By visiting our website here at Asana Lodge, we will assume that you or someone you know is suffering with a drug and alcohol addiction. We will also presume that you are probably struggling to face up to reality, to step forward and embrace professional rehabilitation.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Burton Latimer

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If this is your reality, please be reassured that we can help either you or your loved one through professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Yet, before doing so, it’s important that you overcome denial, that you acknowledge the severity of your drug and alcohol problem.

Many users will make excuses, justify their excessive drug and alcohol consumption, or hide their side effects from others. This is very common behaviour when living with a drug and alcohol addiction. Yet, denial is dangerous, it can add fuel to the pre-existing fire of addiction.

With this in mind, if you are hoping to face up to your problems, aiming for localised recovery will be a good starting point. You’ll benefit from visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Burton Latimer, as soon as you’ve overcome your feelings of denial.

At Asana lodge, we are conveniently located, here to help you through the entire rehabilitation process. Reach out today for a free, no obligation discussion to activate a self or family referral into rehab.


Overcome Denial, Ready for Rehab

Denial is one of the most common emotions linked to addiction. It’s used for a number of different reasons; avoiding judgment and personal disappointment are a few to mention. Although denial is used as a coping strategy in the moment, it in fact is enabling excessive drug and alcohol consumption.

Ongoing enablement of addiction is dangerous. Denial can cloud over vast physical and psychological issues, dual diagnosis risks, overdose risks, and further behavioural issues. With this in mind, as soon as you can overcome denial, the better.

The sooner you can learn to face up to your problems with drugs and alcohol, the less harm you will experience. As soon as you can reach out for support, the greater chance at drug and alcohol rehabilitation you will have.

Overcoming denial is very important before you consider rehab. You must be prepared mentally for what’s ahead. If you require support with this step, our team is here to help.


Recover from a drug and alcohol rehab in Burton Latimer

If you’re visiting our site with the intentions to overcome your denial, this is a strong starting point. Likewise, if you’re already ready for rehab, you’ve already progressed through the initial acceptance stages of rehab.

From here, it’s important that you act with urgency, by finding the most fitting treatment centre and programme in your area. Luckily, if you are hoping to recover from a drug and alcohol rehab in Burton Latimer, we are conveniently located here in Towcester.

Although some distance is present, you will benefit from combining both localised recovery and residential rehab.

From access to your home comforts, to around the clock care, you will encounter the best of both rehab worlds by selecting Asana Lodge as your new, temporary home.


Complete highly valuable addiction treatments

By selecting our specialist drug and alcohol rehab facility you will be provided with leading methods of addiction treatments.

Through our unique approach, we only recommend the most suitable, low-risk treatment options, along with new, innovative and highly productive addiction treatments.

To ensure that your addiction treatment sessions can help you withdraw, with a focus on psychological drug and alcohol associations, we will firstly complete a clinical assessment. This assessment is very important, helping to evaluate how your brain copes with and without drugs and alcohol.

Through this assessment, we will also gauge whether further influential factors, such as social or genetics have contributed to your drug and alcohol addiction.

Once we have clarity over the makeup of your addiction, we will recommend a range of highly valuable addiction treatments. It’s likely you’ll need to detoxify from drugs and alcohol.

It’s also very common that you’ll require therapy and streams of psychotherapy. Yet, you’ll also experience new concepts such as exposure therapy and NAD+ therapy.

By mixing traditional and contemporary forms of addiction treatment, we ensure that holistic healing can be achieved, that you can cope without drugs and alcohol moving forward, that you can deal with future exposures without relapse.


Accept Mental Health support

Your mental health is very important when recovering. Down to the high correlation between addiction and mental health issues, mental health support is customary here at Asana Lodge.

If you are struggling with denial, this form of support will also help you face up to your reality, view it realistically and also see a light at the end of your addiction diagnosis.

Although you may find it difficult at first to open up about your mental health, about your experiences with drugs and alcohol, we highly recommend that you accept this support.

Through this holistic approach, your relapse risks will be minimised by tackling all causations, triggers and angles of addiction.


Embrace post-rehab Aftercare Services

Our mission here at Asana Lodge is to ensure that all clients can become free from addiction. Although initial steps of recovery can be achieved by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Burton Latimer, it is important that recovery maintenance is activated.

As the transition from residential rehab to normality can be difficult at first, aftercare services are available to all clients. Back in Burton Latimer itself, you can complete a schedule of addiction treatments, with a focus on heightening your motivation and accountability.

Without controlling your exposure to drugs and alcohol, you can slip back into old habits, increasing your risk of relapse. Yet, by learning new ways to cope and healthy lifestyle choices, your relapse risks will substantially reduce.

For the best chance at recovering from your addiction, select our specialist centre. Yet, before visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Burton Latimer, it is vital that you overcome your feelings of denial.

By doing so, you’ll boost your responsiveness to addiction treatment, helping you heal cognitively, soon helping you heal entirely from drugs and alcohol.