Are you based in Raunds, feeling fed up with your drug and alcohol addiction? Are you however unsure whether you’re ready to disconnect fully from those addictive substances?

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Raunds

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Being stuck in limbo, in between both conflicting emotions is very common when considering drug and alcohol rehabilitation. The best way you can work through this conflict is by reaching out for professional addiction support, by gauging your readiness to recover.

At Asana Lodge, we can help you with this, along with your entire rehabilitation journey, once you’re ready. But for the time being, we can help you understand your feelings, we can prepare you for rehab, we can increase your acceptance of a drug and alcohol-free future.

Reach out today to begin the process, to understand your local recovery options, to consider a drug and alcohol rehab in Raunds to mark your readiness.


Am I ready for sober living?

Before considering rehab, you should ask yourself, am I ready for sober living? Many users unfortunately rely on drugs and alcohol as a coping strategy, as a crutch, as a source of happiness. This is how a large proportion of addictions will develop.

Down to this causation, many will question their ability to cope and exist without drugs and alcohol moving forward.

If you’re feeling similar when considering drugs and alcohol, it’s important to remember that you once lived without them, without any form of exposure. Although life may have been different, through professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation, steps can be put in place to help you cope once again.

If you feel like it’s still impossible to lead a sober future, greater preparations will be advised before visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Raunds. By starting now, you will not experience the full value of rehab, down to conflicting mindsets.

If you do feel like your life will be better without drugs and alcohol, start today by reaching out. Your future sober self will thank you for acting now, for embracing professional rehabilitation support and treatment.


How easily can I find the right drug and alcohol rehab in Raunds?

If you’re keen to remain local for your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey, this is possible. Yet, it’s important that you only consider a residential drug and alcohol rehab in Raunds.

At Asana Lodge, we can help you benefit from localised recovery via our Towcester based rehab clinic. Oozing luxury, comfort and convenience, we can motivate the benefits of residential rehab for you, right on your doorstep.

Although residential rehab may feel like an unnecessary step, it is in fact necessary if you are living with a physical and psychological addiction.

Outpatient rehab in Raunds will not fulfil your recovery goals, down to ongoing drug and alcohol exposure. By acting and removing yourself from that exposure, you can experience the best of both rehabilitation worlds.


What is residential rehab?

As touched on above, residential rehab is commonly recommended. Here is where you will leave your home in Raunds and reside from our luxury rehab clinic for your entire rehabilitation process.

Although this may sound daunting at first, residential rehab offers strong recovery rates down to the level and form of care it can offer.

Through our comforting and homely environment, you will experience 24/7 care from addiction specialists and medical professionals; you’ll be provided with a tailor-made treatment programme; you’ll complete consistent and intense sessions of treatment; you will experience a recovery motivating environment; you will have everything under one roof to excel through drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

By seeing the value in residential rehab, you can remain close to Raunds, close to your home comforts, close to familiarity. You’ll also experience an easier move to and from rehab, you’ll have access to convenient aftercare post-rehab, and you’ll have a greater chance at involving your loved ones through rehab.


Why should I choose Asana Lodge?

You should choose our rehab clinic here at Asana Lodge as we focus on treating your underlying causation, linked to your drug and alcohol consumption. By doing so, relapse risks will significantly be reduced.

Unfortunately, many rehab centres focus on suppressing side effects, on building new coping strategies. Yet, for some individuals, weaknesses and increased susceptibility to addiction will remain. Through our unique approach, we focus on how your brain reacts to drugs and alcohol, and how further influential factors could drive your consumption.

By doing so, we can work to treat your underlying causation through a range of leading addiction treatments.

Through assessments, we will gauge the most suitable addiction treatments to utilise throughout your stay. The type of addiction treatments we use also differ our centre from other drug and alcohol rehabs in Raunds.

We utilise traditional and contemporary forms, ensuring that your addiction can be subsidised on a holistic approach. You’ll likely complete a detox and psychologically driven treatment options. Yet, you’ll also be exposed to NAD+ therapy, brain restoration and art therapy.

By selecting our residential rehab, you will have a strong chance at avoiding future associations with drugs and alcohol. Yet, in order to achieve this, you must embrace our unique approach to addiction treatment.


How much will Drug and alcohol Rehab cost?

The cost of drug and alcohol rehab will fluctuate, depending on your personal needs and on the length of your stay. As our centre is a private facility, it is understandable that an investment will be required. Yet, we vouch for the value that our centre offers, commonly resulting in a significant return.

If you’re struggling to justify an investment, it’s important to remember that drug and alcohol rehabilitation will save you in the future.

You will benefit by acting now, by investing your money into a positive and healthy process, helping you overcome drug and alcohol associations.

If you can justify this investment, if you’re ready to lead a sober future, reach out to our team. Select a residential drug and alcohol rehab in Raunds for your best recovery opportunity.

Experience the benefits of both localised and residential rehab here at Asana Lodge, leading specialists in addiction and mental health recovery.