Addiction recovery is a complex process to experience. This is down to the multifaceted makeup of addiction, where physical, psychological, environmental, social, spiritual and biological influences can combine together, to motivate drug and alcohol abuse.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Syston

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From drug and alcohol withdrawal to psychological restoration, to exposure therapy and to lifestyle changes, there are many steps to addiction recovery which makes it out as a long and overwhelming process.

While this may be the case, where each layer of addiction must be worked through, your rehab journey, itself, can be experienced with ease, following the common course of addiction recovery.

Of course, depending on which drug and alcohol rehab in Syston you select, depending on your needs via rehab, depending on your response to addiction treatment, depending on the addiction treatment services you must complete, and depending on your response to long-term recovery, contents, timeframes and journeys will differ.

Yet, through a reputable rehab clinic, you will meet the key milestones of addiction recovery, helping you heal on physical and psychological levels, while tackling associated influences, which can be anything from your residing environment, to your routine.

Work through those milestones with our team at Asana Lodge, starting with the self-acknowledgement of your drug and alcohol addiction.


Start your recovery through self-acknowledgement

Self-acknowledgement is the first step in addiction recovery. In order to truly benefit from rehab, understanding your reality, based around drug and alcohol abuse is very important.

Not only this, but self-acknowledgement, helps you accept professional support on a greater level, helps you see the necessity of rehab, and also helps you open up to rehab from the offset.

Understandably, through this step, many obstacles can arise. This is the difficult battle between supporting ongoing drug and alcohol consumption and opening up to loved ones, doing your research and committing to recovery.

However, by sourcing personal and professional support, by doing your pre-rehab planning, and by welcoming the steps of rehab, you’ll soon be ready to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Syston.


Progress by sourcing support through a drug and alcohol rehab in Syston

The next step of addiction recovery will be worked around your rehab arrangements. This is the time to consider your needs and priorities them when selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Syston, to recover from.

In tandem with finding and securing a rehab clinic, to facilitate your recovery programme, you will need to make a number of decisions around your rehab experience, with a focus on your budget, the selection between outpatient and inpatient addiction treatment and your admission date.

At Asana Lodge, while we’re located outside of Syston itself, we offer a handheld admission process, where we can guide you through these decisions while securing the most effective and safe form of rehab for you. This step is commonly the most overwhelming, which can reduce the desirability of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Experience the desirability of professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation through our services, here to help you from your acknowledgement step, all the way into your future post-rehab journey. Offerings may be similar via a drug and alcohol rehab in Syston. Yet, down to our specialities, here we can guarantee a scientifically led rehab experience.


Withdraw through drug and alcohol detoxification

Once an admission into rehab has been made, where you’ll settle into your new home, detoxification is commonly the first pinnacle step. Here is where physical withdrawal is aimed for, where the presence of drugs and alcohol will slowly be reduced, helping to promote the sustainability of sober living.

Through a medically structured detox programme, withdrawal can be manageable, while prioritising your physical and psychological wellbeing. This point is very important, which you should prioritise when selecting a rehab clinic to invest into, helping to secure your health and your ability to recover.


Restore through addiction treatment services

At Asana Lodge, we follow traditional processes, including the use of detoxification. Yet, down to our specialities, we focus heavily on psychological restoration, as this is where addiction resides and festers.

Of course, drug and alcohol consumption are physical actions. Yet, once their addictive tendencies showcase themselves, the majority of changes are experienced in the brain.

In fact, the brain itself can heighten the susceptibility of addiction for some people. With this in mind, we must place the greatest amount of focus on therapeutic addiction treatment services, all around restoring efforts.

Here’s where you can encounter the likes of cognitive behavioural therapy and stress management. Yet, through our approach, innovative forms are also promoted, including art therapy, NAD+ therapy and exposure therapy.

This step will be the longest of the addiction recovery process, as intensive forms of addiction treatment will need to be completed to help unravel habits, outlooks and fixations. This step will also dictate the length and contents of your rehab programme, all depending on how you react to support and treatment services.

All aspects of your rehab programme will be arranged by our team, helping to alleviate pressure from yourself, while offering reassurance over the viability of rehab.


Continue your journey towards long-term recovery, post-rehab

The natural advancement, post-rehab, is to continue recovery efforts for the long-term. This can be a vulnerable prospect for many clients, posing worries around relapse risks. However, customary to our offering, aftercare services are available, recommended for all clients, helping to ease this transition.

This offering may also be the case if you select a drug and alcohol rehab in Syston. However, through our offering and down to the use of our innovative treatment services, we secure even greater levels of planning, helping to tackle exposure, even before you return to Syston.

Understandably, drug and alcohol rehabilitation may feel like a long-winded process, where sober living will be some time off for you. Yet, the longer you leave it, the longer it will take for you to reach this point. Overcome the complex image of drug and alcohol rehabilitation by working with professionals, here to guide you towards sobriety.

At Asana Lodge, we stand as a proactive option for Syston locals, helping you efficiently start your rehab journey.

Reach out today to acknowledge your drug and alcohol problems.