We Can Support You Through Drug Detox

To combat any potential negative influences, it is advised to seek expert support through a clinical rehab centre as soon as possible. Many individuals believe that addiction can’t be treated. This opinion is usually provided by individuals who have attempted recovery alone. However, long-term recovery is highly probable with the right professional support, addiction treatment, and a drug detox plan.

If you are living with drug addiction and are experiencing negative effects in all areas of life, seek specialised drug addiction support. At Asana Lodge, we have a wealth of experience helping individuals in your situation; aiding them through rehabilitation. See how our residential drug detox programme and addiction treatments can help you through this distressing time.

Take the first step today for a positive, drug-free tomorrow.

What Is Detoxification

Detoxification is described as the process of removing toxins such as drugs and Alcohol from an individual’s body. Detoxes are needed to safely manage the withdrawal symptoms someone may experience when they stop taking drugs or alcohol.

The detoxification process can vary between individuals depending on the type of substance they are detoxing from and the length of time they have been using the substance. Within a Drug rehab environment, a detox is carried out by a trained professional, sometimes using medications to help keep the individual comfortable during the process.


What To Expect During A Drug Detox

Although a medical drug detox is one of the most difficult stages in rehabilitation, it is the most effective step to tackling drug addiction. It is an effective way of disconnecting both your body and mind from old habits and realigning your wellbeing to the optimal level. It helps to flush out your current consumption while slowly introducing your body to a life without drugs.

Depending on the severity of your drug addiction, various detox plans may be offered. For some, residential, slow detoxification is suitable. For others, a detox at home may be preferred. However, we aim to promote an inpatient, medically assisted detox plan as it has a greater recovery probability.

Treatments will work to subside your short-term cravings and lessen your long-term connection to drugs. Treatment options you can expect include cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness sessions, group therapy and physical activity, all providing you with the tools to heal.

A combination of therapeutic treatments and medical detox will help to decrease your addiction, ensuring that each craving or stimulating factor has been dealt with.

Our team will recommend relapse prevention sessions to prepare you fully post-detox. Sessions are in place to provide you and your loved one’s security and stability for any future drug relapses. Here at Asana Lodge, we acknowledge that relapses are possible. We understand that temptation can be difficult to avoid once placed back into your old environment. By following your personalised relapse prevention plan and utilising our aftercare services, relapses are much less likely.

Upon completing residential rehab treatment, you will receive weekly Zoom meetings with our therapist and follow-up calls to maintain your motivation. We are passionate about each of our clients recovering and maintaining a drug-free future. If you require any form of support, please contact our team for assistance as soon as possible.


How Long Does Drug Detox Take?

Plans can be between 10- 28 days long, depending on the strength of your drug consumption and length of addiction. Overall, 28 days is recommended, but the detox process will vary from person to person. Please keep in mind that the above figures are averages. Detox plans will be catered to individuals, considering their personal requirements.

By completing a medically supervised detox plan, you will benefit from expert care whilst reducing your drug consumption. Additionally, you will receive a personalised treatment programme aiding recovery while increasing your knowledge of your addiction.

As detox is one of the hardest steps to take, it is important that you seek expert support. Attempting to go cold turkey alone can be highly dangerous, and you may experience many psychological and physical withdrawal symptoms, such as insomnia, paranoia, cravings, seizures and nausea.

It is important that you know how to move through these symptoms, placing your wellbeing as a priority. Completing a residential detox programme will aid you with the reassurance that your health will continue to advance.

Alongside your medical detox plan, further addiction treatments will be required to promote long-term recovery. Our medical professionals and counsellors will recommend the most appropriate methods to help you overcome your addiction.


The Following Is Included At Asana Lodge As Part Of Your Drug Detox Treatment With Us:

  • Free Initial Assessment and Guidance
  • Detox under Medical Supervision (if required)
  • Personal Counselling and Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Support
  • Free Aftercare for 1 Year


Experience Luxury While Recovering At Our Rehab Centre

At Asana Lodge, we believe in bringing an element of luxury to our rehab environment. We understand how daunting visiting a rehab centre to work through your drug addiction or mental health issue can be. Therefore, we have considered this feeling and provided a high standard of service to ensure each client feels comfortable and welcomed.

Working through addiction or disorder can be challenging, especially when considering residential programmes. Completing a full clinical detox and addiction treatment can be mentally draining. We have combatted this by ensuring you have everything from our home-from-home clinic. We will also include your family members throughout your rehab process to guarantee you have home comforts to hold your hand through your journey.

Although our rehab oozes luxury, our professionalism levels are maintained. Our team ensures service is high while treating you with their expert knowledge. We understand that the way you are treated will have a significant impact on your recovery speed. We will offer a compassionate approach affirming your engagement throughout your rehab and detox programme.

If you want further details regarding our clinical detox plans at Asana Lodge, call us today on 01908 489 421 or e-mail enquiries@asanalodge.co.uk. Following a reliable treatment recommendation, we can get to know your drug addiction and history better.

We will also catalogue the benefits you could experience by completing a residential detox plan. From here, arrangements can be made to begin your journey at Asana Lodge by investing in a medically supervised, industry-leading detox plan.

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John Gillen - Author - Last Updated: 24 April 2019

John has travelled extensively around the world, culminating in 19 years’ experience looking at different models. He is the European pioneer of Nad+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) treatment to Europe in 2010; and recently back from the USA bringing state of the art Virtual Reality Relapse Prevention and stress reduction therapy. his passion extends to other metabolic disturbances and neurodegenerative diseases.

The journey continues, in recent times john has travelled to Russia to study and research into a new therapy photobiomudulation or systemic laser therapy working with Nad+ scientists and the very best of the medical profession in the UK and the USA, together with Nadcell, Bionad Clinics own select Doctors, nurses, dieticians and therapists, Johns’ passion continues to endeavour to bring to the UK and Europe new developments with Nad+ therapy in preventive and restorative medicine and Wellness. In 2017 John Gillen was made a visiting Professor at the John Naisbitt university in Belgrade Serbia.

Dr Alexander Lapa (Psychiatrist)

Dr Alexander Lapa (Psychiatrist) - Clinical Reviewer - Last Reviewed: 30/09/2022 3:22 pm

MBBS, PG Dip Clin Ed, OA Dip CBT, OA Dip Psychology, SCOPE Certified

Dr Lapa graduated in Medicine in 2000 and since this time has accrued much experience working in the widest range of psychiatric settings with differing illness presentations and backgrounds in inpatient, community and secure settings. This has been aligned to continuation of professional development at postgraduate level in clinical research which has been very closely related to the everyday clinical practice conducted by this practitioner as a NHS and Private Psychiatrist.
He is fully indemnified by the Medical and Dental Defence Union of Scotland (MDDUS) and MIAB Expert Insurance for Psychiatric and Private Medical practice. He is fully registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) in the UK with a licence to practice.

Dr Lapa is approved under Section 12(2) of the Mental Health Act (1983)

Member of Independent Doctors Federation (IDF), British Association for Psychopharmacology (BMA) and The Association for the Study of Obesity (ASO)

Dr Lapa’s extensive experience has also concentrated on the following areas of clinical practice:
– Assessment, Diagnosis and Pharmacological Treatment for Adults with ADHD.
– Drug and Alcohol Dependency and maintaining abstinence and continued recovery
– Intravenous and Intramuscular Vitamin and Mineral Infusion Therapy
– Dietary and Weight Management and thorough care from assessment to treatment to end goals and maintenance
– Aesthetic Practice and Procedures