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Do you have a number of questions around visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Oadby? If so, please be reassured that this is a natural reaction to the unfamiliar status of professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

It’s highly likely that this will be your first consideration of support, through a rehab clinic, which is why feelings of anxiety, of panic and of fear may be experienced by yourself or your loved ones.

However, in order to move forward, it is important that you do increase your awareness around rehab, around expectations of addiction recovery, and around the process that you will soon work through, whether locally in Oadby or further afield.

This will help you overcome those feelings of worry while preparing you for the life-changing encounter of rehab.

At Asana Lodge, we’re a conveniently located rehab clinic, offering addiction recovery support, treatment and comprehensive rehabilitation programmes.

While we’re a short stone’s throw away from your base of Oadby, we offer residential care, making our rehab clinic accessible to you.

A key benefit of our service is the approach that we follow, providing reliable experiences of addiction recovery by placing emphasis on science.

You can experience our approach, you can encounter the value of residential rehab, and you can work through your drug and alcohol addiction and/or a dual diagnosis with our support.

Reach out if you have any further questions beyond our Q&A or hope to press ahead with your personal admission.


How can I access rehab?

You can access rehab by contacting our team, with the intentions to our rehab clinic, located conveniently from Oadby. At this moment, with your acceptance, your confidential admission process will begin, providing reliable access into our rehab clinic.

Please be aware that there is an admission process which must be followed in order to encounter drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Yet, with an efficient approach, you can soon access our care and range of addiction treatment services, marking the beginning of your rehab experience.

To reach this point, we will need to complete a pre-admission assessment, which will focus heavily on physical and psychological responses to drug and alcohol abuse.

This step is very important to gauge your personal encounter with substance abuse, as for each client, side effects, causations and responses to rehab will differ.

Down to our approach to addiction recovery, emphasis will be placed on considering your mental health and any pre-existing cognitive weaknesses, which correlate highly with drug and alcohol abuse.

This approach will provide clear indications into the types of addiction treatment services which will work for you.

Post-assessment is the time where we can make all arrangements for you, ready for your residential rehab programme. An admission date will be arranged upon the acceptance of your deposit, which will define your personal access into rehab.

While an overnight arrangement would be ideal when accessing rehab, this is unrealistic as we must ensure that the most fitting form of rehab is available. Yet, doing so at a rapid rate, we will ensure that your readiness to withdraw from drugs and alcohol is still present.


Should I select a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Oadby?

Selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Oadby is a possible option, yet only if you’ll accept residential rehabilitation.

This recommendation is made. as localised recovery, on your doorstep can be very difficult while tackling obstacles such as withdrawal symptoms.

The degree of independence available through outpatient rehab is also seen as a hindrance, which makes long-term commitment a difficult goal to follow.

Down to this, finding a residential rehab within your local area will be encouraged, which we stand for at Asana Lodge.

We will in fact provide you with optimal levels of distance, from your current routine, helping you experience privacy, helping you feel comfortable, and helping you avoid common influences, linked to your drug and alcohol consumption.

With this in mind, yes, if you hope to select an Oadby based rehab clinic, you can. Yet, you must consider your environment when rehabilitating from physical and psychological addiction.


What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Unfortunately, drug and alcohol abuse, especially on an excessive scale are associated with mental health issues. With this in mind, if you’re suffering from symptoms of depression or anxiety, this is normal.

Down to this likelihood, it is imperative that mental health symptoms are also worked through, in conjunction with addiction recovery, as without this step, symptoms can refuel the desire to consume drugs and alcohol.

Dual diagnosis treatment services are therefore in place to suppress and manage mental health symptoms, alongside promoting withdrawal from drugs and alcohol. This is an approach that we follow, down to our strong focus on cognitive responses, substance abuse and rehabilitation.

If you are suffering from mental health issues, you can expect to experience a wide range of traditional talking therapies, alongside innovative addiction treatment services, such as virtual reality therapy and brain restoration. Combined together, this will be the greatest force to motivate physical and psychological recovery.


How long will I stay at Rehab for?

By selecting a residential drug and alcohol rehab in Oadby, there’s a likelihood that your rehab stay will last around the 28-day marker. This is the optimal timeframe to overcome one habit, and to rebuild positive coping strategies, helping to fulfil the aims of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Yet, post-assessment, at Asana Lodge, we will be able to provide insight into the contents and length of your rehab programme, which will depend on the severity of your addiction, whether you are suffering from a dual diagnosis and the degree of addiction treatment that you will require.

We encourage clients to see rehab as a necessary step, as a short-term sacrifice and as an instrumental tool for increasing opportunities for long-term recovery back in Oadby.


Why is aftercare important?

Aftercare is a highly important service that you should harness and make use of. It’s in place to offer guidance on your return home, helping to ease your new norm.

While fulfilling the steps of drug and alcohol rehabilitation is a positive sign, it is mandatory that you maintain your efforts, your mindset and your desire to remain sober.

With the backing of consistent aftercare services, with ongoing emotional guidance and with positive lifestyle changes, maintenance can be eased, helping sobriety become a natural encounter for you.

You can reach this point by selecting the right residential drug and alcohol rehab in Oadby, providing access to our treatment centre.

To do so, it’s time to overcome the unfamiliarity of rehab by asking your questions and by boosting your expectations.