Are you based in Higham Ferrers, toying between both free and private drug and alcohol rehabilitation options? Are you open to all recovery routes, yet unsure which will benefit you greater when considering long-term recovery?

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Higham Ferrers

Understandably, free treatment services are attractive on paper. They can offer an element of support, of drug and alcohol withdrawal.

Yet, unfortunately, down to excessive pressure on local healthcare systems, completing a personal, comprehensive and progressive rehab programme is very unlikely.

With this in mind, if you are truly hoping to recover, seeing the value in private drug and alcohol rehabilitation is recommended. Although investment is required, you will benefit from this by experiencing a high-quality rehabilitation service and journey.

Your health is one of the most important things in life. By enabling your addiction, by selecting a low quality and ineffective recovery routes, your health will still take a hit moving forward.

Secure a strong quality of life moving forward by selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Higham Ferrers. We are located closely here at Asana Lodge, offering private and specialist drug rehabilitation programmes.


Why select Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab

As we’ve mentioned above, if you are unsure which rehab option will serve you best, there are a number of different factors to consider.

Firstly, what are your end recovery goals? If you are aiming for full withdrawal and rehabilitation from drugs and alcohol, investing in a private rehab programme will be recommended.

Unfortunately, the sparse addiction treatments, the generalist approach to addiction recovery, the standard addiction treatments through free services will not motivate strong recovery opportunities.

Yet, private drug and alcohol rehab can, down to personal rehab programmes, down to targeted and consistent streams of productive addiction treatments.

It’s also important to consider your time-frame to withdraw from drugs and alcohol. If you’re urgently hoping to overcome your addiction, you should select a private drug and alcohol rehab in Higham Ferrers.

Here you can secure immediate care and treatment, straight through to your post-rehab position. Via free NHS treatment services, a waiting list is very likely, delaying your rehabilitation journey.

By considering both of these factors, we’re sure that you’ll see the value of visiting a private rehab clinic, securing your chances at efficient recovery. By selecting free treatment services, your chances will be much less, taking a risk on your physical and psychological health.


Recovering from a Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Higham Ferrers

If you are leaning towards private rehabilitation, you can complete this from your local area. Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Higham Ferrers, residential rehab will be a sustainable option, even if you are living with a physical and psychological addiction.

Down to the structure and intensity of residential rehab, you can remain in your local area with ease. By mixing both localised recovery and residential rehab, you can experience the best of both through convenient yet progressive rehabilitation.

Luckily, here at Asana Lodge, we are located close to Higham Ferrers. Through our Towcester based rehab clinic, you can reside, relax and rehabilitate, changing your life around for the better.


What to expect from Asana Lodge?

Our Asana Lodge clinic is very different from other drug and alcohol treatment centres. Although we boast luxury and professional settings, although we advocate residential rehab, although we motivate realistic recovery rates, we also stand out through our approach to addiction recovery.

A passionate and recovery driven experience is what you can expect from our clinic. The potential to withdraw and rehabilitate, rather than treat your side effects is also likely. This is down to our unique approach, where addiction recovery evidence is prioritised.

As scientific evidence highlights the classification of addiction as a cognitive issue, we look into this deeper.

You can expect to complete a clinical assessment of your admission, where cognitive tests and influential measures will be made.

Here we will look at your cognitive response to drugs and alcohol, we will look for any pre-existing weaknesses, and we will look for factors which have caused your initial consumption.

By following this different yet highly effective approach, we can understand the contents of your addiction, its driving force. By doing so, we can then recommend the most suited and safe addiction treatments out there.

By trusting our approach to addiction recovery, you can expect to recover, you can expect to overcome your drug and alcohol addiction, you can expect to be positioned well for long-term recovery.


Addiction Treatments based on evidence

Through our above approach, we base addiction treatment options on evidence. From understanding the makeup of your addiction, we then provide personal recommendations.

With this in mind, a complete outline cannot be provided currently. Your assessment will be required to understand the depth of physical and psychological treatments, necessary to motivate recovery.

We do however utilise a mix of addiction treatments, some which are common, others which are innovative and highly sought-after. From therapy and detoxification to virtual reality therapy and brain restoration, we work on treating your exact addiction.

We of course have a process which we will commonly follow. Yet, the contents of your rehab programme will be defined by your needs throughout drug and alcohol rehabilitation.


Mental health support

Alongside addiction treatment, you will also receive mental health support. This is one key benefit of visiting a private drug and alcohol rehab in Higham Ferrers, as you’ll have access to support and treatment for a dual diagnosis.

Many clients will unfortunately experience a depth of mental health side effects. Our team of specialists are in place to support you through those side effects, to alleviate the correlation between addiction and mental health issues.


Ongoing aftercare services

Once you’ve experienced our Asana Lodge approach, a return home will be encouraged. Yet, our support will continue, ensuring that you can maintain your new drug and alcohol-free existence.

Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Higham Ferrers, you’ll benefit from ongoing aftercare, in the form of accountability and motivational addiction treatments.

Again, this is an invaluable asset of private drug and alcohol, showcasing our passion to truly free clients from addictions.

You can free yourself by reaching out today, by investing in private rehab, by committing for the purpose of greater, long-term recovery capabilities.