Do you have a number of different questions around visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Desborough? Are you aiming to select the most beneficial drug and alcohol rehabilitation process, yet hope for greater clarity before starting?

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Desborough

This outlook is very wise, ensuring that you can benefit from a worthwhile rehabilitation journey.

At Asana Lodge, we receive a lot of questions surrounding our rehab programmes, helping clients secure the most fitting withdrawal and recovery journey away from drugs and alcohol.

To help you with your decision, we’ve shared some of our most commonly asked questions below, along with our answers, focusing on localised recovery, on selecting a Desborough based rehab clinic, on what to expect from rehab.

Taking a cautious approach will serve you well. Many individuals, unfortunately, select the easiest or the most convenient route to rehab.

In the predominance of these cases, an unsuitable rehab programme or centre will be selected, reducing their likelihood of recovery. Yet, you’re different, you’re doing your research and asking the all-important questions around your rehab experience.

By doing so, you will benefit, you will future-proof your future without drugs and alcohol. If you have any questions about our Towcester based rehab clinic, reach out today.


Am I ready to recover?

It is very important that you are ready to recover, before you start your rehab journey. If you are unprepared, if you have any reservations, it’s likely that your rehabilitation process will not reach its potential capabilities.

This is exactly why it is imperative that research is completed, that you ask the questions, that you have confidence in your selected drug and alcohol rehab in Desborough.

If you feel like you’ll do whatever it takes to overcome your physical and psychological addiction to drugs and alcohol, if you know what to expect from rehab and beyond, if you’re ready to face the challenges to benefit from the long-term recovery, you may be ready for rehab.

If you do however have any doubts, find it difficult to see a life without drugs and alcohol, or simply cannot work through denial, greater preparations should be made.

A half-hearted approach will unfortunately result in half-hearted recovery. If you’re visiting a drug and alcohol rehab for the right reasons, ensure that you are ready to recover.


Should I pick a drug and alcohol rehab in Desborough?

If you pick a drug and alcohol rehab in Desborough, you will experience the benefits of localised recovery. This is a sought-after rehabilitation experience, where convenience and comfort will be encountered.

However, if you are remaining local, at Asana Lodge, we recommend that you see the value in residential rehab.

Residential rehab is one of the only ways some clients will be able to recover, while surrounded by their current reality. Here is where you’ll have the chance to remain close to Desborough, yet you’ll have the capabilities to remove yourself from current drug and alcohol influences and triggers.

By experiencing the benefits of localised recovery and residential rehab, you’ll likely invest into a comfortable yet progressive time of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

This is exactly what we offer here at Asana Lodge, located closely in Towcester.


What can I expect from your rehab centre?

Our rehab clinic here at Asana Lodge will provide the exact experience noted above, combining both localised and residential rehab. Yet, you will also benefit from our unique approach to addiction recovery.

You’ll reside at our luxury rehab clinic, where you’ll experience privacy and relaxation, while advancing through drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

You’ll withdraw, learn, develop and rehabilitate from the makeup of your addiction. Yet, we tackle addictions one step further than other drug and alcohol rehabs.

Through evidence, through scientific findings associated with drug and alcohol abuse, we understand how the development of abuse into addiction is classed as a brain illness.

We also appreciate the variation of causations, of existing weaknesses, of drug and alcohol influences. Down to this, we complete thorough assessments before forming your personal rehab programme.

By following this approach, you can expect different recovery results via our rehab clinic as you would from another. We go beyond surface-level recovery; we go beyond simply controlling side effects by working on treating the exact causation of addiction.

Through committing to our approach, you’ll stand in a stronger position to ooze long-term recovery capabilities on your return to Desborough.


What treatment will I complete?

Down to our unique approach, the exact addiction treatments that you will complete will be communicated post-assessment. However, the general consensus is that you will complete the most effective yet safe treatment options, available through our rehab, mixing traditional and new forms.

A drug and alcohol detox will usually be completed by all clients. Psychotherapy will also be completed via drug and alcohol rehab. Yet, you can expect to complete innovative concepts such as exposure therapy and virtual reality therapy.

This mix of treatment options will focus on physical and psychological withdrawal from drugs and alcohol, it will work on changing your outlook on substance abuse, and it will prepare you for sober living post-rehab.


What can I expect after rehab?

Post-rehab, if you’ve followed our professional recommendations, you can expect to reach sober living. Yet, you must continue your rehabilitation efforts on your return home to Desborough.

Unfortunately, a cure doesn’t exist, meaning that you will need to maintain sobriety, that you will need to continue addiction treatment to an extent.

Throughout our addiction treatments, you will be prepared for this transition. For example, exposure therapy will ensure that you have strong coping strategies to face up to drugs and alcohol post-rehab.

In addition, your causation will be suppressed, reducing your inclination to turn to drugs and alcohol in the near future.

To help you along the way, you will also have access to aftercare services via a drug and alcohol rehab in Desborough. This will act as a lifeline to sustain your new life, away from drugs and alcohol.

If you’re hoping to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in your local area, this is doable by investing in residential rehab. If you have any questions around this, we invite you to contact our team here at Asana Lodge.

We are here to help you feel free from addiction, yet, only if you’re ready to do so.