Are you based in Corby, hoping to withdraw from drugs and alcohol? Are you however unsure whether professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation is for you? Are you doubting its capabilities or your own personal readiness to withdraw? Maybe you have numerous questions, currently putting you off rehab?

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Corby

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All of the above are common, currently delaying recovery journeys for many clients. Yet, you’re different, now in the mindset to withdraw from drugs and alcohol.

Down to this, here at Asana Lodge, we urge you to ask your questions, to find out the value of rehab, to trust the recommendations of addiction specialists.

To help you along the way, below are some of our frequently asked questions, focusing on visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Corby.

We hope that this breakdown will help you see the intentions of rehab, what you can achieve by committing yourself, and the unique approach we offer, known to advance all-round addiction recovery.


What are the intentions of Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

The intention of rehab is to promote a process which offers safe and sustainable drug and alcohol withdrawal. In addition, it aims to ensure that sustainable results can be maintained for the future, helping clients fully turn their lives and outlooks around, away from drugs and alcohol.

In today’s society, there are many misconceptions linked to rehab. There are also a large number of recovery fads and home detox programmes which unfortunately place negative light on comprehensive rehab programmes. Yet, the truth is, is that those lower quality treatment services unfortunately do not offer the value of rehab when considering long-term recovery.

By sacrificing for the short-term through completing a stunt of drug and alcohol rehab, you will benefit for the long-term. By avoiding the work, you can put in now, commonly over a 28-day period, the longer you will suffer with a drug and alcohol addiction for.

Experience the true intentions of rehab by visiting a Corby based treatment centre.


Will you help me find a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Corby?

Yes, we can help you easily find a drug and alcohol rehab in Corby as our specialist facility is locally based. From your enquiry, we will complete a clinical assessment to firstly ensure that visiting rehab right now is right for you, and secondly to understand the makeup of your addiction.

From here, if our rehab centre is a fitting option, we can work on your admission, we can work on forming your personal treatment programme, focusing strongly on brain restoration and psychological associations to drugs and alcohol.

If you’re keen to visit a local rehab clinic, we can offer this convenience, while also providing our specialities here at Asana Lodge.


Can I recover for the long-term through Rehab?

By completing a drug and alcohol rehab programme, you can reach the initial milestone of recovery. This will be achieved through withdrawal and restoration processes. With this in mind, you can work towards long-term recovery via rehab.

Yet, in order to maintain sobriety, you must also maintain your new lifestyle, your new outlooks, your new commitment to a drug and alcohol-free life.

You can achieve this by utilising free aftercare services and by following professional recommendations. As a result of this, long-term recovery can be reached and continued back in Corby.

Although rehab itself will not instil instant long-term recovery, you will form and develop the foundations which it takes to rehabilitate from drugs and alcohol, serving you into the future.


What makes you different to other Rehab Centres?

Here at Asana Lodge, we are different from the next drug and alcohol rehab in Corby. We firstly specialise in a unique approach to addiction recovery by focusing on brain activity and responses.

As we have a great understanding that an addiction is a brain illness, that pre-existing weaknesses can exist, we ensure to complete vast assessments of your psychological association to drugs and alcohol before moving forward.

In addition, we utilise some of the most innovative treatment options to promote withdrawal and restoration. Contemporary treatment options in fact secure your recovery capabilities greater, by testing your exposure to drugs and alcohol, pre and post addiction treatment.

By tackling the underlying causation of your addiction, we can work on healing your entire being from the effects of drugs and alcohol. This is a specialist approach to addiction recovery, setting you up for stronger chances of long-term recovery.

Many rehab clinics do follow a generalist approach to addiction treatment. This will unfortunately only treat the surface level of a drug and alcohol addiction.

We however go deeper, by targeting the ingrained level of addiction, ensuring that the causation can be treated, rather than standalone side effects.


What treatment will I need to complete?

Before returning to Corby you will need to advance through a range of addiction treatment. In most cases, it’s likely that clients will complete medical, social and psychological methods of addiction treatment. Yet, the exact forms can be difficult to outline currently without completing your clinical assessment,

Common addiction treatments that we do utilise include a drug and alcohol detox, therapy and exposure therapy, to virtual reality therapy, NAD+ and brain restoration.

The aim is to change your outlooks on substance abuse, to restore the optimal functionality of your cognitive responses, to withdraw from drugs and alcohol, and to learn to cope without them.

Once you do return home to Corby, your addiction treatment will continue in the form of aftercare services. Here a large focus will be placed on motivation and accountability, helping you remember how far you’ve come.

By selecting our rehab centre, you can benefit from an invaluable process of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

If you do have any questions, feel free to contact our team, it is very important that you select the right rehab clinic for you, it is also very important that you trust the recommendations of specialists.

By doing so, you will withdraw from drugs and alcohol, you will reach long-term recovery.

Reach out today to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Corby, known as Asana Lodge.