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Family Intervention

How Addiction and Disorders Can Affect Families

Before any form of treatment can be offered, a willingness from a client must be present. This can be very difficult in cases where help isn’t accepted. In order to begin treatment, family intervention can motivate involvement and the readiness to comply.

Additionally, through these difficult times, support networks can sometimes break down, unknowingly acting as a stimulus for greater drug/alcohol consumption and depressive episodes.

One of the more caring and effective ways to rebuild those relationships is through a structured process of family or corporate intervention. This step is essential to ensure rehabilitation is possible and will be successful long-term.

If you believe a loved one would benefit from this form of support, get in touch with our team here at Asana Lodge. We have the experience, tools and compassion to aid families through this difficult time.


Steps Taken Within The Family Intervention Process

If you’re thinking about contacting our experienced team regarding family intervention, it will begin with an initial assessment. Here our team will gain an understanding of why a family intervention is your only option, the severity of the individual’s addiction/disorder and the effects it has had on the whole support network.

We understand how every family is different. Every disorder or addictive behaviour is different. We ensure we take this into consideration to cater to your family’s needs.

From here, our team will take a compassionate approach by communicating with the involved individual to understand their feelings and whether the acceptance of intervention will be possible.

If consent for a family intervention is present, addiction treatment and therapy sessions will begin, helping your family member through rehabilitation. They will receive a variety of treatments at our rehab centre, working on their psychological and physical wellbeing. They will also be offered outpatient treatment post-rehab to maintain long-term recovery.

We understand how throughout this process it can be distressing for you to support your loved one. You’ll be questioning whether your support is enough. Whether you’re following the right guidance.

Whether you’re helping or actually making a situation worse, and whether you fully understand what they are going through. Throughout the intervention process, rehab and post-rehab journey, we will provide one-on-one support for all families to reassure them of their input.

Although it may be difficult to understand, family input is highly important. It will carry a great impact on the ability to recover long-term. Therefore, we will boost your knowledge of the situation, and ensure that you are prepared for the intervention process.

Within our intervention offering, each family member will also receive educational and supportive sessions. Our aim is to ensure each member has time and space to deal with the current situation, along with learning new skills to cope through this difficult time.

Ensuring that you are prepared to hold the hand of your loved one through their rehab is essential, therefore, we will provide you with the strength through therapy. We will boost your understanding of addiction and mental health issues to build empathy, while absorbing how to overcome any future relapses.

As every family differs, the intervention process will also vary. The number of sessions, the type of support and the amount of time spent with each family member will all influence the intervention and rehab support received.

We can be flexible to cater to your family needs. If you would like to discuss your family situation, and how both an intervention and rehab programme could benefit you, get in touch today.

This time can be painful, stressful and heart breaking to experience. However, with the right support, your family will rehabilitate and transform their future.


See How Our Rehab Can Support Your Loved One

If you are searching for a reputable rehab centre, full of passionate, credible experts, look no further than our luxury rehab based in Towcester. We offer both corporate and family interventions to begin the rehab process if support isn’t accepted initially.

Whether your loved one is living with a drug or alcohol addiction or are suffering through a mental health issue, here at Asana Lodge, we have the experience and expertise to support you through each step.

We understand how this time can be difficult. We further understand how rehabilitation can be difficult. However, we promote and work towards significant long-term recovery, transforming our clients’ lives. We achieve this by offering initial intervention support, around the clock guidance, addiction/disorder treatments, family counselling and post-rehab treatment.

Additionally, we are passionate about offering a luxury, comfortable setting for both you and your family through this difficult time. We ensure that throughout you will each receive appropriate tools and steps to successfully overcome this time. Our experienced team understand what it takes to keep strong and overcome each stage, from intervention to outpatient treatment.

Visiting a rehab centre and sharing your feelings may seem difficult. After all, you’ve been dealing with this alone or as a family for some time. However, behavioural habits and mental health disorders shouldn’t be dealt with unaided.

Expert guidance is available for you as a family, helping you put this time in the past, and move forward to a positive future. Intervention can be the first step to a new beginning for all involved, turning worry into happiness.

Get in touch with our specialised, dedicated team today who supports many loved ones through family intervention. Whether you’re an immediate family member or a close friend, we can help you take the first effective step to help your loved one see the light.

Contact us to gain a greater understanding of intervention or to begin the process. We are here for you.

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