Do you feel as though you are alone in your struggle with a drug or alcohol addiction?

Beating addiction requires eliminating both the physical and psychological dependence,along with addressing the behavioural issues that lead to addiction in the first place.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Melton Mowbray

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With Asana Lodge by your side, you don’t have to do this by yourself. We have a broad range of specialist treatment options available within our drug and alcohol rehab centre in Melton Mowbray.

With a wide experience in helping our clients on the path of long-term recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Our addiction treatment programmes have supported many individuals, including those who require dual diagnosis treatment.

A dual diagnosis is very important because it is vital that any underlying mental health conditions are treated. All too often, addiction is treated but underlying conditions are not.

We will ensure all diagnosed conditions are treated, and this will aid relapse prevention.

We appreciate that asking for help is a difficult experience, and many of our clients speak of feelings of shame when they do contact us.

Perhaps you’re looking for help with a family and friend referral. Asana Lodge are here to help you.

Why not call us today on 01908 489421 for a no-obligation chat about your drug or alcohol addiction?


Our leading Rehabilitation Centre

Throughout the UK, there are many rehabilitation centres. Treatment is available on an outpatient basis via local charities or the NHS.

But we would only recommend outpatient treatment if you are living with the minimal side effects of a drug or alcohol addiction, where your home environment is safe, drug or alcohol-free and where there is a strong support network.

However, most of our clients are stuck in a vicious circle of drug and alcohol abuse and this is where a 28-day commitment to Asana Lodge’s residential rehab treatment programme can make a real change to your life.

We understand that might seem like a daunting timescale, but this will allow you to fully concentrate on your rehab in a safe, comfortable environment without the distractions of your everyday life.

Having unlimited access to industry-leading addiction treatments and 24-hour, consistent care will allow you to overcome your addiction and ensure your long-term recovery.

When you contact Asana Lodge, we will perform an initial consultation over the telephone with you.

This allows us to get to know your story and to help to determine which course of treatment works out best for you.


Dual Diagnosis Treatment

After your initial consultation, if you decide Asana Lodge is the right fit for you, we will admit you to our clinic. Here, we will perform a thorough examination of you (both physically and psychologically) in order to get to know you better.

For many clients, there is a dual diagnosis. This means that an underlying mental health issue has triggered substance abuse. This is very common as drugs and alcohol are often used to get people through emotional, distressing situations in their life.

As a result, upon admission, many clients do have symptoms of mental health issues. These include paranoia, anxiety and depression. These mean that habits are likely to grow and distract away from your initial trigger to start taking drugs or drinking alcohol.

Our recovery programmes are established to help you as an individual. We do not treat any two individuals the same and we will help you to overcome any underlying mental health concerns.

If you are experiencing psychological distress, we will treat you for that alongside your drug or alcohol addiction to help you towards a brighter future.


How does Residential Rehab work?

Although your surroundings are safe and comfortable, residential drug rehab is still hard work. You’ll need to prepare yourself for several effective, but hard-hitting aspects of your treatment programme.

One of the first aspects of your treatment will be your time in the detox clinic. A drug or alcohol detox is not easy as we flush all toxins from your body that have been caused by substance abuse.

Your body will react negatively with withdrawal symptoms, where you crave drugs or alcohol. However, Asana Lodge provides around the clock support and you will be able to have access to prescription medication to help you if that is needed.

Many people have tried their own “cold turkey” detox at home but the success rate is very low as well as being quite unsafe. Withdrawal symptoms are at best unpleasant and can be dangerous.

The length of your detox will vary depending upon the severity of your addiction and can last from a few days to several weeks.

Your bespoke treatment programme will also introduce you to different kind of therapies. We are proud to offer a more holistic approach to our therapies by including aspects such as exercise, fitness and yoga alongside art therapy and stress management as part of your treatment.

This will complement more established and traditional therapies such as group therapy, individual therapy sessions and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT.)