Are you located in the Loughborough area, keen to withdraw from drugs and alcohol? Have you thought about attempting this alone or are you swaying towards professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation support?

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Loughborough

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Unfortunately, many individuals do attempt to withdraw from drugs and alcohol, alone, resulting in little success.

Through this, their trust in professional addiction support will reduce, confidence in their own ability to recover will reduce, and excessive drug and alcohol consumption will continue.

Whereas, through professional support, recovery rates are high, obtainable for yourself, resulting in greater trust for the future, in the chance to recover on physical and psychological levels, in long-term recovery probabilities.

At Asana Lodge, we can help you with the latter through our holistic alcohol and drug rehab, offering personal rehabilitation programmes.

If you’re considering a drug and alcohol rehab in Loughborough, take some time to familiarise yourself with our rehab offering, conveniently located in Towcester.


The Importance of Professional Addiction Support

Many users hoping to withdraw from drugs and alcohol will attempt this alone. It is understandable at face value to see why this is a favoured option, especially down to privacy and comfort.

However, ultimately, independent withdrawal from drugs and alcohol will be impossible, especially when considering their addictive tendencies.

Independent withdrawal is discouraged for the dangers it can cause when considering health and safety, for its low success rates, and for its inability to promote addiction recovery. As a result of this, professional addiction support should be prioritised, carrying significant importance.

Since addiction is a brain illness, influencing physical and psychological associations to drugs and alcohol, a standalone detox will fail to promote holistic healing. In order to tackle the complex foundations of addiction, along with its causation, talking therapies and further addiction treatments are necessary.

With this, professional medical support and emotional guidance are required, only available via a drug and alcohol rehab setting.

Although an extent of withdrawal can be achieved by reducing or stopping drug and alcohol consumption, long-term recovery cannot be fulfilled. The overarching outcome will commonly result in further drug and alcohol abuse, an aggravated addiction, and a reduced inclination to recover.

If you are keen to recover, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Loughborough should be your first and only option. Here you will have the chance to disconnect on a physical and psychological basis from drugs and alcohol.


Recovering locally via a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Loughborough

Recovering locally is commonly overlooked by many individuals. Down to the locality and familiarity of selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Loughborough, it’s usually left to the back burner. However, in the right hands, via a specialist residential rehab clinic, local recovery is possible.

It is however a necessity that residential rehab is selected, helping you overcome the common obstacles linked to localised recovery.

Here you’ll have the chance to remove yourself from toxic situations, which influence drug and alcohol consumption for you; whether that’s stress, environments or relationships.

Through this distance, you will have the opportunity to harness the value of residential rehab, by experiencing an all-round programme, available on your doorstep.


Our aim here at Asana Lodge

At Asana Lodge, we advocate residential rehab down to the benefits it offers. However, we also endorse specialist addiction recovery, by following a unique, scientifically driven approach.

Many rehab clinics do unfortunately follow a one-fits-all approach. They will see the addiction diagnosis and recommend a stream of commonly utilised addiction treatments.

Although this will bring greater value than independent withdrawal, those personal and ingrained associations with drugs and alcohol will likely remain.

To tackle the foundations of addiction, ultimately the motivator of drug and alcohol consumption, we follow the evidence. Evidence is provided by completing a pre-admission assessment, helping to understand your addiction.

Common influences, such as social, environmental and biological factors will be assessed, with the aim to highlight any potential weaknesses in association to addiction.

Through measuring cognitive responses, we can gauge the necessary form and level of addiction treatment you require to recover. In most cases, a combination of physical and psychological, and of traditional and contemporary addiction treatments will be recommended.

Alongside a standard detox programme and psychotherapy, you can expect to complete brain restoration, exposure therapy and art therapy.

Exact addiction treatments will be promoted on your admission into rehab, combined together to form a personal rehab programme. The aim of personalisation, of suitability and of evidence-based recommendations is to secure freedom for all clients.

Without those processes, recovery rates may fluctuate and will likely drop. Yet, with a secure plan in place, safe, successful and sustainable drug and alcohol addiction recovery can be aimed for.

Again, lone withdrawal may sound convenient, yet you’ll miss out on the possibility of sober living, obtainable via a drug and alcohol rehab in Loughborough.


Relapse prevention in Loughborough

Through drug and alcohol rehab, clients here at Asana Lodge have achieved great results. This is a true opportunity to overcome deeply ingrained habits, linked to drugs and alcohol, with longevity in mind.

However, to future-proof this on your return home to Loughborough, relapse prevention is imperative. Throughout your initial rehab programme, post-rehab plans will be put into place. Here you will develop coping strategies to help you through potential drug and alcohol cravings.

You will also have a clear plan to progress through if you do experience any relapse risks, post-rehab. Ultimately, your psychological association to drugs and alcohol will have changed. Yet, you must maintain this after your initial stay.

Alongside relapse prevention techniques, aftercare will be obtainable here at Asana Lodge, helping you thrive through your new drug and alcohol-free reality.

This is imperative to help you cope through the initial changes, commonly experienced through rehab. Support groups and additional addiction treatments will be recommended to help ease this time for you.

Understandably, lone recovery may feel easier, may feel more comfortable, may feel private in comparison to rehab. However, those convenient factors will not offer long-term recovery.

By visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Loughborough, you can experience the convenience and a true chance to overcome your drug and alcohol addiction, for good.