Treating both the body and mind is very important when looking to tackle a drug and alcohol addiction. Through that necessity, a stream of physical and psychological withdrawal techniques and addiction treatment services will be required.

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Unfortunately, many individuals believe that addiction is a standalone physical issue. Through this outlook, they will set their hopes on recovering through a single drug and alcohol detox programme. Not only are clients following this approach, but some rehab clinics also offer an independent detox service, promoting addiction recovery capabilities.

However, through experience and through scientific evidence, we understand how misleading those claims are, as both physical and psychological healing must be experienced to overcome an addiction. In fact, a significant focus is required on psychological associations with drugs and alcohol, as they carry the greatest impact when considering long-term cravings.

Down to this, this far, you may have struggled to find a drug and alcohol rehab in Swadlincote, offering this exact scientific outlook on addiction recovery.

If so, please be reassured that at Asana Lodge, we stand as a convenient rehab option for you, here to ease your time with drugs and alcohol, and aim for the realistic goal of sober living.

Reach out today to begin a personal, reliable and comfortable route towards drug and alcohol rehabilitation.


The Importance of Treating both the Mind and Body

Focusing on and treating both the mind and body are mandatory if long-term recovery is your goal. This is down to the fact that drugs and alcohol, and their addictive counterparts cause both physical and psychological associations. Those associations will manifest themselves into cravings, into side effects, into withdrawal symptoms and into experiences.

However, the most important reason to treat both the mind and body is that excessive drug and alcohol abuse will cause adaptations to organic functionality. This will influence the way that the body copes without drugs and alcohol, along with the development of cognitive weaknesses and damage.

With this in mind, it is imperative that focus is placed on the entirety of addiction, and its associations, ensuring that the mind and body can be reverted to optimal, post-substance abuse functions.

We must also add, that for some individuals, increased susceptibility to an addiction diagnosis will be present. This is also the case when considering mental health issues. To reduce relapse risks, those weaknesses must be identified and worked on, helping to maintain the sustainability of sober living.

With this in mind, a range of addiction treatment options will be recommended, focusing on holistic healing by selecting our drug and alcohol rehab in Swadlincote.


Recovering via a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Swadlincote

Understandably, looking for free treatment services may sound desirable. However, to overcome a drug and alcohol addiction, greater consistency, focus and accessibility is necessary, which unfortunately is hard to come by currently through the NHS.

Down to this, your next best option will be private drug and alcohol rehab, which can work around your budget. This is a possibility for you, on a local scale, by selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Swadlincote to recover from.

However, the greatest experience you can have will be through residential rehab, offering distance and privacy from your current reality. For many, their reality will enable drug and alcohol abuse. We hope to avoid those disruptions for our clients, which is exactly why our residential rehab, in Towcester, will be convenient for Swadlincote locals.

With this in mind, you can still experience an element of familiarity through localised recovery, yet you can also benefit from the value of residential rehab and our unique approach to addiction recovery.


Personal Programmes; treated like an individual

At Asana Lodge, we treat every client as an individual, rather than a patient or number. We are truly passionate about the experience that our clients have through drug and alcohol rehab. To fulfil our intentions, we offer personalised programmes to all clients, focusing heavily on physical and psychological health, on safety, on recovery abilities and on personal needs.

Through our approach, you’ll experience a personal programme full of addiction treatment services which will influence a positive response. We have the ability to reach this point by completing assessments on your admission, helping to evaluate environmental, social, psychological and spiritual associations with drugs and alcohol.

Through this process, we also look for any pre-existing weaknesses in the brain, helping our team understand your needs through drug and alcohol rehab.

By following the science, we can then form safe, yet productive addiction treatment programmes, providing opportunities to withdraw physically, and heal psychologically.


Innovative Treatment Services

Through our unique approach, we also utilise some of the most innovative treatment services, in the industry, providing optimal opportunities to motivate long-term recovery. As expected, a drug and alcohol detox programme, cognitive behavioural therapy and counselling will be recommended.

Yet, within your rehab programme, you’ll also encounter treatment services such as virtual reality therapy, NAD+ therapy and art therapy.

Our aim is to provide access to a range of different addiction treatment services. Some will work for a range of clients, while those exact treatment services will influence minimal response for others. We will find the most successful mix which will help you throughout rehab, and for your return back to Swadlincote.


Physical and Psychological Adaptations, for the future

Shared across our mission, physical and psychological adaptations must be aimed for, for the future. Without following this intention, there’s a strong likelihood that drug and alcohol relapse risks can present themselves.

Visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Swadlincote should be a one-time experience. Although aftercare is available, we hope to ensure that a comprehensive rehab programme will be enough to inspire change.

Addiction treatment options will aim to revert your physical and psychological health, back to a pre-drug and alcohol state. However, there are also changes you can make to experience long-term recovery. Changes to your mindset, to your lifestyle, to your outlook on substance abuse, and to your coping strategies will be recommended.

By doing so, you’ll have a healthier relationship with life, by overcoming an unhealthy relationship with drugs and alcohol.

Through treating both the mind and body, rehab can help you achieve this goal, realistically. Do so with our support, helping you return back to Swadlincote with a new lease of life.