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Attempting to withdraw from drugs and alcohol, independently, is a strong sign that you hope to overcome your addiction.

Yet, by doing so, you can in fact intensify your addictive behaviours, while reducing your inclination to accept professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation support in the future.

Down to the drawbacks of lone withdrawal, along with the value of professional support, seeing the necessity of drug and alcohol rehabilitation services is recommended.

By reading this, initially, you may struggle to see beyond the opportunity to go cold turkey. Yet, we hope that greater insight into the complexities of addiction recovery, and the requirement of addiction treatment will help you value the idea of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Wigston.

If you do reach this point of acceptance, we will be here for you at Asana Lodge, standing as a local rehab clinic, specialising in addiction recovery. Yet, we aren’t just any rehab clinic, by the fact we offer private, residential care, whilst prioritising the weightage of evidence around physical and psychological rehabilitation.

If you’re truly passionate about withdrawing from drugs and alcohol, and overcoming your addiction with sustainability in mind, reaching out should be your next step.

Through the necessity of rehab, through the potential recovery rates of our services, and through the personal rehab programme you’re about to encounter, you can combat your addiction through the greatest route out there.

See what to expect from drug and alcohol rehabilitation from our leading treatment centre here at Asana Lodge.


The necessity of professional drug and alcohol withdrawal

As we’ve shared above, at Asana Lodge, we understand that you may favour the idea of withdrawing from drugs and alcohol via a cold turkey approach.

Highly desirability to many, down to the rapid rate that withdrawal can take place, lone detoxification is in fact discouraged. There are many reasons why you should avoid stopping drug and alcohol consumption, alone, with a focus on your physical and psychological health, on the obstacle of chronic withdrawal symptoms, and the negative mindset it can result in.

In fact, lone withdrawal is ineffective in most cases, which is why we discourage its use.

This, alongside the value that you can encounter by selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Wigston, should help you accept professional guidance. Professional and specialist services are in fact necessary to combat the multifaceted characteristics of addiction.

Down to physical and psychological damages and changes, that take place in relation to substance abuse, a range of addiction treatment services, recovery steps and relapse prevention techniques must be activated to truly sustain sober living.

You can experience this necessity by visiting our rehab clinic, advocating residential care which will offer even greater quality, structure and effective steps towards securing drug and alcohol withdrawal, recovery and restoration.


Selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Wigston

If you’re ready to accept professional guidance, down to overlooking the ineffectiveness of lone withdrawal, you can benefit from working with our team at Asana Lodge.

While we’re located outside of Wigston, we offer a residential rehab programme which will provide enough closeness to your comforters, while providing enough distance from your drug and alcohol influences.

Residential rehab will offer significant benefits, surpassing the opportunity to go cold turkey. You can expect to complete a personal rehab programme which is structured to suit your needs.

You can look towards completing a range of traditional and contemporary addiction treatment services, all of which are known to combat physical and psychological addiction diagnosis.

You can expect a positive setting, providing ease, comfort and balance, helping you focus on your aims through rehab. You can also set to achieve the key goals of rehab, by understanding its necessary status and its place in drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Understandably, down to your inclination to recover alone, you may also prefer to select outpatient care via a drug and alcohol rehab in Wigston. While safer than lone withdrawal, this route will still be discouraged for someone living with a physical and psychological addiction.

For a significant diagnosis, residential rehab will be the best route down to the value that it offers, available close to home in Wigston.


Traditional addiction treatment services

By selecting our rehab clinic, you’ll invest in our approach of evidential addiction treatment recommendations, where all services will be catered around your personal needs. This is down to our strong understanding of how drugs and alcohol impact the brain, which will, in turn, impact the body.

To revert those impacts, a range of physical and psychological addiction treatment services will be recommended, some traditional and others which are contemporary.

Traditional addiction treatment services, utilised through addiction recovery include:

  • Drug and alcohol detoxification
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Support groups
  • Counselling
  • Stress Management
  • Family therapy
  • Individual therapy


Exact recommendations of each, including their contents and length, will be provided on your admission into drug and alcohol rehab.


Contemporary addiction treatment services

Alongside long-standing medical addiction treatment services, we also utilise a range of holistic addiction treatment services, ranked as contemporary in the field. A complimenting mix will be recommended, based on your encounters with drugs and alcohol, your mental health and your response to substance abuse.

Contemporary addiction treatments include:

Each treatment service will have its own place within your rehab programme, offering addiction recovery, offering cognitive repair, and offering realistic outlooks on relapse prevention back in Wigston.


Personal rehab and aftercare programmes here at Asana Lodge

In order to recommend the most suitable forms of addiction treatment, we advocate personalised rehab programmes for all clients, which also follows suit on an aftercare basis.

On your admission, we will assess your relationship with drugs and alcohol, while considering your brain response rates and your overall health. This will provide an opportunity to recommend the safest, most proactive forms of treatment, helping to alleviate your personal type of addiction.

On your return to Wigston, your needs will be re-evaluated, where you’ll again be provided with a personal programme to follow, ensuring that you can remain on track.

Personalisation is very important, down to the unique diagnosis of addiction. At our rehab clinic, you can encounter the benefits of personalisation, in conjunction with the value of our recovery approach.

Select a safe, ethical, effective and sustainable form of recovery by avoiding lone attempts or the opportunity to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Wigston itself. Instead, select residential rehab, based in Towcester, offering you all necessary steps to overcome your drug and alcohol addiction.