Are you concerned that a loved one is displaying signs that indicate they may be struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction?

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Do you now find yourself searching for a drug and alcohol rehab in Mountsorrel that can support them in their recovery?  Why not consider our residential drug rehab?

Located just 50 minutes away from your hometown of Mountsorrel, Asana Lodge rehab centre can ensure that both yourself and your loved one have the support needed to help you through this somewhat unpredicted and challenging period.

Providing inpatient treatment plans to those that have sadly seen their lives controlled by a drug or alcohol addiction, we have helped thousands of individuals overcome their addiction and make a long-term recovery.

We are confident that we can help you or a close family member overcome their addiction.


Determining Whether An Addiction Is Present

If you have found yourself searching for a drug and alcohol rehab in Mountsorrel, you have probably noticed some changes in your loved one’s behaviour or physical appearance.

These changes will have led you to become suspicious that your loved one may be battling an addiction for various reasons.

Although you will know your loved one better than anyone else, you must determine whether the changes in behaviour and appearance result from a drug or alcohol addiction before you confront your loved one.

Below, we outlined various physical and behavioural signs and symptoms that will likely be present if your loved one struggles with an addiction.

  • Unexpected weight loss
  • Pale skin
  • Red eyes
  • Slurred speech
  • Drowsiness
  • Constantly suffering from headaches
  • Persistent nausea
  • Appearing to be somewhat confused
  • Struggling to participate in conversations
  • Lack of attention
  • Inability to remember information
  • Isolation from others
  • Avoiding day to day responsibilities
  • Taking an increasing amount of time off of work
  • Frequently asking to borrow money
  • Being dishonest about what they have spent money on
  • Spending time with people that you have not met
  • Becoming secretive about their whereabouts


In addition to the above physical and behavioural signs that an addiction is present, there are also several psychological signs that an addiction is present such as anxiety, paranoia and insomnia.

However, to the naked eye, it is almost impossible to determine which psychological symptoms your loved one will be experiencing.  This is because psychological symptoms can only be felt by the individual struggling.

It should be noted that the signs outlined above could also be a result of an underlying illness, mental health disorder or stress.  With this in mind, you must approach your loved one with an open mind.

If you are unsure of how to approach your loved one, we can provide you with guidance.  Upon contacting us, we will listen to the signs you have observed and determine how best to address your loved one’s addiction.


Understanding The Treatment Available For Those Struggling With Addictions

Before approaching your loved one to address their addiction, it is highly recommended that you understand the support that is readily available for your loved one to take advantage of.

Not only will this ensure that you gain an insight into the treatment that your loved one will likely be subject to, but it will assist you in encouraging your loved one to seek treatment for their addiction.

In many cases, a lack of understanding regarding the help and support that is available to those struggling with addictions sees many defer the treatment they so desperately need.

At Asana Lodge, we provide a wealth of treatments that enable an individual to overcome their addiction.  For example, the first stage in addiction treatment typically consists of drug or alcohol detox.

Detoxification helps an individual with the withdrawal process of their recovery, ensuring their addiction is being dealt with in a safe space.

Following detoxification, rehabilitation is encountered.  Throughout rehabilitation, those seeking treatment at our centre will be subject to various forms of therapy.

The therapy that your loved one undergoes will entirely depend on their personal circumstances and the psychological impact that their addiction has had on them.

We will also consider whether dual diagnosis treatment is required.

We have outlined just a handful of the therapies that we administer at Asana Lodge below to offer further insight.

Psychological Therapies

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Stress Management
  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Satori Chair Therapy
  • NAD+ Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Mediation Therapy


Well-Being Therapies

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness Sessions
  • Art Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Drama Therapy
  • Acupuncture

It should be noted that the treatment provided by a drug and alcohol rehab in Mountsorrel will likely differ from the treatment that we provide.  This is because we have personally developed many of the treatments that we offer to our patients.


Family Referrals

If you have attempted to approach a loved one to discuss their addiction with them, but have found that your help has been rejected, you will likely feel somewhat deflated.

Although you will want to do everything you can for your loved one, there may come a time when their addiction begins to have negative consequences on your relationship with them. You may also eventually find yourself at a loss.

If this resonates with you, we welcome you to make a family referral.  With the help of our family referral service, you can encourage your loved one to obtain the treatment that they desperately need.

When you contact our admissions team to make a family referral, we will talk about the severity of your addiction and how we can help. This way we will be able to consider which treatment options may be better suited to them.

With your permission, we will then contact your loved one and talk to them about their addiction.  We will help them understand that their addiction can be treated and ensure they understand your concerns.


Contact Us Today

If you are worried about someone you know with an addiction, please contact us today.  Together, we can ensure they obtain the treatment they need to put their addiction behind them.