Drug and alcohol rehabilitation is very important, ranking as a lifeline for many. Benefiting from that lifeline is likely, for those who fully invest themselves. However, to reach this status, it is imperative that physical and psychological readiness are secured.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Long Eaton 

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Many individuals believe that deciding to recover and signing on the dotted line is enough to prepare for rehab.

Of course, both actions are necessary to complete admission into a drug and alcohol rehab clinic. However, there are significant steps to take, to ensure that you are ready on all levels for the impending process of rehab.

Readiness is very important, as it boosts acceptance rates of initial encounters with drug and alcohol rehab.

Those who lack readiness will likely enter with unrealistic goals, they will lack confidence in their own ability to withdraw or the recommendations of their chosen rehab clinic, and they will struggle to accept the necessity of rehab.

All scenarios are very likely by overlooking physical and psychological preparations, along with a lack of funds, of time or of commitment. With this in mind, to truly benefit from the lifeline of rehab, at Asana Lodge, we urge you to prepare in advance.

By doing so, you’ll soon access a drug and alcohol rehab in Long Eaton, fitting for your approaching exposure to addiction recovery.


What to consider before starting Drug and Alcohol Rehab

There are many areas to consider and tick off your list before your drug and alcohol rehab admission should take place. Unfortunately, if you select a low-quality rehab clinic, checks may be lacking to ensure that you are ready. Yet, at Asana Lodge, we will secure your readiness, on physical and psychological levels before facilitating your rehab programme, ensuring that you are ready and can benefit from rehab.

Your physical readiness
Physical readiness for rehab can be anything from ensuring that you have enough funds to invest into rehab, that you have enough time to complete your initial rehab stay and your post-rehab transitions, and that you’re preparing to avoid ongoing drug and alcohol consumption.

Preparing on physical levels may feel strange, as independent detoxification is highly discouraged. However, there are tangible arrangements that you can make to ensure that you can physically benefit from visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Long Eaton.

Your psychological readiness
Psychological readiness is just as important as your physical preparations, as you must be in the right headspace to accept and embrace drug and alcohol rehab.

You can reach this headspace by opening up to loved ones about your impending rehab experience, you can do your research around rehab and expectations, you can contact professionals, like our team, to set your arrangements in motion, and you can also spend some time reflecting on your necessity for rehab.

It is very important that you do reach this headspace, as many individuals will, unfortunately, enter rehab with limited commitment or expectations and will then fall short at the first sign of withdrawal symptoms. By understanding what’s ahead, you’ll be prepared and ready to accept rehab for what it is.

Through reaching physical and psychological readiness, you’ll then be prepared to secure your admission into a fitting drug and alcohol rehab in Long Eaton.


Finding a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Long Eaton

Here at Asana Lodge, we stand as a convenient option for Long Eaton locals. Although we are based in Towcester, our rehab offering boasts the benefits of both localised and residential rehab. With this in mind, if you’re hoping to find a drug and alcohol rehab in Long Eaton, we encourage you to look no further than our specialist rehab clinic.

The benefits of localised recovery are expected as you’ll be positioned close to home, offering familiarity. That familiarity can provide you with a convenient and comfortable encounter of rehab, as you reside from our residential rehab clinic.

The benefits of residential rehab are expected as you’ll be set at a distance from your drug and alcohol triggers, back in Long Eaton. Many of our clients feel influenced by their daily lives, whether that’s their environments, to the people they associate with. You can remove yourself from your influences, helping you complete a comprehensive, safe and focused journey of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Naturally, you may hope to remain on your doorstep, by selecting a Long Eaton located rehab clinic. However, through your preparation steps, you’ll soon come to learn that remaining close to home can offer greater challenges, outweighing the pros of convenience.

With this in mind, by selecting our rehab clinic, you can remain locally, yet have enough distance to avoid those challenges, linked to drug and alcohol abuse.


Heal your mind and body here at Asana Lodge

Alongside our residential offering, we present a unique approach to drug and alcohol rehab, recognising our clinic as a reputable, scientifically driven specialist centre. By this, we mean that we utilise evidence surrounding the causations and development of addiction in humans.

Through our approach, we can ensure that a suitable rehab programme is on offer to you, which will firstly heal the mind, subsequently followed by the body.

This approach is very important as addictive behaviours reside in the mind, which then translate into physical actions of drug and alcohol abuse. To stop those actions, behaviours must first be evaluated and then changed.

To reach this point, we will complete evaluations of your cognitive response system, along with considering your personal influential factors. From here, we can provide reliable addiction treatment recommendations, helping to safely promote withdrawal and repair.

By doing so, your outlook on substance abuse will change, along with your internal cravings to consume drugs and alcohol.

Healing the mind can take place through the likes of CBT, stress management, virtual reality therapy and relapse prevention planning.

Healing the body will be achieved through detoxification and wellbeing services. Combined, your quality of life will be greater for your return to Long Eaton, along with heightened capabilities of long-term recovery.

To benefit from our approach to drug and alcohol rehab, it’s time to prepare yourself on physical and psychological levels. Once you’re ready for rehab, your admission can take place, welcoming you into our residential rehab here at Asana Lodge.