If you’re based in Silverstone, unsure whether localised addiction recovery will work for you, keep reading.

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At Asana Lodge, we receive many reservations when considering localised recovery. Unfortunately, many clients do doubt their ability to withdraw from drugs and alcohol, while remaining at familiar territory.

This is logical, if outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation is recommended. Yet, through our facility, residential rehab, on a local scale will only be encouraged.

With this peace of mind, you can benefit from the convenience of selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Silverstone, while also experiencing the value of efficient and probable rehabilitation.

If you have any questions about remaining local, if you hope to gauge the ins and outs of residential rehab further or look to start your rehab journey here in Towcester, reach out today. We are here to make rehabilitation as comfortable as possible, helping you soon become free from drugs and alcohol.


The benefits of localised Recovery

There are many benefits you can experience by remaining close to Silverstone for a time of recovery. By investing in residential rehab, you will first experience the convenience and comfort of localised recovery.

Withdrawing from drugs and alcohol can be challenging. Rehab is testing yet worthwhile process to complete. You will feel at ease by remaining local by accessing home comforts, by encountering familiar settings.

Secondly, your move to and from residential rehab will be quicker and easier. Completing an admission into rehab can feel daunting. Likewise, leaving rehab after your drug and alcohol withdrawal process can feel unnerving. Through selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Silverstone, you’ll soon feel comfortable, at home and ready to continue your rehabilitation journey.

Lastly, remaining local will provide you with convenience post-rehab. You will experience an easier aftercare service, by having the ability to fit the likes of support groups and further addiction treatments, into your new reality.

Although you may feel like localised recovery will hinder your rehabilitation journey, via residential rehab, it can in fact advance your confidence and desire to recover.


Finding a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Silverstone

If localised recovery is for you, you’ll want to find a specialist drug and alcohol rehab in Silverstone. This is very important, as you’ll have the reassurance that full drug and alcohol rehabilitation can be facilitated and worked towards.

While selecting a treatment centre, it’s also vital that you measure for suitability. Many different rehab clinics will offer unlike forms of addiction treatment, of recovery processes. Through research, through reaching out, through prioritising your needs, you’ll benefit from experiencing the necessary process you need to recover, via residential rehab.

At Asana Lodge, we can offer the best of both worlds by helping you experience residential rehab, while remaining local to Silverstone. We can provide familiarity and promote the likes of family therapy, yet we can remove you from drug and alcohol influences.

Our approach to addiction recovery is very different from other treatment centres. We care about you as a person and providing all of the steps to help you free yourself from the ties of drugs and alcohol. Also, we care about ensuring that long-term recovery can be sustainable by treating the exact formation of addiction, experienced by yourself.

Although we are different, our compassion and effective rehabilitation processes help us stand out; in turn, help our clients achieve their recovery goals, commonly standing as long-term recovery.


Why select Asana Lodge?

As we’ve mentioned above, we are different from other rehab clinics in the Silverstone area. With this in mind, it’s important that you understand how we can help you here at Asana Lodge, how our differences can benefit your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey.


Personalisation like no other

Our approach to addiction recovery focuses on exact causations, on brain responses to drugs and alcohol. It also considers the science behind addiction makeup, and how pre-existing weaknesses can cause addictions organically.

Through this approach, we have the ability to understand the ins and outs of your drug and alcohol addiction, helping our team provide a personalised rehab programme. This personalisation will stand throughout your treatment programme, ensuring that you are only completing safe yet effective addiction treatment options.

In addition, further services focusing on your physical and psychological health will be encouraged, helping to work on the makeup of your addiction. Through this personalisation, you will have a stronger chance of safe and sustainable withdrawal, helping to also tackle your causation.


Innovative and highly effective addiction treatments

At our rehab clinic, we use a mixture of addiction treatments. We always utilise a strong foundation, helping you initially withdraw. This foundation will include a drug and alcohol detox programme and psychotherapy.

Yet, we also see the value in innovative and highly effective addiction treatment options. Via our Towcester rehab clinic, we use methods such as art therapy and exposure therapy, helping to truly measure your recovery.

Our approach to addiction treatment will not only ease your recovery process, it will also benefit your post-rehab experience. We will have an insight into your post-rehab journey, into your optimal ways of coping, of your reaction to drug and alcohol exposure back in Silverstone.


Residential rehab programmes

By combining both of the above factors, we offer sought-after residential rehab programmes. Here you can remain near Silverstone while residing from our luxury, relaxing yet professional rehab clinic.

Our environments provide a comfortable and homely rehab experience, while also setting boundaries, controlling influential variables and prioritising safety.

This mix is very important to ensure that you can thrive through residential rehab, that you can see the potential of removing yourself from your current reality.

By selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Silverstone, you can benefit from the above value. If you are still unsure whether localised recovery will work for you, feel free to contact our team.

We’re happy to run through all of your local recovery options and their attached recovery rates. We can also start your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey, as soon as you’re ready to do so.

Recover psychologically, physically and entirely here at our Asana Lodge rehab centre.