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Prescription Drug Detox

For some individuals, following dosage recommendations for prescription drugs is second nature. Yet, for others, this can be very difficult, down to addictive tendencies.

Prescription drug addictions and misuse are now very common across the UK. Unfortunately, more and more individuals are misusing their prescriptions to cope through pain, whether that’s physical or psychological. Likewise, drug users are turning to prescription drugs for their highs, available through cheaper price points.

There are however significant concerns for those who are misusing prescription drugs, down to the dangerous and high-risk characteristics they carry. From the outside, medications are low risk and are recommended by medical professionals. Yet, once consumed, they are just as addictive, just as dangerous and just as impactful as class A illegal drugs.

The greatest concern of prescription drug misuse is the difficulties many individuals will have when reducing consumption, especially once a tolerance form.

A further concern is that excessive drug abuse, no matter its classification can cause health problems, cognitive issues, mental health symptoms and other addictions. Yet, the biggest worry is that many users will see painkillers or anti-depressants as harmless, blurring their judgment on safe doses.

Prescription drug overdoses are on the up, negative associations are materialising in most cases. If you are experiencing this, you can however avoid the development of an addiction by completing a prescription drug detox here at Asana Lodge.


Why Detox professionally from Prescription Drugs?

If you are abusing prescription drugs, to recover and withdraw, it is imperative that you select a professional detox programme. Understandably, this may be daunting at first. Yet, without a medically assisted prescription drug detox, your consumption will likely continue.

Withdrawing from a prescription drug is very similar to any other addictive substance. Over time, over excessive consumption, a tolerance will form. In order to achieve similar highs, greater doses of prescription drugs will be consumed. Through this, misuse will take place, where a prescription begins by treating a health concern, soon turning into the main act of a habit.

In order to deter this habit, a prescription drug detox programme will be required, in place to break down high tolerances. Via a professional rehab clinic, this can be completed safely, helping you through withdrawal symptoms, through the detoxification process.


Avoid lone Prescription Drug Detox attempts 

As we’ve mentioned above, professional detox programmes should be prioritised when looking to rehabilitate. Understandably, some individuals will test this by aiming to complete a lone detox

attempt. At Asana Lodge, we discourage you from completing a lone prescription drug detox, down to a number of factors.

Firstly, it is unsafe to withdraw from a drug alone. As your consumption levels reduce through detoxification, withdrawal symptoms will appear. These withdrawal symptoms can be unbearable if uncontrolled. Alone, it can be difficult to work through those symptoms, putting your body and mind under pressure.

Secondly, lone detox attempts are usually impossible to complete. Down to those withdrawal symptoms, many individuals will revert back to consuming prescription drugs, with the aim to overcome the likes of nausea, insomnia and anxiety.

Lastly, down to the ineffectiveness of lone detox attempts, it’s likely that you will feel disheartened. This can impact your perception of future professional detox programmes, of future capabilities of living without prescription drugs.

Down to dangers, ineffective results and the impact it can have on your mindset, lone recovery attempts should be avoided. Instead a prescription drug detox via a rehab clinic should be sourced.


Prescription Drug Detox here at Asana Lodge 

If you are keen to withdraw from prescription drugs, here at Asana Lodge, we offer a comprehensive rehabilitation programme, commonly including a detox programme.

Down to the influential presence of prescription drugs, completing a detox programme is mandatory, helping to remove existing traces. By avoiding this addiction treatment, there is a likelihood that your tolerance will remain, that cravings will continue, and that your prescription drug addiction will reoccur.

Through our rehab clinic, we offer safe, medically assisted prescription drug detox programmes. We will slowly begin to reduce your consumption levels, commonly replaced by detox fit medications.

Understandably, for some clients, those prescriptions are necessary to function, to suppress mental health issues, to control pain disorders. With this in mind, we appreciate that a form of medication will be required, usually found through a replacement drug.

Overtime, your body will begin to cope, to function without high levels of prescription drugs. This is where the involvement of additional treatments will commence, truly helping to tackle a prescription drug addiction.


Additional Treatment via Rehab 

If you are suffering with a prescription drug addiction, unfortunately, a standalone detox programme will not be enough. Although a prescription drug detox will motivate withdrawal, it will not tackle the psychological associations you experience.

To ensure that you are completing the most fitting addiction treatments here at Asana Lodge, we will assess your relationship with prescription drugs. Great focus will be placed on cognitive functions and how your brain craves substance abuse. By completing this step, we will be in place to recommend not only a detox, but also further addiction treatments.

Therapy, support groups, and art therapy are a few which commonly work well with a detox programme. The aim is to withdraw you physically and psychologically from prescription drugs, helping you cope without them moving forward.

Through a comprehensive programme, including a professional prescription drug detox and psychological addiction treatment, you can work to disconnect yourself from addictive substances. Although this may currently feel impossible, there is a way around your prescription drug addiction. We will ensure that your health and safety are prioritised throughout, especially when considering pre-existing health conditions.

Start the process today through prescription drug detox. This is your best starting point via rehab, helping to decrease your reliance on medications. Please only commit to a detox which is medically assisted via rehab. At all costs, avoid lone detox attempts, highly discouraged here at Asana Lodge.

For more information on rehab as a whole, or to start your prescription drug detox programme, reach out to our team today.

Please remember that prescription drugs are dangerous if misused. You can control their intentions through safe and correct doses.

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