Are you abusing excessive amounts of drugs and alcohol, feeling unsure whether now is the right time to give up? Do you feel like you need a stronger addiction to visit rehab?

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Rushden

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Sadly, many users have this understanding. They believe that hitting rock bottom is necessary to benefit from drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Down to these misconceptions, many have delayed their withdrawal attempts by enabling their drug and alcohol addiction further.

Delaying addiction recovery isn’t wise. It can worsen your addiction and side effects, it can materialise into a dual diagnosis, it can damage your physical and psychological health.

Down to this, we urge you to increase your awareness of rehab and the recovery options you have in your local area of Rushden.

If you are keen to recover, if visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Rushden stands out to you, contact our team here at Asana Lodge. Our specialist rehab clinic is located locally, offering the depth of rehab you require to personally overcome your addiction.


How to gauge the ideal time for Rehab?

When is the ideal time to withdraw from drugs and alcohol via rehab? This is a common question we get asked here at Asana Lodge.

The truth is, this measurement isn’t gauged by the severity or length of your drug and alcohol addiction. It is in fact gauged by your readiness to recover.

Down to misconceptions, many users believe that reaching the lowest of lows is required to secure a place at rehab. This is far from the truth, where a depth of addiction treatment and rehabilitation is available for all.

The best way you can gauge the ideal time for your personal rehab journey is by understanding your readiness to withdraw from drugs and alcohol. Are you desperate or highly passionate to diminish your drug and alcohol addiction?

Or are you still unsure, still holding onto your unhealthy habits? If it’s the latter, delaying your admission into a drug and alcohol rehab in Rushden will be recommended. It’s imperative that you are all in, that you are fully committed and ready for drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

By peaking too early, you’ll miss the true value of rehab. By delaying your recovery, you’ll likely aggravate your addiction. To pinpoint the right time, feel free to contact our team here at Asana Lodge.


Finding a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Rushden, catered around your needs

If you are ready to recover, if you feel like now is the right time to embark on rehab, it’s important that you find a rehab clinic and programme which will work around your needs.

Suitability is key, ensuring that you can safely withdraw, that you can disassociate yourself effectively from drugs and alcohol.

If a drug and alcohol rehab in Rushden stands out to you, down to convenience, this can be a strong option. However, as touched on above, it is vital that you select suitability over convenience when considering your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey.

Unfortunately, many users will select convenience and stay local, through an outpatient rehab programme. This isn’t suitable for those suffering from addiction, down to mixed reasons.

From a lack of control over cravings, to a reduced schedule of addiction treatment, suitability has fallen short in this situation.

With this in mind, if you are looking to stay in Rushden, it’s imperative that you find a drug and alcohol rehab programme which meets up to your needs. In most cases, residential rehab will do so, in place to remove users from those uncontrollable settings, in place to provide greater structure and access to addiction treatment.

This is exactly what we can offer you here at Asana Lodge, by remaining in the local area, whilst also benefiting from a handheld, suitable and specialist drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey.


Sustainable recovery here at Asana Lodge

At Asana Lodge, we are different from other drug and alcohol treatment centres. We do things differently, helping our sustainable recovery levels increase significantly. We achieve this down to the below factors, only available through residential rehab near Rushden.

  • Our approach

Our approach to addiction recovery helps us stand out in the rehabilitation world. We focus highly on scientific evidence and how the brain responds to drug and alcohol consumption. We also invest significant focus into influential factors, unique makeup of addiction and how this can impact recovery.

To provide you with a suitable rehab programme, we complete clinical assessments, looking at your relationship with drugs and alcohol. Here we will understand whether any pre-existing weaknesses are present, whether causations are social, environmental or even based on genetics.

Once we have a clearer idea of the driving force behind your drug and alcohol addiction, we can recommend the most suitable addiction treatments via residential rehab.

  • Our addiction treatment

Our range of addiction treatments not only withdraw clients, not only restore clients, but also work on the underlying causation, offering ingrained recovery. This is very important to ensure that a drug and alcohol-free existence can be sustainable post-rehab.

Our treatments start traditionally, including a detoxification process and psychotherapy, and end on an innovative spectrum, including art therapy and NAD+ therapy.

By utilising the most effective addiction treatments, suitable for the makeup of your addiction, we can go beyond helping you cope; we can offer true maintenance of long-term recovery.

  • Our aftercare services

Selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Rushden is wise as you will have access to our aftercare services. Our mission is to help our clients sustainably free themselves from drugs and alcohol. Post-rehab, this can be challenging to maintain.

To fulfil our intentions, we offer free aftercare services, on your doorstep, helping you thrive through your long-term drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey.

If you’re still unsure whether now is the right time to recover, feel free to contact our team for a confidential conversation. Likewise, if you are ready to let go of your addiction, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Rushden is doable, via our rehab clinic.

Experience the key attributes that make us different, setting you up for greater levels of sustainable long-term recovery.