Are you based in Wellingborough, aiming to overcome your drug and alcohol addiction? If so, considering private rehab will be wise, will offer the greatest recovery opportunities for you.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Wellingborough

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Commonly, the thought of private rehab scares clients away. They associate high price points with private drug and alcohol rehab.

Yet, in fact, at Asana Lodge, we work to a number of different budgets, while providing great value for money in return.

The benefits of private rehab will in fact outweigh any costs, any form of investments. Selecting a private drug and alcohol rehab in Wellingborough will speed up your rehabilitation process, it will maintain your physical and psychological health, and it will secure your future chances of long-term recovery.

Ultimately, there’s not much more to ask from realistic drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

With this in mind, if you are aiming for full recovery, for sober living, selecting the most effective route to rehab will be encouraged; exactly what we offer, closely located to Wellingborough.


The benefits of private rehab

Private rehab has many benefits to provide, yet only if you are invested and committed. Without laser-like focus, without the determination to rehabilitate, a smaller investment will be recommended.

By investing into private rehab, you will firstly benefit from greater privacy, from the chance to rehabilitate on your own accord. Many individuals find it hard to visit general healthcare services.

They feel like they are being judged or watched. All cases of this will be avoided through a confidential and secure form of drug and alcohol rehab.

A further benefit of selecting a private drug and alcohol rehab in Wellingborough is that you will be treated as an individual by experiencing a personalised rehab programme. Many cheaper rehab clinics will unfortunately follow a generalist approach.

Here you will be treated similarly to other clients. Yet, via private rehab, you will have your own dedicated rehab programme ready and waiting for you.

Lastly, you will be able to access addiction treatment and support as soon as you’re ready to do so. This is a significant benefit, unavailable elsewhere. As soon as you’re prepared for recovery, it’s important that you act.

Here you’ll experience the full value of rehab by oozing a recovery driven mindset. Delays through low quality rehab programmes can jeopardise this.

Yet, via private rehab, you’ll have the reassurance that progressive steps are taken from the start of your rehabilitation journey.


Recovering from a private drug and alcohol rehab in Wellingborough

If you’re invested into the value of private rehab, with the aim to stay local, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Wellingborough will be fitting. To make the most of this experience, we do however recommend that you secure residential rehab, helping you disassociate yourself from drugs and alcohol

By attempting localised recovery through outpatient rehab, you may unfortunately struggle with social or environmental triggers. A large majority of clients who experience the signs of an addiction will find outpatient rehab as a disruptive rehabilitation route.

You can avoid the disruptions by seeing the importance of residential rehab, even if it is located close to Wellingborough.

At Asana Lodge, we can offer the exact level of care and addiction treatment you require via our private, residential rehab clinic. Boasting the value of both localised recovery and residential addiction treatment, we can help you turn your aims into reality via a comprehensive rehab programme.


Experience our approach here at Asana Lodge

Alongside the above services we can offer, we follow a specialist approach here at Asana Lodge, differentiating us from other drug and alcohol treatment centres. Our approach follows the evidence, the scientific data linked to addiction recovery.

Through years of research and the classification of addiction as a brain illness, we’ve worked on treating the underlying causation of addiction, rather than its side effects.

By completing a clinical assessment, we pinpoint the exact influential factors, driving your drug and alcohol consumption. For some, those influences can be linked to genetics. For others, environments or social situations can motivate substance abuse.

By following this approach, we position ourselves strongly to offer the most effective, the safest, and the most suitable rehab programmes out there, while also future-proofing long-term recovery.


Complete evidence-based addiction treatments

Via our rehab clinic and our approach to addiction recovery, you will have access to evidence-based addiction treatments. Instead of following a generalist approach where surface level recovery is only probable, we work on treating the exact makeup of your addiction.

For some clients, chronic physical drug and alcohol associations are present requiring significant detoxification. For others, psychological issues are making recovery difficult, requiring psychotherapy.

For others, mental health issues are disrupting recovery, requiring medication and further mental health support. Down to these variations, you will have a personalised treatment programme on your arrival to rehab.

Our addiction treatment options range from traditional, focusing on withdrawal and therapy, to new concepts, such as art therapy and NAD+ therapy.

Down to this mix, we are able to ensure that full withdrawal has been achieved, that restoration is probable, and that future exposure to drugs and alcohol will have little impact.


Aftercare in Wellingborough

Post-rehab, our specialist care and commitment to you will continue. Yet, to benefit from this, you must also commit to the long-term.

Once you’ve returned home, you will have access to aftercare services. Aftercare services will be via a drug and alcohol rehab in Wellingborough to offer convenience and comfort.

Aftercare is in place to ensure that you can continuously benefit from the foundations of recovery, commonly achieved through private rehab. It offers ongoing motivation, guidance and accountability, helping you continue on a strong, long-term recovery journey.

By committing to this entire process, via a private drug and alcohol rehab in Wellingborough, you will have the chance to turn your aim of sober living, into your reality. Start today by experiencing our approach to addiction recovery here at Asana Lodge.

Experience everything you need to recover, under our residential roof, helping you overcome your drug and alcohol addiction.