Are you based in Daventry, hoping to compare all of your local addiction treatment options? If you’re leading your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey with an open mind, here at Asana Lodge, we must firstly praise you.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Daventry

Secondly, following this approach is very wise, ensuring that you have the opportunity to visit the most fitting rehab clinic, to complete the most suitable and safe treatment programme. In addition, there are now a number of different drug and alcohol rehabilitation routes to consider.

Some rehab clinics follow a generalist approach, some follow a specialist approach, and some, like ours, follow a unique yet ground-breaking approach to withdrawal and long-term recovery.

It is very important that you do find the right drug and alcohol rehabilitation option that works around your needs.

With this in mind, here’s a brief overview of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Daventry, your entire rehabilitation options, and our unique offering here at Asana Lodge.


Your Daventry based Treatment Options

If you are based in the Daventry area, you will have a number of treatment options to consider. All will carry different degrees of investments, yet in turn, will also offer varying levels of success.

Your first natural instinct may be to source free treatment services via the NHS. It is understandable to see why you may select this option for physical and psychological addiction support. Free treatment services can work for a proportion of individuals, yet it is a high-risk rehabilitation option.

Only a few individuals will have the ability to complete a consistent and targeted addiction treatment programme, down to the high demand in local areas. With this in mind, you may experience delays and disruptions throughout your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey.

A further option is to select a drug and alcohol rehab in Daventry for a time of outpatient addiction treatment. Again, this rehab option can work in your favour. Yet, success is predominantly available for those with minimal side effects of a drug and alcohol addiction.

Although convenience and comfort are key selling features of remaining in Daventry, familiarity and the exposure to current drug and alcohol influences can make rehab an impossible journey.

Lastly, residential rehab, still based in the Daventry area is a strong contender. Here you will invest more, yet you will experience a greater return of investment, where long-term recovery probabilities heighten.

Through the benefits of residential rehab, you can experience an efficient yet highly productive journey of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

It is very important that this choice is yours. Yet, for your greatest chance to diminish your addiction, selecting a residential drug and alcohol rehab in Daventry or the surrounding area will be recommended.


Recovering from a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Daventry

If you select residential rehab, you can reside from our luxury rehab clinic here at Asana Lodge. Although we are based a stone’s throw away from Daventry, in Towcester, you can benefit the value of both localised recovery and residential rehab.

You can expect to experience convenience and exposure to your home comforts by selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in the Daventry area. Yet, you’ll also have access to intense and personal streams of addiction treatment, the support of our addiction specialists, and a productive rehab programme via residential rehab.

By investing into yourself, into the most effective route of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, your future self will thank you. This is the most realistic yet reliable route to not only withdrawing from drugs and alcohol, but to also reach sustainable recovery, where sobriety is normalised.

There is a big difference between both goals, where commonly, a standalone result will be achieved. Through our specialist approach to addiction recovery, you’ll stand in a strong position to conquer both.


Our unique yet effective Approach to Addiction Recovery

At Asana Lodge, we are very different to other drug and alcohol treatment centres in the Daventry area. Instead of working to suppress side effects and form future coping strategies, we utilise scientific evidence to work on the actual causation of your addiction.

Since a dependence is a brain illness, in most cases, a cognitive weakness will be present, or significant influential factors. We assess both of these to understand the formation and fuel of your drug and alcohol addiction.

Once we’ve reached this point, we will then recommend addiction treatments and coping strategies, ensuring that they are safe, effective and fit for purpose. An addiction will impact every client differently. With this in mind, our approach works as it treats each addiction as a singular case.

From here, you will complete a range of addiction treatments, yet again, we differentiate ourselves by utilising old and new treatment options. You can expect to complete the likes of a detox programme and psychotherapy. Yet, you can also expect to complete virtual reality therapy and NAD+ therapy.

There are many different forms of addiction out there. There is also a stream of significant resources to hand to treat the exact cause of addiction, soon followed by relapse prevention and recovery maintenance. We utilise these resources by only offering the most effective addiction treatments out there.

Our approach is to treat the mind first, down to its control over addictive tendencies. Once your outlook has been changed on substance abuse, once brain restoration has taken place, your body will also start to heal. Holistic healing is the aim, helping you return to your home in Daventry with minute relapse risks.


Change your life by changing your mindset

By working on your mindset, by changing your outlook on drugs and alcohol, you can change your life.

To experience this, select a residential drug and alcohol rehab in Daventry, offering the benefits of local and residential care, along with our unique approach to addiction recovery’s

Without working on your mental health, on your underlying causation, there is a chance that your addiction will continue to fester under the surface.

Consider all of your local rehabilitation options. Yet, remember that your decision will impact your ability to suppress your addiction long into the future.