiding you to recovery, while increasing your knowledge of addiction.

As detox is one of the hardest steps to take, it is important that you seek expert support. Attempting to go cold turkey alone can be highly dangerous. Throughout you will experience many psychological and physical withdrawal symptoms, such as insomnia, paranoia, cravings, seizures and nausea.

It is important that you have the knowledge on how to move through these symptoms, placing your wellbeing as a priority. Completing a residential detox programme will aid you with the reassurance that your health will continue to advance.

Alongside your medical detox plan, further addiction treatments will be required to promote long-term recovery. Our medical professionals, counsellors, addiction psychologists and life-coaches will recommend the most appropriate methods to help you personally overcome your addiction.

Treatments will work on subsidising your short-term cravings, while diminishing your long-term connection to drugs. Treatment options you can expect to see include cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness sessions, group therapy and physical activity, all providing you with the tools to heal.

A combination of therapeutic treatments and medical detox will help to diminish your addiction following a holistic approach, ensuring that each craving or stimulating factor has been dealt with.

To fully prepare you post-detox, our team will also recommend relapse prevention sessions. They are in place to ensure you and your loved ones are preparing for any future drug relapses. Here at Asana Lodge, we acknowledge that relapses are possible. We understand that temptation can be difficult to avoid once placed back into your old environment. However, by following your personalised plan, and utilising our aftercare services, relapses are much less likely.

Post-rehab, you can also expect to receive outpatient treatment. This will usually include regular support groups to maintain your motivation levels, while offering aftercare support and guidance. We are passionate about ensuring that each of our clients recover and maintain a drug-free future. If you do require any form of support, please reach out to our team for assistance as soon as possible.


Experience Luxury While Recovering At Our Rehab Centre

With the recovery in mind, here at Asana Lodge, we believe in bringing an element of luxury to our rehab offering. We understand how daunting visiting a rehab centre to work through your drug addiction or mental health issue can be. Therefore, we have taken this feeling into consideration, and provided high standard service to ensure each client feels comfortable.

Working through addiction or disorder can be a challenge for some, especially when considering residential programmes. Completing a full clinical detox and addiction treatment can be mentally draining.

We have combatted this by ensuring you have everything you need from our home from home clinic. We will also include your family members throughout your rehab process to ensure you have some home comforts to hold your hand through your journey.

Although our rehab oozes deluxe, luxurious settings, our professionalism levels are maintained. Our team are here to ensure service is high while treating you with their expert knowledge.

We understand that the way you are treated will have a significant impact on your recovery speed. We will offer a compassionate approach, ensuring you are being engaged with throughout your rehab and detox programme.

If you would like to find out further detail regarding our clinical detox plans at Asana Lodge, call us today on 01908 489 421 or e-mail [email protected] We can get to know your drug addiction and history greater, following a reliable recommendation of treatment.

We will also run through the possible benefits you could experience by completing a residential detox plan. From here, arrangements can be made to begin your journey here at Asana Lodge, by investing in a medically supervised, industry-leading detox plan.