Are you based in Brackley, hoping to remain local for a time of drug and alcohol rehabilitation? If so, you’ve come to the right place. At Asana Lodge, we are conveniently located in Towcester, providing you with a specialist rehabilitation centre, right on your doorstep.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Brackley

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Understandably, you may hope to complete research on all local drug and alcohol rehabilitation routes. Through this research, you may look at free treatment services, cheaper rehab programmes, and private rehabilitation.

This is a wise approach to follow, helping you see the true value of investing into private drug and alcohol rehabilitation; especially via our approach.

Below we’ve shared a breakdown of what you can expect via our drug and alcohol facility, highlighting our differences to other treatment centres in the local area.

We hope that this provides you with quality information to select and secure the most fitting rehab programme for your needs.

If selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Brackley is your favourite option, give our team a call today. We can start by completing your clinical assessment, helping to form your impending rehab programme here at Asana Lodge.


The benefits of selecting a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Brackley

Are you hoping to remain in Brackley for rehab? Are you however unsure whether this is doable? Luckily, localised recovery is doable, carrying benefits for a proportion of clients. Yet, it’s important to note that if you are hoping for outpatient addiction treatment, via a drug and alcohol rehab in Brackley, this will unlikely be recommended.

By staying local, residential rehab will always be encouraged. Here is where you’ll experience the comfort and convenience of localised recovery, yet also the progression and safety of residential rehab.

The key benefit is that you will feel at ease when starting and finishing your residential rehab journey. Down to familiarity, a smoother admission and check-out process will be experienced, helping you purely focus on your recovery journey.

A further benefit is that you can access aftercare services, post-rehab, on your doorstep. Via a Brackley based rehab centre, you’ll complete a schedule of addiction treatments. Remaining local has its benefits as you’ll easily be able to incorporate aftercare into your new reality, reducing your drug and alcohol relapse risks.

Lastly, you can access our specialist approach to addiction recovery. Our rehab clinic is sought-after, down to the unique and low-risk approach we follow. You will be able to secure an efficient admission into our rehab clinic by remaining local.

With this in mind, as long as you’re willing to complete residential rehab, you can stay within your local area, with access to your home comforts.


Addiction Recovery here at Asana lodge

As we’ve mentioned above, we are specialists in addiction recovery. Yet, our approach to addiction withdrawal, treatment and rehabilitation is different to other rehab clinics. Below is the process you can expect to complete by selecting our treatment centre, highlighting our focus on evidence, on realism.


Clinical Assessment

Once you reach out to our admissions team, we will make arrangements to complete your clinical assessment. At Asana Lodge, we follow the evidence associated with drug and alcohol rehabilitation. The evidence highlights how an addiction is a strong brain illness which predominantly influences psychological associations.

To understand your addiction greater, we will complete cognitive assessments. In addition, we will evaluate further influential factors which may be driving your drug and alcohol consumption.



Post-assessment, we will have a clear idea of the most fitting addiction treatment options to recommend to you. In most cases, clients will complete a detoxification process. It is very important that drug and alcohol traces are removed from the body, before we progress further with brain restoration and mental health support.



Next up, you will complete a range of addiction treatments, following a psychotherapy approach. Individual therapy sessions, virtual reality therapy, exposure therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy are a few to mention.

The aim will be to change your outlook on substance abuse, to adjust your response to drug and alcohol exposure. This is one of the most important stages of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, aiming to diminish the initial causation.


Brain restoration

Brain restoration is a contemporary form of addiction treatment, commonly utilised here. It is a productive method to promote physical and psychological withdrawal, while restoring functionality and health to their optimal forms.

We believe that this addiction treatment is very important, ensuring that you feel ready, happy and healthy to return to Brackley for additional rehabilitation efforts.


Medical addiction treatment

In some cases, medical addiction treatment will be required in the form of prescription drugs. Via our approach, we do aim to avoid high-risk addiction treatment options, including medication.

Yet, for some individuals, an extra layer of treatment is required, helping to suppress cravings and side effects. Medical addiction treatment is commonly recommended for those who are suffering with a dual diagnosis or mild mental health symptoms.


Aftercare services

Once you’ve completed a comprehensive rehab programme, a return home to Brackley will be probable. Yet, our mission here at Asana Lodge is to promote freedom from addiction for all clients.

With this in mind, we aim to prolong sober living, to normalise life without drugs and alcohol as much as possible.

Through aftercare services, this normalisation can happen quicker, easing your transition from residential rehab. Although you’ll develop recovery tools through rehab, there are risks of relapse for anyone.

You must work to reduce those risks by maintaining a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle. Through committing to aftercare services, you’ll be able to normalise them as part of your routine.

If you are hoping to recover via a drug and alcohol rehab in Brackley, you can experience the above processes via our specialist centre. This is exactly what you can expect to encounter by investing yourself into private rehab.

Yet, before taking this step, reaching out and understanding all of your local recovery options is wise. From here, you’ll see the true value of specialist rehabilitation, available on your doorstep.

Contact our Asana Lodge team today for more information on our unique approach to addiction recovery, to disconnecting you from drugs and alcohol.