Drug and alcohol abuse is a serious problem, and one that only gets worse as time progresses.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Market Harborough

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It can be difficult to realise when drinking or drug use becomes a problem as the slide into dependency can be slow and gradual, but once a person is addicted to a substance it is an incredibly hard cycle to escape from.

Substance addiction carries with it a whole host of serious complications, both physical and psychological. These physical issues include, but are by no means limited to, heart irregularities, strokes, collapsed veins, liver disease and a number of different cancers. The psychological impact of addiction is no less harmful. Addiction and mental health problems often go hand in hand.

Drug and alcohol abuse can severely exacerbate mental issues such as depression, anxiety or schizophrenia, and in some cases substance misuse can even bring these problems on in an individual with no prior history of such difficulties.

When addiction coincides with psychological issues like these, it is known as a dual diagnosis.

At Asana Lodge we are committed to helping victims of addiction achieve a long-term recovery and a return to a normal, healthy life. We are the UK’s first rehabilitation centre where the addiction treatment is 100% predicated on scientific evidence.

If you are looking for drug and alcohol rehab there is no one better suited to help you overcome your dependency. We also offer a family and friend referral scheme, and family drug support, so if someone you love has developed an addiction please do not hesitate to reach out for them.

We cannot force someone into rehab, but we can help you to help them reach a point of acceptance.


The first step – drug or alcohol detox

The first and arguably most important step in overcoming an addiction is getting the toxic substances out of your system. This period is known as detoxification, or more commonly as ‘detox’.

Upon arriving at our rehabilitation centre, you will spend some time in the detox clinic. The clinic offers the safest environment in which to undergo this process. Detox is more often than not a painful period.

Once your body is free of the toxins polluting it, you are almost guaranteed to suffer from drug or alcohol withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms can range from uncomfortable aches and pains to dangerous seizures, so it is best to spend this time in the care of professional doctors and nurses. Detoxification will never be easy, but we can make it as safe as possible for you.


Therapies and counselling

Detox is probably what most people think of when it comes to rehab, but it is only a part of what we offer. Overcoming addiction is a long, gradual fight. It requires intense self-reflection and often drastic shifts in lifestyle.

Relapse prevention is our primary goal, so we provide a number of different holistic treatments in order to give you the best possible chance of staying on the wagon once you have left our facility.

CBT, which stands for cognitive behavioural therapy, is one of the more common methods of combatting dependency. Put simply, CBT is a talking therapy that aims to alter the way in which you approach your problems.

It works on the premise that your thoughts, feelings and actions are all interconnected. Consistent negative thoughts and emotions perpetuate harmful, self-destructive behaviour, and in extremes can lead to dangerous cycles like addiction.

CBT encourages you to change the way in which you approach these negative thoughts, allowing you to cope with overwhelming problems by instead approaching them as smaller, more easily managed issues.

The most common application of CBT is in the treatment of mental health problems such as anxiety or depression. As mentioned earlier, psychological problems such as these are often linked to substance misuse.

This makes CBT particularly well suited for dual-diagnosis treatment. Alternatively, we also offer art therapy. The aims of art therapy are similar to CBT, though the means differ significantly.

This kind of therapy allows patients to explore and reflect on their emotions and habits through the creation of viewing of art. It has been shown to be a most useful tool in enabling self-reflection and understanding.

Along with therapies such as these, you will have the option to undergo counselling. This may be one on one with a counsellor, or it may be as part of a group. Both methods have their advantages, it just depends on what works best for you.

Through counselling we will be able to explore the roots of your dependency, identifying and addressing the triggers that cause you to drink alcohol or use drugs. The main purpose of counselling is to enable you to figure out why you abuse toxic substances and to develop your own coping mechanisms.

Unfortunately the temptation to drink or use will always be there, so it is critical that you create your own systems of stress management to ensure that the temptation does not overcome you.

If you do fall off the wagon after leaving us, we will continue to offer you our support. By reaching out to us you incorporate Asana Lodge into your support network, and we will be there to help you as life goes on.

It does not matter how much time passes, we will always be available to care for you. Our aftercare programmes ensure that you can always be in touch and, if needs be, return to us.


Reaching out

At Asana Lodge, we have all the tools you need to kick your addiction and return to a healthy life. But we cannot help until you reach out to us. So if you are suffering with an addiction, or if someone you know and love is, then do not put it off.

Contact us today, and together we can beat addiction.