Are you suffering from a substance dependency? Addiction can be a very difficult thing to face or admit to, and it is not unusual for sufferers to experience intense feelings of shame, guilt, or self-denial.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Kirkby in Ashfield

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But at the end of the day addiction is a disease, a terrible disorder of the brain that can entirely rewire the way you think and behave, and there is nothing wrong in admitting that you have fallen victim to it.

In fact it is critically important that you address the issue as soon as possible, because addiction almost always gets worse over time. The urge to drink or use becomes stronger and harder to deny, and with each passing day of drug and alcohol abuse the likelihood and severity of damaging consequences increases.

Substance misuse has both a physical and psychological impact, and the complications can be quite dangerous- potentially even fatal. Heart conditions, liver problems, a multitude of different cancers- all have been linked to the consistent overconsumption of drugs and alcohol.

It is no exaggeration to say that addiction is a slippery slope, one that has very real and significant dangers.

That does not mean that there is no hope. Today, more and more sufferers of addiction are turning to private clinics for help. It is true that there are free services available through the NHS, but it must be said that, unfortunately, these services tend to be underfunded.

The NHS sadly does not have the capacity to deal with the high numbers of people needing help, and this overstretching means that there can be long waiting lists for any drug and alcohol services.

If you are looking for rehab in Kirkby in Ashfield, then Asana Lodge may be the answer. We are the first and currently only rehabilitation centre in the UK where the addiction treatment is founded entirely on proven science.

We offer only the highest quality of care, and we can give you the greatest possible chance of achieving long-term recovery.


Drug or alcohol detox

Drug and alcohol rehab almost always begins with a detox clinic. It is impossible to address the psychological roots of your dependency and work towards defeating them while you are still in the throes of the substance, so first it is vital that you are weaned off of it.

Detoxification is the name we give to this process. During your stay in the detox clinic, without access to or further consumption of any drugs or alcohol, your body will metabolise any and all toxins and flush them out of your system.

There is no getting around the fact that this is a difficult process, sadly. Drug and alcohol withdrawal can be very painful, in the worst cases it can be dangerous.

It is a difficult battle to face alone, which is why so few addicts can overcome their dependency on their own, but with ready and constant access to our teams of specialised medical staff you will be as safe and supported as it is possible to me.

We cannot make detoxification a comfortable experience, much as we wish we could, but we can remove most of the danger.


Holistic treatments

Once you have been successfully weaned off whatever toxic substance it is that you are addicted to, you will be able to undergo a range of different holistic treatments and therapies.

In many ways the immediate withdrawal period is the hardest part, but it is also only the beginning of reaching a full rehabilitation.

At Asana Lodge our programmes of drug and alcohol treatment are comprehensive, and so we will do our very best to ensure that you do not fall back into the trap of addiction once you have left our facility.

One of the more common services we provide in this vein is CBT, otherwise known as cognitive behavioural therapy. CBT is a tried and true tool in the fight against addiction.

It is a kind of talking therapy, the aim of which is to positively alter the way in which you process and approach your emotions and problems. If you undergo and engage with CBT, you will be able to more easily deal with problems that once would have seemed overwhelming.

When faced with stressful situations that once would have triggered your drinking or drug use, you will be able to break it down into its smaller, more easily tackled composite parts.

By facing such problems as several manageable pieces rather than as one looming, unbeatable thing, you greatly reduce the potential temptation of turning to drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism.

Ultimately, this is what relapse prevention is all about- developing healthy stress management and coping methods to fill the void that alcohol and drugs once occupied. Counselling and workshops can be incredibly useful in this regard.

Whether on a one to one basis with your counsellor or as part of a group, counselling will help you to explore and understand the roots of your drinking or drug use, and once you understand why you developed an addiction it becomes far easier to avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

If intensive, talking-based treatments do not appeal to you then there are other options. It is understandable- counselling can be a frightening and unnerving concept.

If it suits you better you might instead undergo art therapy, a treatment predicated on the idea that creating and viewing art can aid in self-reflection and self-understanding.

In many ways this kind of therapy is more enjoyable than CBT or counselling, but it is still treatment and not recreation, and as such it will require serious, focused conviction on your part.


Get in Touch

There are many paths to recovery, and some will suit you well and some will not suit you at all. Whatever your needs, we can and will cater to them. But we cannot do so until you reach out for aid and get in touch.

If you are ready to take that step and begin the journey to rehabilitation, do not delay any further. We can help.