Are you struggling through the side effects of a drug and alcohol addiction? Are you searching for a way out from addiction? Unfortunately, a quick fix does not exist when looking to rehabilitate from substance abuse.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Towcester

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Commonly, an addiction to drugs and alcohol will take some time to develop. Now consider the work required to unravel that addiction, with the aim to transform your behaviour, outlook and coping mechanisms.

Although visiting a rehab facility may feel like a long-winded approach to addiction recovery, it will offer an effective, one-time opportunity to recover. By considering lower quality treatment options, a long road to recovery can be expected, as full rehabilitation is initially unlikely.

To recover, sooner than later, consider visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Towcester. Through our localised rehab facility here at Asana Lodge, we can help you work through a personalised treatment plan, along with uncovering any associated mental health issues.

We can help you focus on your recovery from a tranquil and therapeutic environment, favoured by many clients.

Experience this degree of addiction recovery through committing yourself to drug and alcohol rehab, the most effective way out from addiction.


How to overcome a Drug and Alcohol Addiction?

As touched on above, many individuals will hope for a quick fix when aiming for addiction recovery. With this in mind, they will attempt a home detox kit, or simply stop consuming drugs and alcohol. Yet, where an addiction is present, there are greater underlying issues, known to motivate ongoing substance abuse.

From genetics and psychological damages, to associated mental health issues and environmental exposures, there are many different causations which can continue to fuel an addiction, even if physical consumption has stopped.

As a result of this, it is imperative that mental health support and therapy is sourced, with the aim to overcome those causations.

This level of focused addiction treatment can be experienced from our alcohol and drug rehab in Towcester. Prepared with traditional and non-traditional approaches to addiction recovery, reaching rehabilitation milestones is very likely.

Although this may seem like an extensive process to complete, rehab will offer the most efficient addiction recovery journey. Without committing to a rehab programme, ongoing side effects will result in drug and alcohol relapses, kickstarting the addiction cycle.

With this in mind, if you’re serious about overcoming your drug and alcohol addiction, consider our rehab centre here at Asana Lodge.


Visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Towcester

If addiction recovery is your aim and you’re open to embracing the steps of rehab, consider visiting our drug and alcohol rehab in Towcester. Offering treatment for a diverse range of addictions and mental health issues, we work towards achieving sustainable recovery for all clients.

Through our rehab programmes, we offer both outpatient and residential treatment, in favour of our client’s needs. However, for the best recovery rates, residential rehab does commonly edge over alternative treatment options, ensuring that a focused approach to treatment can be maintained.

It is also important to remember that addiction is a complex brain illness. A number of evaluations will be required throughout rehab to ensure that suitable treatment options are completed.

Our approach here at Asana Lodge focuses on brain repairment and activity. With this in mind, residing at our Towcester based treatment centre will provide convenience and ease.

As the idea of residential rehab is new to most individuals, we understand that you may have some concerns. Feel free to reach out to our team to run through the drug and alcohol rehab process, along with addressing your rehab worries.


Healing the mind, and then the body

By visiting our treatment centre, you will be provided with a personalised treatment plan. This is down to the high success rates experienced when considering all clients as individuals, rather than statistics or stereotypes.

It is important to remember that a number of different side effects, causations and results are present when considering a drug and alcohol addiction.

To form a suitable personalised treatment plan, we will complete an initial evaluation. This evaluation will focus on biological, social, psychological and spiritual impacts. The aim of our evaluation process is to identify any factors which are motivating your drug and alcohol addiction.

In tandem with this, we will also analyse your brain activity through SPECT imaging. As addiction is classified as a brain problem, it is important that any underlying weaknesses are acknowledged before the commencing of treatment.

Once we have a greater understanding of your drug and alcohol addiction, and whether any mental health issues are causing a dual diagnosis, addiction treatment can begin. Traditional forms may be recommended to you, including support groups, cognitive behavioural therapy and a drug and alcohol detox. In unison, non-traditional treatment options may be included, helping to improve your brain functionality and response.

Through completing suitable and recommended treatment options, healing the mind will be likely, soon resulting in physical recovery. It is imperative to remember that psychological healing must take precedent, yet a comprehensive treatment programme will offer higher success rates.


What to expect from our Towcester based Rehab Facility?

Based in the Towcester area, our rehab centre will offer convenience and an easy transition for you. While completing your personalised treatment plan, you will experience our healing and therapeutic environments, while benefiting from privacy and tranquillity.

To ensure that addiction recovery is likely, a neutral, peaceful and motivating atmosphere must be provided. At Asana Lodge, this is provided as a foundation, helping our clients feel comfortable and ready to recover.

By combining our recovery designed rehab centre with our advanced approach to addiction treatment, we can help you work through and focus on your recovery journey. Rehabilitating can be challenging, especially with many complex underlying issues known to fuel addiction.

Yet, through our focused approach to evaluations and personalisation, we will ensure that the right form and degree of treatment is available to alleviate those side effects.

To recover, with long-term sustainability as a goal, visit our drug and alcohol rehab in Towcester. Experience the most effective way out from a drug and alcohol addiction with our help.