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Before Rehab

What Options Are There If I Can’t Afford Rehab?

You will need to start by deciding which type of treatment you require. For example, are you looking for comprehensive inpatient private drug and alcohol rehab services to ensure that you can access the right level of care? Or, do you require a less intensive approach, such as with outpatient rehab services? One alternative avenue to consider for free addiction recovery options is NHS rehab services, available to people based in the UK. Please note that treatment is usually provided on an outpatient basis. The government has also provided additional funding to local authorities across the UK, with the sole purpose of improving the help and support that is currently available for those suffering from addiction. We recommend checking with your local council for more information on what may be available to you.   What are the Pros and Cons of Outpatient Addiction Treatment, and How Can Inpatient Rehab be… Read More

Can You Force Someone Into Rehab?

Can You Force a Loved One into Rehab? Many family members will think that they can force their loved one to go to rehab and then when they return, everything will just go back to the way it used to be. However, it doesn’t matter how much you want your loved one to go to drug or alcohol rehab. The addict must want to get help themselves as well. You can try to convince your loved one to attend rehab. However, unless they are willing and motivated to change, they won’t possess the determination and commitment needed to stick to the recovery programme and they will likely not want to work on the recovery. This means that the rehab treatment will most likely be unsuccessful. You are also not allowed to force someone into rehab if they are overage and do not consent to treatment. Although this is frequently the… Read More

During Rehab

Does Rehab Work?

Does Rehab Work? Yes. Rehab works for people who are motivated toward their recovery - commitment and motivation are very important in the recovery process. No rehab programme will work in the long term unless the addict is completely committed to recovering and maintaining their sobriety. Experts say that an addict can never truly be helped unless they want to be helped, and this is so true. A study published in 2012 by the NHS National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse showed that rates in private clinics across the UK received success rates of between 60% - 80%. This is among the best-performing facilities. Some clinics have poorer success rates. However, the rates in the better-performing facilities show that rehab does work for the majority of people in attendance. In the lower-performing clinics, the lower rates were mostly due to people dropping out of their treatment or not completing a… Read More

How Long Does Rehab Take?

Understanding The Length of Rehab Treatment Plans If you are struggling with an addiction, it can be quite intimidating to seek treatment. You may wonder what your loved ones will think, how much the treatment will cost, and the length of time that your rehab recovery programme will be. There is no single formula for determining the length of residential drug and alcohol rehab as every addiction is unique, and every addict responds in a different way and requires different treatments. It is important to understand that the way you recover from addiction will differ from other people’s recovery journeys. There are a few basic treatment options to choose from based on your circumstances. In general, the lengths of rehab programmes are the following: 7-day treatment plan. 10-day treatment plan. 14-day treatment plan. 21-day treatment plan. 28-day treatment plan. 6-week treatment plan. 8-week treatment plan. Extended treatment plan. When you… Read More

Can You Visit Someone In Rehab?

Can Friends and Family Visit Someone In Rehab? The majority of rehab facilities do allow patients to have visitors. This is usually restricted to visits from their immediate family members only. However, there are some rehab centres that may also allow friends and other people who are approved by the patient to come to visit. It highly depends on the treatment centre that you attend and at Asana visitors are not always permitted, especially if the risk of Covid is present. The staff in rehab will also take into account whether they believe that the people coming to visit you would make a healthy and positive influence on your recovery process. When you first arrive at our drug or alcohol rehab centre, it’s most likely that visitors will be restricted. This is because the initial phase of your recovery plan is the detox stage. You will need time for your… Read More

Can You Use Your Phone During Rehab?

Can You Use a Mobile Phone In Rehab? In short, it will depend on the rehab clinic you are receiving treatment from. If you are about to start your drug or alcohol rehab treatment, you might be feeling quite anxious about the thought of having to give up your mobile phone while you go through your treatment plan. Please be aware that this is normal, as many of our patients have similar worries. We understand that many people use their smartphones as a means of distraction from cravings and other things that may occur as a result of their addiction. Please note that the rules around smartphone use in rehab are not the same in every clinic. However, most facilities will limit the use of phones and other electronic devices. Some rehab centres may not allow the use of electronic devices altogether. Others may allow you to use your phone… Read More

What Happens In Rehab?

Rehab and Addiction Recovery Here at Asana Lodge, we provide very comprehensive rehab recovery therapies for people who are suffering from addictions and mental health problems. Our services all adhere to the appropriate guidelines from the Joint Commissioning Panel for Mental Health. This ensures you receive the highest level of care during your stay. We also prioritise reducing any stress on our patients and help manage their conditions through various assessments and therapies until they are ready to be discharged and continue on their recovery journey outside of inpatient treatment. We can support both long-term and short-term admissions, depending on your needs. Some of the comprehensive therapies we offer include the following: Group therapy. Cognitive behavioural therapy. Psychotherapy. Mindfulness therapy. Art therapy. Dialectical behaviour therapy. Family therapy. Motivational interviewing. Holistic therapy. Exposure therapy. Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing sessions. Contingency management and relapse prevention therapy. Mind-body therapies. Music therapy. At… Read More

General Questions

What Is Rehab?

The Stages of Rehab There are four stages to rehabilitation, which include the admissions process, the detox process and the personalised treatment plan, which is then followed by secondary treatment.   Admissions Process The first part of anyone’s journey will start with meeting the admissions team, who, at Asana Lodge, are addiction recovery experts. The admissions process is designed to support you through this journey, beginning with a personal assessment to understand your unique needs. The process starts with an initial call or visit, where you'll be greeted with understanding, respect and compassion. A skilled professional will gather information about your substance use, medical history, mental health, and personal circumstances to create a comprehensive picture of your needs. Next, you'll undergo a medical examination. This is to ensure your safety during the recovery process, considering any physical health conditions you may have. Then, you'll work with our onsite counsellor to… Read More

How Will Going to Rehab Affect My Job?

Will I Lose My Job If I Go To Rehab? Your employer does not have any right to fire you for attending rehab. However, the law is not very clear and may leave room for interpretation. This means that it will depend on your circumstances. This is why it’s a good idea to have a chat with your employer about you seeking rehab treatment. We will go over how to do this in the best way later in the article. Employers are not legally required to implement any drug or alcohol policies or pay for the treatment for employees who are struggling with drug or alcohol addictions. However, the employment protection law means that employers have to treat addictions as a type of sickness rather than a cause for dismissal. This then gives the addict the chance to overcome their addiction. Many companies and addicts may leave the problem until… Read More

Does Rehab Show Up on a DBS Check?

What Shows Up On a DBS Check? There are several different types of DBS checks and this will determine what type of information shows up on each one. Below is a list of the different types of DBS checks and the information that will be shared under each category: Basic DBS Check A basic DBS check will show any cautions or convictions that are unspent. Standard DBS Check A standard DBS check shows details of all spent and unspent cautions, convictions, final warnings, and reprimands. These all come from police records. Enhanced DBS Check An enhanced DBS check will contain all of the same information as the standard DBS check. However, it will also include any additional information that is held on local police records that is considered relevant to the job in question. Enhanced DBS Check With List Check This type of DBS check involves everything that is included… Read More