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Detoxification is most effective when carried out in a safe and medically controlled environment such as Asana Lodge. This way, withdrawal symptoms and cravings can be effectively managed, without damage to the client’s health.

What is Detoxification?

It is very dangerous for a person to suddenly detox on their own at home without medical assistance, as this can put the body’s nervous system and brain into an extreme state of shock, which could prove fatal.

Detoxing programmes for drug and alcohol addiction in professional drug and alcohol rehab facilities are carried out in line with the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence & CQC guidelines.

These detoxification programmes are safe, closely monitored, and can take place through a prescription from a GP, self-admission or referral from a support group. Another advantage of an in-client drug and alcohol detoxification programme is that the client’s addiction can be treated much more quickly with a more streamlined detox process than if the detox was treated at home in an out-client capacity.

Rehab centres like Asana Lodge that offer detoxification programmes also support those who have been admitted by family intervention, and give help and support to those families, guiding them and the client through the treatment options on offer so the pros and cons of detoxification are well understood. Detoxification is affordable and highly successful in treating addiction, leading to a client living a clean and sober life into their future.


Detoxification for Alcohol Addiction

If you drink more than 20 units of alcohol in a day, it is time to seek rehab and consider a detoxification programme. Alcohol abuse can result in many dangerous health consequences ranging from heart disease, liver disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression and anxiety.

Statistics show that around 4% of people in the UK are alcohol-dependent. If you suffer from alcohol withdrawal, this can also have severe health complications.

If you undertake an alcohol detoxification programme, you will be coached through the withdrawal process in a safe location under medical supervision.

Medications may be administered to ease the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms and to repair the body, like preventing further liver damage or high blood pressure. A client can take these medications safe in the knowledge that they are being given them by medical professionals who are monitoring their condition at all times.

The detoxification process is different for each person, some may feel withdrawal symptoms far more strongly than others, while others may experience overwhelming cravings for alcohol. By detoxing in a controlled environment, you are effectively minimising the chances of relapse. Common withdrawal symptoms include nausea, shakes and anxiety. In extreme cases, a person can suffer from delirium tremens, in which they can suffer fatal convulsions.

If you or someone you love is dependent on alcohol and you would like them to attend a detoxification programme, it may be worth exercising intervention to enable them to see things from your point of view and to accept that they have a drinking problem.

At Asana Lodge we can arrange a family intervention to enable a person to attend a detoxification programme – get in touch with us today for help and support.


Drug Detoxification

If you or a relative has a drug addiction, treatment will depend on the severity of the addiction, and the substance that needs to be naturally detoxed from the body. At Asana Lodge, our experienced addiction specialists have the knowledge and expertise to treat a range of addictions – from cocaine to cannabis.

A drug detoxification programme will focus entirely on removing illicit substances from a person’s system. This is usually the most difficult step in any kind of drug rehab, which is why inpatient rehab is usually the most effective, as the client can receive continued motivation and support. This process typically takes less than a week, with the drugs leaving a person’s body in just a few days.

Withdrawal symptoms include nausea, sweats, tremors and difficulty sleeping. This is why inpatient rehab under medical supervision is so important, as staff can monitor a client’s symptoms carefully.

At Asana Lodge, we can also treat mental health issues. As these are commonly linked to drug abuse, a client may require an extended stay in our luxury facility to fully recover.

Medications can be given to help clients cope with withdrawal symptoms and if more than one type of drug is being abused, a bespoke care programme will need to be put together.


Detoxification at Asana Lodge

At Asana Lodge we offer a range of detoxification therapies and programmes to treat both alcohol and drug addictions. Contact us today for self-admission or intervention for detoxification. We are proud of our status as a successful, luxury, bespoke rehab facility that treats all clients with respect, dignity and compassion.

Our addiction treatments focus on both the mental and physical sides of drug and alcohol abuse. Our manor house boasts high-end facilities that make a stay feel like a luxury retreat, with well-kept gardens, meditation classes, art therapy, yoga and more.

There’s even a private chef to ensure that all our clients’ nutritional requirements are met. Our beautiful estate in the Northamptonshire countryside is a wonderful haven to recover from the stress and destruction of addiction. With our help, we can get you back on track.

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You’ll be able to explore our lobby, common areas, bedrooms, therapy rooms and much more from the comfort of your own home.

We hope that this tour will give you a better sense of what Asana Lodge is all about and help you to make the decision to stay with us. We look forward to welcoming you in person soon – start your recovery today!

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