Prescription Drug Rehab

Prescription drug addictions are continually rising. As accessibility continues to ease, as free or cost-effective drugs increase in attractiveness, and as illegal drugs continue to carry high price points, more and more people are turning to painkillers and anti-depressants.

Scarily, even those who are physically well, those who do not require a prescription are relying on medications to get by, to experience those highs. Down to the increase in demand, there’s also an increase in the need for prescription drug rehab programmes.

In addition, a significant link is associated between prescription drug misuse and mental health issues, staggering the figures of dual diagnosis encounters; again, requiring rehabilitation.

Currently, you may feel like misusing prescription drugs is fine, that their harmless exterior will not materialise into an addiction. Yet, as we’ve witnessed here at Asana lodge, the reality is that prescription drugs are just as dangerous and just as addictive as the likes of cocaine. These drugs will also cause harm through the long-term if you continue to misuse prescription drugs.

Disable the connection you or a loved one has to medication by seriously considering prescription drug rehab via our treatment centre.


The dangers of prescription drug abuse

As we’ve touched on above, the exterior of prescription drugs is harmless. This is commonly down to the trust we place in medical recommendations and professionals. Yet, it’s important to remember that all drugs, whether they are prescribed or illegal will carry side effects.

Secondly, prescription drugs are safe when consumed correctly, following dosage recommendations. Lastly, prescription drugs are dangerous if misused, if consumed above the dosage recommendation.

Although the exterior of medications may seem safe, their interior can cause dangers if abused. Unfortunately, some prescription drugs are naturally addictive. This is the concern of consuming medication for the long-term. Others which are less addictive can also influence addictive tendencies, especially once a tolerance develops.

The dangers of prescription drug abuse are that misuse of any drug can result in physical health problems, cognitive impairment, mental health issues, and further behavioural habits. Yet, the biggest concern is that most users will downplay consumption levels.

They will lack awareness of a safe and unsafe dose. Through this, experiencing an overdose linked to prescription drug misuse is sadly common in today’s society; for both patients and for those purchasing prescriptions.

With this in mind, if you are misusing a personal prescription, or if you’re abusing someone else’s, it’s time to think about the risks you are riding. Completing a prescription drug rehab programme should be your next step, accessible here at Asana Lodge.

Common Prescription Drugs

A common occurrence with prescription drugs is a person will continue taking the drug, long after the benefit has worn off. Your brain associates the new medicine with relief, and a cycle of addiction can begin. Prescription drugs that people become addicted to in general tend to be pain killers and sedatives often prescribed for depression and stress. Whilst these are commonly used medications; be aware a range of different drugs can also cause addiction.

Pain Killer Addictions

  • Co-Codamol
  • Paracetamol
  • Tramadol
  • Fentanyl
  • Codeine
  • Vicodin

Sedative Addictions

  • Valium
  • Prozac
  • Seroxat
  • Brintellix
  • Sertraline

The necessity of a Prescription Drug Rehab Programme

No matter how minimal your consumption may be, if you are experiencing a physical and psychological addiction, completing a prescription drug rehab programme is a necessity. Unfortunately, some individuals will continue on this road, leading to many health problems and negative associations of addiction.

Yet, if you’re hoping to disable your connection to prescription drugs, it’s time to act. Visiting a rehab clinic, specialising in prescription drug recovery is recommended. This is down to the complexities of addiction, especially when considering the unintentional strain of prescription misuse.

Many users will consume prescriptions correctly. Yet, down to an underlying causation, this will change. Whether that’s down to a mental health issue or the fact that pain symptoms are subsidising, it is very important that the initial causation is identified and worked through.

By attempting to withdraw from prescription drugs, alone, your addictive tendencies will remain. Rehab is a necessity to activate both physical and psychological recovery. Physical withdrawal is a standard procedure.

Yet, to ensure that psychological associations are suppressed, that mental health issues are worked on, that coping strategies are formed, a comprehensive rehab programme is a must.


Residential Rehab here at Asana Lodge

At Asana Lodge, you can actively complete a prescription drug rehab programme, along with aiming for long-term recovery. Via our residential rehab clinic, we offer a unique approach to addiction recovery, no matter its form or severity.

As outlined above, drug rehab is required to work on the causation of this excessive consumption. We work on this by firstly understanding your prescription drug addiction through clinical assessments. We assess your underlying causation, your existing weaknesses to addiction, and your mental health. From here, we can activate a personal rehab programme for you, via our residential rehab.

Residential rehab is best for addiction recovery down to the intense and structured approach we can follow. This is mandatory when looking to break down an unhealthy habit, when looking to restore physical and psychological health.

Via rehab, you will have the opportunity to knock your prescription drug reliance on the head, by finding new coping strategies, by finding new ways to live your life.

Addiction treatment and care

Through your own personal treatment programme here at Asana Lodge, you will have access to  range of our evidence-based addiction treatments. If you select to withdraw and rehabilitate from addiction, you will likely require a detoxification process and a range of therapy treatments which will help you withdraw from prescription drugs.

You will also require psychological restoration and realignment through therapy and support groups. Yet, we also implement contemporary addiction treatment options, helping you benefit from low-risk options.


Sustainable recovery from Prescription Drug Addiction

If you feel ashamed, if you’re worried about rehab, if you’re struggling to get your head around your prescription drug addiction, please be reassured that we are a compassionate team. We want to help you experience freedom from addiction, helping you revert to a time where prescription drugs were merely that, a prescription.

By completing a prescription drug rehab programme, sustainable recovery can be a goal for you. Yet, to achieve this, commitment, determination and the desire to recover must be present.

Treating a prescription drug addiction can be complex, especially down to the variety of initial causations. Yet, through specialist rehab, it is possible to help you disconnect from all drug types, including prescriptions.