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Satori Chair Therapy (ZRO Wellness System)

At Asana Lodge, all patients have access to our Satori Chair (also known as the ZRO Touch Wellness System).

Positioned in its purpose-built room, lighting has been designed to create a soothing, sensory environment. Relax back in the chair and enter a deep, almost meditative state of relaxation.

Individuals can access the Satori chair at any time during their stay with us, either to support their treatment during a difficult period or simply to unwind.



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  • Benefits

  • Reduces Stress

  • Lowers Anxiety

  • Improves Memory

  • Enhances Sleep

  • Pain Reduction

  • Weight Management

Today, there is increasing research to demonstrate that music and sounds have a profound effect on our minds and body. The vibroacoustic therapy developed by ZRO Touch founder Rod Slane, which he calls “Quantum Harmonics”, has been clinically proven to have positive effects on mood states and behavioural change in people recovering from addictions, sleep disorders, anxiety issues, and anyone interested in reducing stress and increasing calm in their lives.


What is Satori Chair Therapy?

Satori Chair Therapy, also known as the ZRO Touch Wellness System, is therapeutic equipment designed to enhance relaxation and wellbeing.

Found only in the world’s most exclusive wellness and treatment centres, the ZRO Touch Wellness System is a completely natural vibrational sound therapy designed to fully synchronise the body and retrain the brain to relax, producing deep, lasting levels of relaxation, meditation and sleep.

The uniquely designed high-tech system mimics the feeling of zero gravity to promote deep meditation. It achieves this through targeted vibration and sound frequencies that interact with the body and mind. This combination of sensory experiences offers a holistic approach to wellness.


How does the Satori Chair work?

Addiction disorders can cause an imbalance in the brain’s chemistry. Utilising proprietary technology, the Satori Chair can help to realign that balance. During a session, specific sound frequencies are projected through the body using vibration therapy.

Synchronous binaural sound and music design, occasionally combined with the spoken word, lower brainwaves to a deeply meditative state. The ZRO Wellness System provides a variety of safe solutions that deliver consistent, positive therapeutic responses without medications, supplements, vitamins, mechanical implements or electrical stimuli.

All ZRO programs utilise audio vibrations, or sine waves, embedded into a multi-layered sound technology called Quantum Harmonics™. These sound frequencies, when precisely delivered, create synchronisations between the brain’s left and right hemispheres.

This hemispheric synchronisation results in a quieting of the mind, allowing deep relaxation, meditation, and dreamless sleep to occur. Through repeated use, this entrainment process allows neural pathways to be written, promoting lifelong behaviour changes. The VibrAcoustic chair programs include a separately orchestrated layer of tactile sound, which increases the effectiveness of the audio therapy and increases endogenous neurotransmitter production even more so than the audio therapy alone.

The ZRO TOUCH software, designed by Sonas Technology, uses proprietary code that runs on a Windows tablet. Programming consists of one primary module: “Vibrational Wellness”, and two more add-on modules, “Meditation & Chakra Energy Balance”. Plus, two optional behavioural change programs; Addiction Recovery & Tobacco Cessation.


The Lounge Chair Structure

The Lounge Chair base structure is made in Germany of the highest quality tempered steel frame, with the shape designed to give a comfortable feel in any position. The tilt actuator is built in Denmark and operates on any voltage using a simple switch, conveniently located on the side of the chair. This allows the Satori chair to easily tilt from a comfortable lounge position to a therapeutic zero gravity position.

Satori Chair Image

All of the vibrational components are CE and UL-approved, located in the lower base of the chair. The cushioning is made of high-quality dense foam and is beautifully upholstered with durable vinyl and leather, providing the highest level of comfort to those undergoing Satori Chair Therapy.

The ZRO Touch, equipped with four comprehensive tactile transducers, delivers pure sound frequencies seamlessly. This leads to a smooth energy flow and tactile sensation across your body, promoting a blissful state of peace and serenity.

This system provides a rapid and deep route to relaxation and meditation. Known to induce a rejuvenating energy, it fosters a serene mind, revitalised spirit, and an overall wellness overhaul. Satori Chair Therapy does not interfere with any other therapies, medications or supplements. Thus, it can safely complement all inpatient treatment programmes.


How does the Satori Chair help?

Sinking back into the Satori Chair is like taking your mind and body away to a sensory spa. Your busy thoughts begin to unravel, and as clever technology starts to change neural pathways, the mind will find space for creating healthy behaviours.

The exacting way the sound waves are applied to the mind and body simultaneously, offers a range of benefits, particularly for sleep.

Studies have shown a marked improvement in stress levels, insomnia, anger issues, cravings and overall emotional wellness in individuals seeking help for addiction disorders.

In a study by the US Military’s Institute of Surgical Research, among deployed military members in a combat zone, the Quantum Harmonics technology used in the ZRO Touch Wellness System, showed an improvement in mood states of 97%, along with a significant improvement in sleep, stress reduction and mental resiliency.




Program Modules

The ancient philosophies and cutting edge science working together to promote deep relaxation and meditation, enabling states of calm, tranquility and inner peace.

Mind Body

Mindbody Experience

Our Signature series programs ranging from Grounding and stress relief to Energetic cleansing and mind body regeneration.

Vibrational Wellness

Vibrational Wellness

A series of four voice guided programs ranging from 16 minutes to 50 minutes, focusing on mind / body wellness and healing.

Chakra Balance

Chakra Balance

A series of six programs designed to align each Chakra energies of the body, while guiding brainwaves to a deep meditative State.

Gamma Series

Gamma Series

A series of four Gamma wave programs for better focus, memory retention, mental clarity, and feelings of compassion and benevolence.

Harmonic Touch - Satori Chair Program Modules

Harmonic Touch

Four non-guided programs created for ultimate stress reduction. Each entrain brainwaves to Alpha, Theta and briefly into Delta, achieving deep regeneration.

Sleep Wave - Satori Chair Program Modules


This program was used in a recent sleep study revealing enhanced sleep results. Two programs: Power Nap 20 minutes and Deep Sleep 60 minutes.

Axis - Satori Chair Program Modules

AXIS Sound Change

Weight Management, Recovery, Tobacco Cessation

Sound Bath - Satori Chair Program Modules


Tibetian Bowls, Crystal Bowls , gongs and synth sounds these programs immerse your entire mind, body, spirit in a virtual sound bath.

What should I feel the first time?

Keep an open mind and go with it. Many users have profound experiences the very first time the use the ZRO Touch system. However, it is important to remember that the programs are brainwave entrainment. The more they are used, the more profound the experiences will be.

Why do I need to use the headphones?

Headphones are necessary for the sound to enter your audio pathway through the ears (the direct path to the brain). The sound therapy is mixed in binaural stereo and uses special sine waves that cause a type of brainwave entrainment, which causing the hemispheres of the brain (right and left) to synchronize. This synchronizing of the hemispheres is what causes the brainwave to lower into the slow wave frequencies (meditation). For more information, see the brainwave frequency chart below.

Are there any subliminal information in the programs?

No. Many people experience profound dream-like experiences when using the programs. Be assured that the thoughts and ideas that are coming to you are arising solely from your own subconscious. This is healthy, and an important part of the therapy.

How do the behavioral change programs work?

The behavioral change program utilizes the same brainwave technology as the meditation programs to slow the brainwave patterns to the theta level, where the conscious mind is not active, allowing the voice-guided programs to speak directly to the subconscious. All the Satori behavioural change programs are written by certified addiction professionals, and are actively used in some of the worlds leading behavioural change clinics.

Are there any side effects?

All of the clinical research has produced the same result: No known side effects. In fact, most of the “side effects” are positive. However, we always suggest that all pregnant women should consult their physician before using the Satori Wellness System.

How often should I use the program sessions?

Use any of the sessions as much as you like. If fact, in some cases the more time you spend in session the more rapidly your stress and other related dysfunctions are reduced. Remember these programs are entraining your brain to respond quicker to relaxation, allowing your mind to remember and be more receptive to achieving a new type of wellness… leading to a more centred, happier you.

Should I listen to the programs in any particular order?

Many of the modules have several different session options. On ONLY programs that should be listened to “in order” are the behavioral change programs (weight management, tobacco cessation, quantum recovery). All other programs can be listened to in any order. We encourage you to listen to all and find your favourite!

What Are The Improvements To Well-Being?

The vibroacoustic programs in the ZRO Wellness System have been found to be effective in the treatment of stress and anxiety, depression, insomnia, and for relief of addiction-related symptoms, such as cravings, anxiety, anger and heightened mood states. Vibracoustics was originally deployed at the Miami VA Hospital and the Brooke Army Medical Centre in San Antonio, Texas. The U.S. Army conducted a trial over an eight-week period in a combat hospital in Tikrit, Iraq. Participants reported significant improvements: 11% increase in resiliency 48% better sleep quality 97% improvement in mood 49% decrease in stress 25% decrease in anxiety These improvements have been corroborated in several other studies, which are available for review. The therapy is highly affective, with users of our stress and meditation programs experiencing a 40%-60% drop in symptoms from just one 24-minute session. The drop-in symptoms covers stress, anxiety, depression, moodiness, anger, fear and even body pain. For Sleep program users, they see a 80% improvement in ease of getting to sleep and staying asleep in just 14 days.

Client Feedback

"After various desperate attempts at successful Psychotherapy, Hypnosis and many other therapies for depression, addiction and compulsive gambling I have found the satori sound therapy to be a revelation. In the space of two weeks I feel like I have had a brain transplant of sorts. "

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