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Many addicts who recognise that they have a problem try over and over again to break the cycle of substance addiction. You might see the damage that your drug or alcohol addiction is doing to relationships with loved ones, or affecting your work or health.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Kettering

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Drug and alcohol rehab Kettering services could be the extra support you need to finally break free and start to rebuild a drug or alcohol-free life.

The main reason that it is hard to recover from alcohol or drug addiction is that addiction is a serious disease which essentially rewrites the way your brain chemistry works.

As tolerance to alcohol or drugs is built, it is extremely difficult to stop, even when you know that long term addiction can have serious negative consequences.

If this sounds like you, it might be time to look for professional help. Get in touch with our drug and alcohol rehab in Northamptonshire to recover from substance abuse.


Why Choose Rehab in Kettering?

As already stated, you are much more likely to succeed in beating addiction if you seek professional help based on tried and tested, evidence-based drug and alcohol treatment.

The support workers and medical professionals who work in these programmes are experts in the field of addiction. They do not judge; they just want to help all residents to get better.

Outpatient Treatment

There are many different treatments and options available. The NHS provides a drugs and alcohol service that is predominantly community–based as outpatient treatment. This can be very useful for many addicts and there are certainly reasons why some people would prefer an outpatient programme.

It could be that you do not want to take time out of your life for a prolonged period of time, but many addicts are already living chaotic lives and some time out to focus on getting better at a rehab or detox clinic could be the best thing you could do.

Even if you are a ‘functioning’ alcoholic or drug addict you could be doing untold harm to your health, relationships and other aspects of your life, often while hardly aware that this is the case.

Some people feel there is a stigma about going into rehab for drug and alcohol abuse, but it is much worse and more destructive to let addiction continue unchecked.


What is the Cost of Private Rehab Kettering?

There will be costs involved with going to a private rehab facility but cheaper rehab programmes are usually available and there are multiple payment options to help with the costs, such as health insurance.

Typically, rehab programmes range from roughly £4000-£10,000 depending on the level of treatment you require and your length of stay at rehab.

Although the cost of rehab can be daunting, the costs of not dealing with an addiction – both financially and in other parts of your life – can be far higher.

Rehab treatment through the NHS is extremely rare, and even where they are available, there is generally a lengthy waiting list.

If you are in the throes of an addiction, it is very important to find the right treatment as soon as possible, purely because addiction is so destructive.

Our residential rehab can admit you within days of your first contact with our admissions team, so you can start your recovery journey as soon as possible.

Staying in a drug and alcohol rehab clinic Kettering can allow you to spend the time you need to really focus on beating your alcohol or drug addiction, with the help and support of experts in a pleasant and tranquil environment.

This also has the benefit of taking you away from many of the situations, places and people that might trigger or fuel your alcohol and drug use.


What To Expect from Alcohol Rehab Near Me?

Our private alcohol and drug rehab centre offers a number of different addiction treatment services to help you recover from addiction. One common service is a structured and supervised drug or alcohol detox programme.

Detox refers to the process of removing toxins from the body and is the first step of rehab programmes.

The detox process is the period of time that the body spends processing or metabolising any drugs and alcohol in the system, clearing their toxic influence in the process. It is a necessary step in any rehab programme to start your life sober.

This can be a very delicate and dangerous time as the physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms can be severe.

It is usually extremely difficult for residents, but the presence of expert support and supervision can help to make the process safer and has higher success rates than undertaking detox solo.

It is vital that anyone undergoing a treatment programme is also equipped with the tools that they need to prevent relapse and affect a long-term recovery once they have left the drug or alcohol rehab in Kettering.

These can often be provided using a range of therapies, workshops and other treatments, such as:

  • Group therapy
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Relapse prevention therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Daily mindfulness walks
  • Yoga
  • Meditation

If you or a loved one are struggling with an addiction, don’t delay seeking treatment. Contact us today on 01908 489 421 or email info@asanalodge to start your long term recovery today.


Addictions We Treat at Asana Lodge

At our rehab centre Kettering, we are able to treat a number of substance addictions in our specialist rehab facility.

Some of the addictions we treat include:

  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Prescription Drug Addiction
  • Cannabis Addiction
  • Cocaine Addiction
  • Sleeping Pill Addiction
  • Dual Diagnosis for people with mental health disorders and addiction issues
  • Codeine Addiction

All of the addictions we treat are treated through detox and addiction therapies. It is important that both the physical and psychological elements of addiction are addressed to provide you with the best chance of recovery.


Support For Friends and Family

It is an important first step to recognise that you have a substance abuse problem, even if you have tried and failed to actually quit consumption at home alone. Another common trait in people suffering from addiction is an inability or unwillingness to recognise and admit to their addiction.

Anyone with an alcohol or drug problem is usually not the only one affected by their addiction. Loved ones and other people around them are often left to pick up the pieces or to watch someone they care about hurt themselves and others.

It is often friends, family members or even work colleagues who make the first move and seek a family referral. We can offer help and advice in complete confidence so please get in touch if you are worried that someone you know is struggling with addiction.

Our admissions team is able to provide you with support and guidance to help your loved one receive rehab treatment in Kettering quickly. Call up today on 01908 489 421.


Our Admissions Process

If you have decided to start treatment at our private rehab centre, the admissions process is easy at Asana Lodge.

All you need to do is ring our admissions team who will ask you a number of questions such as the nature of your addiction, the severity, your age, gender and location, as well as whether you have any mental health problems or pre-existing medical conditions.

They will help you throughout the admissions process and answer any questions you may have about our inpatient rehab facility. Once you have paid a deposit for your room, you will then receive an admission date and start your treatment programme as soon as possible.

Call up today to start your recovery with Asana Lodge. Our rehab centre in Kettering is the best place to recover from alcohol and drug addiction – contact our team today.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does rehab work?

Rehab is proven to increase the chance of successful long-term recovery. Effective addiction treatment will give you the tools to be able to cope with issues that lay down the road after rehabilitation. The success of rehab rests on you and the work you put into getting and staying sober. It’s important to remember that recovery isn’t an exact science, but it works for those willing to let it.

Is it safe to detox at home?

Going through detox without any support is a path that some people take. If you can afford to undergo medical detoxification then that is the way to go. The effects of withdrawal on a person are impossible to predict and there can be complications. Symptoms such as seizures and delirium tremens caused by withdrawal can sometimes result in death.

How beneficial is residential rehab?

The concentrated nature of residential rehab quickly gets you clean and sets you on the right path. Through residential rehab you will live and breathe the recovery lifestyle, learning ways to help you cope afterwards and introducing you to a support network that could last for years. With residential rehab, you can see you are not alone on your journey.