Are you searching for drug and alcohol rehab in Shirebrook? Are you starting to worry about your dependance on a substance? Or are you concerned for someone you love?

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Shirebrook

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Addiction impacts both your physical and psychological health. The longer you maintain an addiction the more it seeps into your life. You’ll notice behavioural changes and you’ll start to push away anyone that cares about you. Your life will come crashing down around you the longer your addiction continues.

If you’re searching for help the chances are you’ve overcome your denial and are ready to commit to recovery. At Asana Lodge, we offer leading residential rehab treatments, designed to tackle even the most severe addictions.

Contact our dedicated and friendly team today to find our how we can help you take back control of your life.


Seeking Help For Your Addiction

Anyone can become an addict, as addiction is not prejudiced to someone’s social standing, wealth, geographical positioning or situation in life.

However, once an addiction has been formed it exerts a powerful influence on the brain. This is often shown through the cravings, uncontrollable use, and continued use despite the harmful implications to yourself.

It’s imperative to seek professional help for your addiction. Attempting detoxification at home can be extremely dangerous and, in most cases, leads to relapse when the psychological pressures of life become too much.

At Asana Lodge, we only provide dual diagnosis treatments, meaning we treat both the mind and body for addiction. Mental health and depression can be both the cause and outcome of an addiction, which is why treating the psychological impacts of addiction is just as vital as treating the physical symptoms.

This type of treatment can’t be achieved at home by yourself, instead professional help must be sought.


Private Drug And Alcohol Rehab

When you’re considering treatment options, you’ll have to choose between seeking help through the NHS or going private for your treatment. The NHS can provide dual diagnosis treatment, but often you’ll be placed on a waiting list, having to wait for months before your first appointment and then you’ll be provided with limited treatments.

Although this approach may work for some, at Asana Lodge, we understand the urgency of receiving help immediately once you’ve reached out. If left untreated your addiction can rapidly decline your health and for some the treatment cannot come soon enough.

Even though the price is higher for private drug and alcohol rehab, the rewards are reaped much sooner and in most of our cases for the long term.

Our rehabilitation centre provides residential rehab treatment, which means that you’ll be provided with luxury accommodation, meals, your treatments and have access to a range of amenities during your stay. Most of our treatment programmes run for 28 days, but this is dependent on you and your addiction.


Rehabilitation At Asana Lodge

Upon arrival at Asana Lodge, you’ll undergo a full medical examination whereby our medical professionals will assess your mental and physical health. We’ll then work with you to design your treatment programme.

All of our treatment programmes are tailored to the individual and work from a dual diagnosis starting point. This means that we’ll prescribe treatments to target both the bodily and mental impacts of addiction.

Detoxification is always the first step for any treatment programme, as you’ll need a clear mind to undertake any therapies. Detox usually takes a couple of days, but this can vary depending on the length and type of addiction. Our medical team will work with you to slowly reduce your consumption levels until your body is free from the substance.

Withdrawal symptoms are common at this stage, as your body has grown dependant on the substance for daily functions, so when you take the substance away your body will react and needs time to readjust. The withdrawal symptoms experienced will depend on the length and severity of your addiction, but can range from nausea to anxiety and even seizures.

Our medical team will be on hand to assist you with round the clock care throughout your detox and where required prescription drugs or Intravenous Brain Restoration can be administered to help your body through this transition.

Once detox is completed you’ll start your therapy treatment. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is the most commonly used to treat addiction, since it uses psychoeducation to retrain your mind to form new and positive habits, helping to develop relapse prevention strategies for use in everyday life.

Alongside CBT, you’ll have the chance to undertake a variety of holistic treatments from art workshops to group sessions and even Satori chair therapy, a leading therapy used to help relax the mind and body through sound frequencies and vibration.


Why Seek Help?

If left untreated your addiction will only worsen. No matter how in control you may feel, you’re never going to be able to control your addiction. Slowly it’ll isolate you from the ones you love and take over your life, until you’re left with nothing but the craving for the next fix.

Time is of the essence when seeking help, as your condition can rapidly worsen. Every year we help thousands of people overcome their addictions, but every year we also see those who left it too late.

At Asana Lodge we not only provide state of the art facilities and care at the centre, but we also provide support and guidance when you start your life afresh. It’s important that when seeking help, you also look towards the future, as you must be fully committed to rehab.


Next Steps

If you’ve admitted to your addiction, you’re ready for drug and alcohol rehab in Shirebrook. Conquering your denial can be the hardest step in the long road to recovery, but it’s never too late to ask for help.

With private drugs and alcohol rehab centres dotted across the whole of the UK, we can help you find immediate help. Whether you’re looking for rehab in and around Shirebrook, or further afield, we can help you take back control of your life.

Contact our dedicated and friendly team today and find out how we can help you turn your life around.



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