Are you considering the idea of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Irthlingborough? Do you however have a number of questions, of concerns, delaying your initial action?

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Irthlingborough

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Although it is very important that you do your research when selecting a drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey, it’s also wise that you act on urgency, on your readiness to recover.

Understandably, this can be a challenging mix to get right, especially difficult when living through the emotions and feelings linked to addiction.

To help you with this process, here at Asana Lodge, we’ve condensed some of our most commonly asked questions around localised recovery.

We hope that this breakdown will benefit your decision and will help you act on the urgency to begin your time of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

If you like what you see, we are a Towcester based rehab clinic, specialising in addiction and mental health recovery. We are conveniently located to Irthlingborough, yet advocate residential rehab, helping you slowly move away from your current drug and alcohol influences.

Yet, our greatest selling point is that we approach addiction recovery differently, we work to the exact makeup of your addiction, increasing your recovery rates.

If you have any further questions around recovering in Irthlingborough, or hope to start your rehabilitation journey, reach out today.


Should I invest in Rehab?

If you are living with a drug and alcohol addiction with the hope to recover, yes you should invest in rehab. Initially, it may feel like a hefty investment.

Yet, the longer you enable your addiction for, the worse your physical and psychological health will be. Can you put a price on your health?

Unfortunately, many users cannot see beyond the cost of rehab. Yet, rehab is worth every penny, especially when you do select the most fitting rehab clinic and programme.

Down to its structure and mission, professional rehabilitation is the only process which will break down your addiction to drugs and alcohol, promote safe withdrawal, and motivate sustainable long-term recovery.

The longer you consume drugs and alcohol for, the greater loss you will experience, to your quality of life and to your finances. You will be fuelling an unhealthy habit.

Yet, by stopping this now, by investing in a drug and alcohol rehab in Irthlingborough, you will save yourself, your future, your physical and psychological health and worth.


Can I find a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Irthlingborough?

Yes, you can find a drug and alcohol rehab in your local area to recover from. As touched on above, we are conveniently located here at Asana Lodge, offering convenience and exposure to your home comforts.

If you are aiming to select a drug and alcohol rehab in Irthlingborough, it is however important that you embrace residential rehab. Localised recovery can only carry benefits if you’re unexposed to drug and alcohol influences.

In addition, the setting that you recover from can help or hinder your drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Via residential rehab, you’ll be in a controlled, homely and recovery motivating environment to help you benefit from drug and alcohol rehab.


How soon can I receive Support?

As soon as you’re ready to commit to drug and alcohol rehabilitation, you can receive our support. Firstly, we urge you to ensure that you are prepared for your impending steps of rehab. Secondly, we encourage you to acknowledge your addiction and share your recovery intentions by contacting our admissions team.

Once we’ve heard from you, we can complete your clinical assessment, helping our team understand the contents and motivation of your addiction. This step is what sets us apart from other treatment centres, as we purely focus on the evidence, on cognitive reactions to drugs and alcohol.

Throughout your assessment, you will receive our support. From here, a personal rehab programme will be formed, your rehabilitation process will commence, and your efficient road to long-term recovery will begin.

You can receive our support by reaching out. Our Asana Lodge team are at the end of the phone, ready to start your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey.


What type of Treatment will I need?

The majority of our clients will experience a mix of addiction treatments. The exact treatments will be shared on the completion of your clinical assessment. Yet, it’s likely that you will need a stream of physical and psychological methods to target your addiction head-on.

Once we understand your underlying causation, motivating your drug and alcohol consumption, we will be able to recommend safe and progressive addiction treatments. Most clients will complete a detox, helping to promote physical withdrawal from drugs and alcohol.

The majority will also require psychotherapy to unlock causations, to change outlooks on substance abuse.

You will, however, complete a range of our contemporary addiction treatments, from NAD+ therapy and virtual reality therapy, to art therapy.

As all clients are different, as all clients express themselves differently, as all clients react differently to addiction treatment, we will cater your programme around your needs.


How long will my entire recovery process be?

Before investing in a drug and alcohol rehab in Irthlingborough, it’s important that you understand that addiction recovery is a long-term commitment.

Once you withdraw, your future actions will dictate your long-term recovery potential.

To kickstart your recovery journey, your rehab stay will usually last around 28 days. This time-frame will ensure that you’ve withdrawn, restored and prepared for post-rehab life.

In addition to this period, you’ll also continue your addiction treatment on an outpatient basis in Irthlingborough. This will ensure that you can maintain your recovery steps, that you can remain drug and alcohol-free outside of rehab.

In conclusion, your recovery process will be ongoing. Yet, once you’ve advanced through residential rehab and aftercare services, sober living will soon become your norm, reducing relapse risks.

The above experience is what you can encounter by investing in a drug and alcohol rehab in Irthlingborough.

As we understand here at Asana Lodge that this is a lot of information to take in, we recommend that you reach out with any further questions you have, helping you make your decision on drug and alcohol rehabilitation.