In addictions treatment facilities, research with the ZRO VibraAcoustic Wellness System™ chair has shown that after just three vibracoustic sessions, clients experienced a 65% decrease in their drug and alcohol cravings [Figure 1]. Using the audio therapy only clients experienced a 66% decrease in drug and alcohol cravings after a single session [Figure 2].

Addiction Vibra-acoustic Graphs

Theracoustic’s audio therapy for insomnia has also been tested in residential rehabilitation environments, where research has shown clients experience an 80% decrease in symptoms of insomnia [Figure 3] and an 87.9% decrease in anxiety symptoms [Figure 3.1] after seven sessions. The program has also been shown to reduce symptoms of depression [Figure 3.2] and mood swings [Figure 3.3].

Pre Post Results Using Vibra-Acoustic Therapy UK For Anxiety

Pre post results of vibra-acoustic therapy on depression and mood swings

Theracoustic™ products were tested by U.S. military personnel at a combat support hospital in Tikrit, Iraq, between 2009 and 2010. Study participants who used the guided-meditation audio therapy saw a demonstrable improvement in the areas of mood disturbance, stress, anxiety and resilience. Positive sleep benefits were seen as quickly as first use [Figure 4].

Audio Therapy Results From US Military Trial in Iraq

Theracoustic’s non guided audio therapy has also been shown in outcome studies to alleviate stress and insomnia in the general population. In such studies, reduced symptoms correlated with changes in EEG measurements [Figure 5]. In general, EEG studies have been useful in helping clinicians understand the way Theracoustic™ audio therapy’s benefits intensify with increased use.

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