Are you worried that a loved one or one of your family members may be suffering alone with an addiction? This can be extremely difficult to watch, especially when side effects do progress, reflecting a addict’s behaviour.

If you’re concerned that their drug and alcohol consumption may be getting out of hand, that their physical and mental health may be suffering from it, and that their quality of life is diminishing, our family referral rehab service will be beneficial.

For more information or to begin the admission process through our family referral rehab service, contact our team today here at Asana Lodge.

Helping your loved one understand your concerns can be challenging. Encouraging addiction treatment through a private rehab facility can also be difficult. We can help ease this time for all involved, along with motivating potential desires to recover.


Our Family Referral Rehab service here at Asana Lodge

To benefit from our family referral rehab service, simply contact our admissions team here at Asana Lodge. We appreciate that this is a big step to take, where most family members aim to hide this from those affected by drugs and alcohol. Please be reassured that our team is compassionate and will ensure all details are confidential.

From here, we will require further information about your loved one’s drug and alcohol addiction. This will help our team understand the severity of their side effects, along with the relationship they have with drugs and alcohol.

From here, we can provide information on the best next steps, including effective treatment options utilised at our drug rehab centre. We can also explore different rehab programmes depending on your budget, along with answering any concerns you may have.

Alongside this, we will provide ongoing support for all affected family members through our family referral rehab service. The main aim of this service is to guide you on how to deal with addiction in your family, along with steps to encourage addiction treatment. If you do require further guidance, we can offer our family intervention service.

Is my Family Member Drinking Too Much?

Often people are faced with a dilemma, your family member may be drinking a lot and you have become worried about their help. Starting what can be a difficult conversation with a loved one can be challenging at times but intervening at an early stage could be the difference be a wake-up call and help to stop the spiral into addiction.

The recommended guideline for alcohol consumption is 14 units per week. Many people may drink over this amount to various levels, so people are so above the recommended amount that an addiction could be impending if they do not change their drinking habits.

You can use our drinking calculator as a guide to measure how much over the limit your family members alcohol consumption level is and if you should seek help.


Working through an Addiction, with our help.

If your loved one is open to addiction treatment, we offer personalised treatment programmes here at Asana Lodge. We appreciate how drugs and alcohol can impact all individuals differently. We also understand how pre-existing health conditions, including mental health issues can cause different strengths of addiction.

With this in mind, we will evaluate your loved one’s relationship with drugs and alcohol. We will complete this through a SPECT imaging technique, ensuring that all underlying brain functions can be gauged. From here, we will have accurate data to recommend the most beneficial addiction treatments.

To benefit from our initial support through our family referral rehab service, get in touch with our team today. If your loved one is ready to recover, we can progress through the next steps, soon welcoming them at our rehab centre.

Although this may currently be a sensitive subject, where discussing addiction is new to you, please be reassured that we have helped many families complete the same process.

A family referrals rehab service is highly beneficial, sometimes exactly what an individual will need to see the light at the end of the addiction recovery tunnel. Contribute to this positive effect through our treatment services.